84-year-old dairy farmer in Loma has no plans for retiring anytime soon

An 84-year-old dairy farmer from Loma says he has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

His son has taken over most of the heavy work but he still manages to build things and move cows around the farm. Robert Raymond has been running Raymond’s Dairy for the past 66 years.

He has more than 500 dairy cows that need to be milked at least twice a day. Taking 20 cows at a time, the entire process takes around eight hours to milk each cow.

Milking them all by machine allows farmers to get more than 10 gallons of milk from each animal but the most important thing he says is, it’s all about family.

“I’ve been milking cows since 1951 so we have been in business for a long time, my sons now running the operation but I still help and my wife does all the book work,” said Co-Owner of Raymond’s Dairy, Robert Raymond.

The farm sends an average of four to five tanker loads of milk a week to the front range. Raymond says he’s the only dairy farmer in Mesa County

If he’s not busy milking cows he’s helping raise calves, about 40 are born each month throughout the year. 


Source: KKCO 11 News

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