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Reese Burdette experienced a slight hiccup

Our hero Reese Burdette has had a tough time lately.  Her aunt Laura shares the following update:

We have recently experienced a slight hiccup and wanted to take the time to update you all as well as ask for prayers. About two weeks ago, Reese’s blood work indicated her kidneys were beginning to lose function and that trend seem to be non-wavering. After more frequent blood labs, the news came that Reese was entering the end stages of renal failure. While this wasn’t exactly a surprise to any of us, it was a shock that at this time, and right now, as Reese bee-bops through life going to school full days, attending dance class in the afternoons and leading her calf each day – and all while she is walking around looking and feeling good ,with barely functioning kidneys. It was a punch in the gut so to speak and one we all had to accept. Last week, doctors started working on lining up the donor, the surgeons and obtaining an operating room for the transplant procedure. To bridge the gap between then and now, Reese will need to be put on dialysis to perform the work of her failing kidneys. If y’all will remember, Reese had to quit dialysis 7 months ago because a tear or hole in her diaphragm developed and that tear was allowing fluid to build up around her heart and lungs which was a very dangerous situation. Since then, Reese has seemed to maintain her own and actually continue her healing process and get stronger each and every day. Then, yesterday, Reese woke for school feeling lousy. She had severe headaches, was very nauseas, and beginning to retain fluid. After the day wore on, she seemed to get worse and her blood pressure elevated, she was admitted in to Johns Hopkins yesterday afternoon. After being reunited with her PICU team, they were able to get her comfortable and she was able to rest. It was discovered last night that her catheter for the dialysis was clogged and a procedure was done today to get that unclogged (thank goodness). So Reese will resume PD dialysis tonight and we pray that her diaphragm tear is completely healed and holds up until her transplant which appears to be tentatively scheduled for mid-November. Right now, Reese’s primary focus is on showing her calf, Poser, at the All-American next week. It is what she has worked so hard toward all summer and all she seems to talk to her nurses about here at Hopkins. Right, now, we ask that you all join us in praying for Reese once again. Pray that this PD dialysis works and pray that Reese gets to fulfill her wish to show her calf Poser next week, pray that Reese’s spirits stay lifted and positive. Pray that Reese stays healthy and feeling good. Pray that Reese’s kidney donor stays healthy and safe. Pray Justin and Claire can keep pushing forward as we endure this slight hiccup all while balancing the show season and the hectic everyday life of dairy farmers. We ask for prayers as we get through this. We are remaining positive as we know that a kidney transplant will catapult Reese’s healing. For now, pray for Reese and the family as you have done so often before. Stay positive, stay prayerful and never give up hope. Thanks to all who continue to support this family, who continue to pray and who keep us all in your thoughts. #Hopeful #Blessed #Prayerful

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