Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) and Alliance for Animals are joining together to demonstrate during the World Dairy Expo for their new campaign “Humane Milk is a Myth.” FARM is continuing a similar campaign from the UK.

There will be two demonstrations during the expo and there will also be a “rolling billboard” on a truck that will circle the conference for a couple of days.  They are planned for October 6, 2017 @ 12:00- 2:00pm and October 7, 2017 @ 4:00- 6:00pm

Here is some advice on how to handle it:
* Inform every participant of your club or organization about the proper care and handling of animals prior to the show.
* Within your organization or farm, designate a spokesperson to be the key communicator about animal welfare and care while at the fair or exposition.
* Ignore activists or protestors. Document any confrontation or actions and report to event organizers.
* Do not face a confrontation alone, seek out the designated spokesperson, barn official or law enforcement officer for help.
* Communicate in a friendly, positive manner and do not get angry or upset. Treat people with respect even if they have different opinions and views from you.