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O’Kaliber Goya Wins Grand at Junior Bulle Expo

In a heartbeat finale, O’Kaliber Goya by Britte Steiner from Wilen SZ prevails and becomes Grand Champion-Holstein at the Junior Bulle Expo. Mattenhof Artist Giovanna was awarded as intermediate champion by Corinne Junker, Iffwil BE. The champion selection of cattle will follow on Saturday evening.

After Erbacres Snapple Shakira dominated the show world in North America, an O’caliber subsidiary also makes the biggest headlines in this country. Already at her department victory, Judge Alain Jungo almost came tears at her sight. “Today is her day,” Jungo raved. Specifically, he praised the open rib, the extraordinary quality udder, its milk type and the incredible presence in the ring.

The Grand Champion election was a close decision in which the top cows of the worlds best absolutely do not have to hide. Sunibelle Dempsey Esprit grabbed the reserve title at Holstein. The almost snow-white wit stood out with her long dairy character. The slightly better lumbar and pelvic area was the decisive factor, which is why Jungo finally put them in front of Hanna-Vray.

Also present in the final emarching were Gobeli’s Unix Unriana by Timo Gobeli from Saanen BE, La Waebera Devour Loto by Nicolas Clément from Le Mouret FR and CPP Atwood Aicha by Sabrina Piller, La Roche FR.

Hanna-Vray by Corinne Junker from Iffwil BE showed the most beautiful udder of the day. The Atwood subsidiary won the Schöneuter election ahead of Goya from Britte Steiner from Wilen SZ. According to Judge Jungo, the decisive factor was the even better udder height and front udder attachment.

Sunibelle Dempsey Esprit was awarded the title of honorary mention. The decisive factor in favor of Goya was the better stroke placement. Esprit, on the other hand, scored points with an excellent udder height for her age.

“Everyone wants these cows in the stable,” said Judge Alain Jungo before he stepped to the first marching out of the day – the intermediate champion election. Finally, Mattenhof artist Giovanna by Corinne Junker from Iffwil BE triumphed. “It has an extremely high amount of style today and shows an extraordinary udder system,” says the judge’s commentary.

Jungo preferred her over Desgranges Casper Aschley by Dylan Dumas from Vaulruz FR in the intermediate champion election. Previously, the two cows had already competed in the category. Mention Honorable was the well-balanced Michard Pernelle by Gaetan Richard from Pont-la-Ville FR. She is the daughter of the Delta-Lambda bull.

All-star agent Elegance is the name of the Grand Champion of the Red-Holstein cows at the Junior Bulle Expo. The title defender of 2019, Plattery Armani Brook, was barely at a disadvantage. La Waebera Echo Jolie won the title of intermediate champion.

The junior champion of Swiss Expo and Expo Bulle 2019, All-Star Agent Elegance, tops her career once again and becomes Grand Champion of Junior Bulle Expo 2021 at Red Holstein. “This decision needed some courage,” Jungo admitted. This dethroned the champion of 2019, Plattery Armani Brook. Brook became reserve champion. Elegance owed its title of udder and rump width. She had advantages over the reserve champion in movement and body width.

Plattery Armani Brook, the second most beautiful red cow of the day, liked her youthfulness for her age. Jungo put her in front of Garay Awesome Barbara by Markus von Ah from Giswil OW. Decisive was the better balance in Brook’s physique and her higher udder soil.

In the election for the best udder, all-star agent Elegance by Timo Gobeli from Saanen BE excelled. “For her number of lactations, her udder is still incredibly well connected,” stated Judge Alain Jungo. She also fascinated him with her fantastic udder texture, the perfect teat distribution and the high udder soil.

He also emphasized the good teat shape, which was the decisive factor why Joly Jacot Galante from Matthieu Terreaux from Bonfol JU referred her to the reserve place. Galante had a very high and wide suspended back udder. The fabulous median suspension also made the difference to the Mention Honorable. Plattery Armani Brook by Guillaume Menoud from Romanens FR grabbed this title.

The title of Intermediate Champion Red-Holstein of the Junior Bulle Expo goes to La Waebera Echo Jolie by Martin Clément from Le Mouret FR. She prevailed in the final marching against La Brevena Aladdin Fidji by Jonas Zürcher from Frutigen BE. Judge Alain Jungo justified his decision with Jolie’s more open rib and longer physique. According to Jungo, Fidji, on the other hand, showed a breathtaking udder, which was a class of its own in terms of back udder height and width.

Thomi’s Power Flo was chosen as Mention Honorable by Pascal Thomi from Eggiwil BE. Fidji was preferred to her because of the udder conclusion. Flo, however, was convinced with her delicacy. Boîteux Power Joyce by Cindy Dougoud from Middes FR was also involved in the decision.

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