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‘Remove that video straight away’ – farmer reports PETA

Dairy farmer Peter Hynes is demanding that the animal activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) UK removes a video of his daughter from their Twitter profile.

In a public address on his own Twitter profile, Hynes says the group did not have his permission to use the video. The video itself features one of Hynes’ daughters reading to calves on their family farm.

While Hynes acknowledges that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, he points out that the organisation did not have his permission to use the video.

Full apology

“I’m demanding that you remove that video straight away, I do not agree with it in any way nor do you have any permission to use it,” Hynes said on Twitter.

“I’m also demanding a full, public apology for myself, my family and especially my daughter…”

“You constantly discuss about things being exploited, you’re exploiting my daughter today. Shame on you for exploiting my daughter to promote your own ways.”

Hynes says he has reported the Tweet to Twitter.

Dairy farmer Peter Hynes disputes Peta’s use of his Twitter video featuring one of his daughters.

PETA UK posted the video with a caption that includes the lines: “Sadly, most cows on dairy farms are slaughtered when they’re 5 or 6. We hope that these babies will be spared the horrors of the abattoir.”

A number of farmers have joined the social media debate and pledged their support to Hynes, saying they have also reported the content.

PETA UK has been contacted for comment.


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