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A Strong Start in the Face of Stress

Have you heard? Research shows that INFORCE™ 3 can provide lasting protection against key viral respiratory diseases for young calves and boosts cow immunity in the face of calving stress.1,2,3

You already understand the importance of vaccinations — from the time a calf is born to freshening — to help prevent diseases and ensure overall herd health on your dairy. New studies show additional benefits of vaccinating:

A healthy start for calves.
In separate studies, INFORCE 3 was administered to colostrum-deprived calves and to calves with maternal antibodies against the virus that causes infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR). When compared with unvaccinated calves, those administered INFORCE 3 demonstrated:1

  • Reduction in the incidence of IBR respiratory disease
  • Reduction in the days of disease duration
  • Protective response lasting at least 15 weeks for calves vaccinated in the presence of maternal antibodies 
  • Protection against IBR respiratory disease for at least six months after the vaccine was administered to colostrum-deprived calves

Effective protection when cows need it most.
On the day of calving, dairy cows are immunosuppressed and at their most disease-vulnerable state, potentially opening the door to harmful pathogens during a time when they are most in need of protection. By vaccinating with INFORCE 3, you can expect:

  • Protection in the face of calving stress. In a new study, cows vaccinated with INFORCE 3 on the day of calving demonstrated equivalent or greater innate and adaptive local immune responses than those vaccinated up to 12 days before calving.2
  • Reduced risk of impacting milk production. Another study shows that INFORCE 3 protects fresh cows from clinical and subclinical respiratory disease caused by the bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV). Even more, compared with cattle not vaccinated against BRSV, those that received INFORCE 3 produced more than 200 pounds more milk per head and a $36 income advantage per cow.4

Protecting your cattle is easier than ever because INFORCE 3 can now be administered within a single nostril, instead of half the dose in each nostril. To see all of the benefits vaccinating can provide, work with your veterinarian to develop a vaccination program that supports a rapid and complete immune response.

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