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Christmas-obsessed farmer gives Jersey cows festive jumpers

A herd of Jersey cows have been given festive designs by a Christmas-obsessed farmer

A herd of Jersey cows are now sporting matching Christmas jumpers as part of a farmer’s move to promote the island’s agricultural history and culture.

Farmer Becky Houzé is one of the island’s biggest Christmas fans, and this year she couldn’t help but take the festive spirit up a notch on the farm.

Never before has her girls Carol, Holly, Mary, Noelle and Mariah Dairy had the chance to display their Christmas flare with passers-by.

The girls are making history as the first herd of Jersey cows to wear matching Christmas jumpers.

The highly-productive Jerseys are among the finest dairy breed in the world, with over 250 years of purity with Jersey milk used to produce products including butter, yoghurt, cheese and the famous Jersey ice cream.

Becky Houzém, who farms at Lodge Farm, said: “We love Christmas at the farm. This year we took the opportunity to ‘cast off’ an all new look for the girls to help get into the festive spirit by creating matching Christmas jumpers.

“It took a while to cow-ordinate the right design, but we think we’ve landed on a look worthy of the cream of the crop.

“With just 15 days to go until Santa comes to town, we’ve definitely got the Christmas feeling”.

Farmer Becky Houzé has taken her farm

Farmer Becky Houzé has taken her farm’s festive spirit up a notch

Tourism group Visit Jersey collaborated with Becky as part of the Chrismassy stunt, as the dairy breed are an ‘iconic part’ of the island’s history.

Louise Ashworth, head of marketing at Visit Jersey, said: “Jersey cows are an iconic part of the island’s history and culture and we’re excited to be celebrating this with Becky and her girls as we ‘moo-ve’ into the festive season”.


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