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The Legacy of KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET

It is with great regret we share that KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET passes. (May 3, 2004 – January 2, 2020) 

Excellent-96 4E DOM 28*
4-01 2x 365d 35,750 4.7 1682 3.7 1314
9-01 2x 365d 36,750 4.3 1582 3.3 1211
Lifetime: 240,640 4.7 11394 3.6

Her accomplishments could fill a book, but a few of the highlights include:
• Grand Champion International Red & White Show 2011
• Unanimous All-American Junior Two-Year-Old 2006
• All-American Red & White 125,000 lb. Cow 2013
• All-American Red & White Aged Cow 2011
• World Champion Red & White Cow 2010 & 2014
• Reserve Grand Champion International Red & White Show 2013
• Reserve Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair Red & White Show 2009
• Premier Breeder International Red & White Show 2017 & 2019

Her influence will live on.  It is worth celebrating the incredible career of a Red & White Holstein, who has bucked every trend the industry has to offer  Apple clicked with almost every sire she was joined to.

Since red color is popular throughout the dairy world, we can likely expect to see Apple’s influence expand exponentially as her genomically tested sons get purchased by AI and get used. The polish on this Apple family is likely just beginning. For example, in Australia Bluechip Holsteins and their partners have had sale topping Apple daughters and granddaughters. (Read more:  Dean and Dianna Malcolm: Gobsmacked in Australia and Dean and Dianna Malcolm: Forward in Five Gears!) Dean Malcolm of Bluechip provides his perspective “She‘s not just red, she’s cherry red. She’s out of a Durham, she transmits rear udders, she’s from an amazing family and she has the numbers.”  Dean goes on “Everyone who bought into the Apple family is enjoying the ride because their owners / managers, in the USA, are doing such a super job. It’s proof that if you buy good families from good cow men who continue to market, a lot of the work is already done for everyone”.

Francisco Rodriguez of Colganados in Columbia/USA reports how emotional his parents where when they watched Apple-Red’s accomplishments at Expo.  They could not believe they have genetics from this great cow.  Rodriguez own another clone to Apple, KHW Regiment Apple A1-Red-ETN (Read more: Francisco Rodriguez: Passion with a Purpose). That has produced Apple’s daughter by Redburst Miss Apple Snapple-RED who has been become a house hold name for her own accomplishments in the show ring. (Read more: KHW Regiment Apple-Red – Beauty, performance, and even more record accomplishments)

Mike Deaver shares in our feature article, KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET – Everything and more, “We started off with her first flushes to well-proven bulls out of great cow families like Talent, Stormatic and Redliner to see if she was going to be a brood cow. Then we went to Goldwyn – because he was the breed’s greatest bull – and we used the best Goldwyn son at the time, Destry. Every bull worked.

“We didn’t flush her every two weeks to get as many embryos as we could. She had breaks. We’d do two to three flushes for show-age calves and then we’d give her a break.”

One of Apple’s daughters that Mike bought outright is Holstein International’s 2019 Red Impact Cow of the Year (and the sixth member of the Altitude family to achieve the honour in the 12 years the competition has been running), Ms Delicious Apple-Red EX94-2E.

She is also the dam to show specialist Mr D Apple Diamondback *RC at Select Sires and full sister to Absolute-Red and Big Apple-Red.

“Delicious Apple is probably the most proportionate, balanced cow I’ve ever owned. And, when Diamondback was born that’s exactly what he was. He grew at exactly the same rate with everything. His belly came down, as his legs got longer; his shoulder came up, and his neck stayed long. He didn’t shorten in the rump or sway in the back. He’s the best calf I’ve ever had born.”

Her ability to cross credit to the genomics market, and the family’s super production records and great components, hasn’t hurt her either.

Many people are putting the genes of this cherry red Apple into their herds and for good reason. The Apples are appealing to the eye, have productivity in the milk pail and are mothers of progeny with great potential. The Apple family are an investor’s dream – already proving that they are capable of bushels of success.

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