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Reese Burdette – Easter 2019 Update

Reese’s aunt Laura shares the following update:

Happy Easter to you all. It’s been quite some time since we have done an update on Reese, so for those that still like to follow closely on her progress…this one is for you! Today, Reese did undergo several surgical procedures…and the good news is this: this is a procedure we have known for a long time Reese would need and she has continued to heal enough for her to have these procedures. Because of all of the extremely hard coughing and manipulation of her abdominal region after the fire and during her hospital stay, a few hernias developed and it was just time to get them taken care of. So, this morning Reese was admitted to Johns Hopkins for the procedures along with some lasering of some of her scars left from the fire. Nothing too major, but necessary, and we are just so glad she has improved enough in recent months to be able to undergo this surgery. She is doing fantastic since her procedures with Dr. Stewart this morning and is back with many of her friends and medical family at JH today. She is sleeping soundly now after several hours of surgery. She will stay overnight in hopes of being released to go home tomorrow or Friday to get ready for the Easter Bunny this weekend. As always we so appreciate the many kind thoughts, well wishes and most of all, prayers, for Reese and our entire family. May each of you be blessed, just as we feel we are, this Holy Week.

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