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The Bullvine Breeder’s Cup – The Results

The votes are in and the tally is complete on the inaugural Bullvine Breeders Cup.  Our search for the best-kept secret has discovered the following amazing cows:

3rd Place – Sunset Canyon Militia Liza GP-84

Sunset Canyon Militia Liza

Date of Birth: 12/2/2007
Lactations: 4
Submitted by:  Francois Vermette
Breeder’s Comments: Liza is a cow with who it’s easy and fun to work. She will have 7 years old in December and will give her fifth calf in September 2014.She has a gold award and a silver award for her production record in Jersey breed. She will finish her fourth lactation with calving and 3 flush, we got 19 progeny including 4 sons in AI sold in three different studs and 6 daughters in milk including 1 VG 87 USA, 3 VG and 2 GP in Canada. 3 of her daughters have sons in AI and over 90% of the heifers at the farm who come from Liza have contracts in AI. We got 2 times the first jersey heifer in Canada on GLPI list with a grand and a great granddaughter of Liza. In April 2014, 5 of her descendants are in the top 10 GLPI jersey heifers in Canada (under 9 months) and 13 in the top 85.Her 3 oldest daughters also had silver or gold award for their milk performance by Jersey Canada. It’s a high fertility family who has high flush results and embryos exported in Australia and USA. They are also easy to put Liza and her offspring’s in calf. That’s a lot of reasons that Liza could be nominated for the Bullvine breeder Cup!

2nd Place – Voight-Acres Daisy Duke-TW EX-94

Voight-Acres Daisy Duke-TW

Date of Birth: 5/16/2004
Lactations: 6
Submitted by: Cole Voight
Breeder’s Comments: I’m nominating Voight-Acres Daisy Duke-TW EX-94. She’s my ideal cow for longevity and high lifetime production. Daisy Duke has a welded on udder, after having 6 calves, her udder is still well above her hocks. She has sound feet and legs and she’s all dairy strength! Daisy Duke is a Linjet from an EX-91 Durham, which was Res. Grand Champion at the Wisconsin State Fair Jr. Show. Daisy Duke also has an EX-93 twin sister.

1st Place – Jaspers Shottle Julianna EX-91

Jaspers Shottle Julianna

Date of Birth: 11/7/2009
Lactations: 3
Submitted By: Devin Jaspers
Breeder’s Comments: Every dairyman/woman wants a “correct” or balanced cow, they produce and stay healthier. It’s the key to longevity. Julianna is as balanced as they come standing at an even 60″ tall producing a plus in the herd for almost three lacerations only her stature keeps her from the show ring. But Julianna would work in any management system and excel. Julianna’s 4th dam was our first VG cow that we purchased when we started registering and getting away from grades only. Her Grandmother was our first homebred cow scoring EX 92 3E. Her mother a VG 88 Goldwyn. She scored EX as a very young 4yr YR and moved to EX 91 with more days in milk. The dairyman’s dream cow is why this Breeder’s cup is right up Julianna alley/stall!!

The Bullvine Bottom Line

We would like to thank all of those who submitted their animals, and to those who voted on Facebook as well on on our website.  Congratulations goes out to Francois Vermette, Cole Voight and Devin Jaspers on their success with these animals.



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