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Coronashow 2020 – New Online Dairy Spring Show

With all the major North American Spring shows pretty much being cancelled due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, the Bullvine is launching a contest for all those locked down spring show enthusiasts that are suffering from the show bug.

There will be two junior classes (heifers and yearlings) and two cow classes (Intermediate and Senior). The competition is open to all breeds.

Entries will be now be accepted until July 31st  at midnight. Each individual animal entry must consist of the following 2 components:

  1. Online form to be submitted with animal and owner details – below
  2. Video content or photos of the animal, as outlined below.  Once the animal has been pictured or the video completed, please submit via We Transfer to This platform will ensure maximum clarity of the video or photos, allowing the Judge to effectively view and place your animal.

Both video/photo and entry form must be submitted for the entry to be considered. Please ensure adequate lighting for the video, to allow the judges to fully view and appreciate your animal in its entirety. In the video/photos please ensure that we can see both sides of the animal walking, including close-up and farther back, so as to the see the animal fully and view mobility adequately; Full views of each side of the animal while stopped; view of the animal’s front end and rear end, in full depth and capturing the full animal.  For cow classes please include video/pictures of a close-up view of the fore udder on both sides of the animal. As well as close-up and far back rear views of the cow, both stopped and walking, to ensure rear udder, legs, and rump are fully visible for the judges.   Completed videos should be between 1-3 minutes in length. It is not required, although it is encouraged within the constraints of social distancing, to have toplines done or for animals to be show­ prepped. Any cows considered to be over-uddered will be disqualified.  If you are just submitting photos please include: 2 (two) complete body profile pictures, ensuring full views of EACH SIDE of the animal; 2 (two) close-up, side-view udder shots, to capture EACH SIDE of the fore-udder. 1 rear-view shot, capturing rear udder, legs, and rump.

Finalists will be selected by our panel of official judges and winners will be selected by online polls on Facebook, Twitter, and combined with judges scores.  Prizes to be announced shortly.


Coronashow 2020

Maximum file size: 516MB

Maximum file size: 516MB

Maximum file size: 516MB



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