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Semex’s Millionaire Sire “Manifold” Passes Away

Semex, the Guelph, Ont., based A.I. company, announced on December 20th that its 12th Millionaire Sire, Mainstream Manifold, has passed away.

“Manifold” was from a strong cow family known for production and was backed by eight generations of Very Good or Excellent dams. He combined this strong maternal line at Mainstream Holsteins in Washington, with type strength and desirable health and fertility traits to be one of the most predictable sires in Semex’s lineup for nearly a decade.

A truly unfaltering sire, “Manifold” debuted as the number 20 TPI sire in the United States in August 2009. As time passed, he only gained strength as he added daughters reaching the coveted Millionaire Status in April 2014 when he was also the breed’s number 12 TPI and number 6 LPI sire.

With over 73,000 daughters in his production proof in December 2018, “Manifold” continued to be one of the most popular “O Man” sons of our time, offering solid production, great components and a breed leading 3.9% Sire Calving Ease.

“‘Manifold’ was a truly exceptional bull and was a great example of our commitment to providing healthy, long-lasting cows to our clients,” says Brad Sayles, Chief Operating Officer. “And, he was a standout among ‘O Man’ sons. He really did it all, being a Millionaire and selling to all corners of the world. We’re fortunate to have a limited quantity of ‘Manifold’ semen still available, allowing dairymen to continue using this profitable and popular Millionaire Sire.”

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