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Wisconsin photographer captures bovine beauty at World Dairy Expo

Cybil Fisher, of Green Bay, spends long days capturing bovine beauty at the World Dairy Expo.

With the pop of a flash, photographer Cybil Fisher calls out different poses. “Start to talk to her, Penny,” called out Fisher. “Good! Let’er go.”

One by one, the lovey ladies parade in. Set-up in front of the lights. Fisher than snaps the photo. And then they’re ushered out of the tent. You could say Fisher moves her subjects through like a herd of cattle. That’s because they are.

Fisher has a tent set-up outside the Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center for the 51st Annual World Dairy Expo. After a spin through the show-ring, many exhibitors line up to have world-renowned photographer, Fisher, snap a portrait.

Fisher’s company, Cybil Fisher Photography, is based out of Green Bay. She’s traveled the state, the U.S., and even 15 countries to photograph cattle. At the WDE, she and her team work 14 hour days to capture all of the bovine beauty.

“Shane, wipe her lip. She’s drooling a bit here,” said Fisher. She makes sure every animal looks their best. No detail goes unnoticed. From the placement of her hooves to the positioning of her ears – it really all comes down to her udder. “That’s one of the biggest traits about her,” said Fisher.

Photographing cattle wasn’t something Fisher had always dreamed of. “I think it’s one of those things that I sorta fell into it,” said Fisher. “I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was in college. I ended up getting an A/B in a couple of classes and at that time I needed a 4.0 to get into vet school. So that became a nonentity. And it was like, ‘Oh, now what am I going to do?'”

It may not have been her first choice, but by judging by the line of cows outside of her tent, everyone is hoping she too can capture that picture perfect portrait of their animal.

Source: WMTV

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