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#2 Jedi in Europe tops Tulip Sale at EUR $25,500

Topping the 2017 Tulip Sale in Zwolle Netherlands held in conjunction with the Holland Holstein Show was MHD ELSTER a S-S-I Montross JEDI from MHD EVELIN.  Ester sold for EUR $25,500, and has a full brother, Joyness at Masterrind. Elster’s genomic has a test of US 08-17 +1884M +56F +58P GTPI 2456 PTAT 2.86 as is the #2 Jedi in Europe. 

The 2nd highest seller of the sale was DUKEFARM PALMASTY, who sold for $10,000.  Palmasty is a Bacon Hill Pety MODESTY from HOLEC PALMAS.  Palmasty has indexes of US 08-17 +1420M +78F +51P GTPI 2736 PTAT 3.19.

Rounding out the top sellers is BICC CRYROSS 1, who sold for $7,200.  She is a Plain Knoll KING ROYAL from A-L-H CRYROSS. Cryross 1 indexes of US 11-17 +1181M +84F +54P GTPI 2741 and is from the same family as Chevrolet, Fanatic, Commander & Kenosha.

The sale was hosted by A.L.H. Genetics B.V., Adolf Langhout, Wiebe Put, Arjan Werkhoven and René te Wierik.   Auctioneer was Michael Taaffe with Brian Behnke and Ids Hellinga doing pedigrees.

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