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Raw Milk’s Potential Benefits and Why It’s Becoming More Popular

I’m not providing you any health advise, but as a friend, I want you to know that there’s something fishy going on with practically every part of what “experts” say about a balanced diet, including milk.

I’m no dairy expert, but I am a concerned citizen committed to becoming a more aware consumer in this crazy world where politicians, government bureaucrats, elites, and large businesses all work together to earn money with little regard for our actual well-being.

What drew my attention to the ban and demonization of raw milk in America was that it avoided the main problem (unsanitary conditions, rotting feed for dairy cows, resulting in harmful milk, and more), while also causing a new problem: depriving drinking milk of nearly all nutritional value and health benefits.

I recommend that all students and concerned individuals affiliated with Turning Point USA check into the following sites for their own good:

Step One: Listen to the Old Fashioned On Purpose audio episode “Why We Milk a Cow & Drink Raw Milk” with Jill Winger.

Step two: Be inspired by the family milk cow at Ballerina Farm. Hannah, her husband, and their seven children bring mason jars of maple syrup and cinnamon to the field, milk their dairy cow directly into the mason jar, and drink it right away.

Step Three: Learn about the benefits of raw milk from Carnivore MD, one of my favourite health sites!

During such a turbulent moment in our society, I feel the habits and decisions we make every day at home with our families are becoming increasingly influential, particularly in terms of what we consume. Raw milk should be embraced by Patriots.

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