Ad Design

The Bullvine has years of experience generating advertising that attracts attention, creates interest and invokes action. Dairy breeders are busier than ever you have only seconds to make an impression with your advertising. Whether it is the Holstein Journal, World or International or any other breed publication it’s essential you have an attention-grabbing design that reaches out and draws readers in.

Once you get their attention, you need to follow through with an easy-to-follow layout that complements concise, well-written copy. Successful advertising is achieved by creating interest and invoking action, so the next thing you know, you’ll be answering phone calls or emails requesting more information about your farm. Too many breeders are comfortable just doing the same old same old design that does not achieve results.

The Bullvine generates eye-catching ads that focus the reader’s attention on the animal. Through effective use of colours, backgrounds and graphics The Bullvine make sure your ad stands out and gets the desired result.

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