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The Big E Announces 2023 Dairy Cattle Show Dates & Judges

Show season has started for some and is inching closer for others! The Big E dairy show dates and judges were recently announced. Watch for the premium book online May 15.

Northeast National Brown Swiss Show –  Wednesday, September 13 
Judge: Darin Hill, Cattaraugus, NY

Red & White Dairy Cattle Show – Thursday, September 14 
Judge: Reid Lundy, Argyle, NY

Northeast Fall National Holstein Show – Friday, September 15 
Judge: Pierre Boulet, Montmagny, Quebec

Northeast Jersey Classic – Saturday, September 16 
Judge: Pat Lundy, Granville, NY

Northeast National Junior Milking Shorthorn Show – Monday, September 18
Judge: Marcella Gillette, Newport, VT

Northeast National Milking Shorthorn Show – Tuesday, September 19
Judge: Matt Henkes, Luana, IA

Eastern National Ayrshire Show – Thursday, September 21
Judge: Adam Liddle, Argyle, NY

New England Guernsey Classic Show – Tuesday, September 26
Judge: Chris Lang, Big Prairie, OH

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