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The Rumours are True – There is a NEW AI Stud in Town!

799 – THE NEW STUD IN TOWN! Yes, the rumours are true. We have separated from Cogent/ST to create our own independent AI company.

We want to thank Cogent & ST for their work together with us.

Stud code 799 will now be home to BLONDIN SIRES INC!

This means our bulls will be available through a number of different distributors around the world. As we create new distribution agreements we will be sure to keep you updated on who is carrying our bulls in your country.

If you have an interest to distribute our bulls, please send Dann Brady an email at We would love to discuss things further.

Finally, we cannot thank everyone enough for all the help and support of our bulls for the last 2 years. Calves by Capture, Chill, Army and soon Unstopabull-Red are being born across the country and around the world.

The passion you the breeders have shown us for Bringing Back the Art of Breeding has been tremendous! Thank you.

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