Edward Young Morwick

Edward Young Morwick, Author

These books document the history of the Holstein breed of the United States of America. They were written to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the Holstein Association U.S.A.

  • Two volumes (hard-bound and vividly illustrated)
  • 1,331 pages
  • 3,800 photographs
  • 1.2 million words

NOTHING OF THIS DEPTH AND INTENSITY has ever before been undertaken.

Table of Contents

  1. The Importers
  2. The Pioneers
  3. The Influential Early Breeders, 1901 to 1920
  4. The Influential Breeders, 1921 to 1940
  5. The Influential Breeders of the Modern Era
  6. Cow Families of the United States of America (Hendrika to Henkeseen M Hillary)
  7. The Influential Sires (132 biographies from Billy Boelyn to Braedale Goldwyn)
  8. Inheritance Patterns
  9. Searching for Color in a Black and White World (A definitive study of the red factor)
  10. The Production Story
  11. The Show Ring
  12. Eighty-seven years of All-Americans (a photo gallery of the All-American winners of the aged cow, 5-year-old and 4-year-old female,aged bull and group classes, 1922 to 2010)
  13. The Public Auction Sales
  14. Index of Illustrations
  15. Complete Reference Index


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