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September’s Dairy Industry Update

Cogent releases the first fertile, gender-sorted sperm in the world.

Cogent was the first breeding company to sell sexed sperm, and Ultraplus, the next generation of sexed sperm from Cogent and its parent company, STGenetics, was released at this year’s UK Dairy Day. Ultraplus increases the chance of getting pregnant by 3% more than the previous product, SexedULTRA 4M. This makes it the most fertile gender-sorted sperm on the market. When compared to the original XY sexed semen, this new product has led to a 14% increase in the number of babies born.

The DeLaval OptiDuo gets a new look from DeLaval.

In 2018, DeLaval showed off its new robotic feed pusher, called OptiDuo. The company has now updated the look of the equipment. DeLaval OptiDuo makes sure that cows can always get fresh feed. This makes cows come back to the feed fence more often. Its technology lets the feed be mixed up before it is put on the feeding table. All kinds of feed are moved back onto the feeding table by the auger, which has two spirals and an adaptive drive function. Since its release four years ago, more than 1,500 OptiDuos are now in use in Europe.
The 11th International Symposium on Reproduction in Ruminants is looking for abstracts.

Farmers will get together to talk about the benefits of monitoring dairy herds.

Allflex Livestock Intelligence is holding three farmer meetings in Devon and Cornwall to talk about the benefits of using its SenseHub system to monitor dairy cows 24/7 for heat activity and rumination patterns, and to learn more about how a herd monitoring system can improve the fertility, health, and overall performance of dairy herds. Intelligent neck collars and/or ear tags are used to track the animals’ subtle movements and patterns of behaviour. The meetings will be on October 20 and November 3 and 9.

The Holstein UK Premier Herd Award goes to a herd from Yorkshire.

The Holstein UK National Premier Herd Award for 2022 went to the Aireburn herd from Skipton, North Yorkshire. The award was given out on September 14 at UK Dairy Day. The award goes to the country’s best Holstein herd. The winner of each club’s herd competition goes up against the winners of neighbouring clubs to become one of the seven regional winners and finalists in the National Premier Herd Competition. In 1968, the Aireburn herd was set up. Over the years, there have been a number of sales on the farm, and in 2001, most of the herd died from FMD. However, 40 young heifers were kept, and they are the basis of the herd today.

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