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Polymer Extrusion Technology Announces Crystal Clear Teatcup Liner for Dairy Cows.

UdderOnePolymer Extrusion Technology (PET), a South Florida based company specializing in developing and manufacturing specialty resins and polymers, has developed UdderOne™– a totally new concept in dairy liners, shells, hoses and accessories. Using revolutionary crystal clear polymers and unprecedented technology, UdderOne™ helps in the flight against bacteria spread during the milking process.

UdderOne Steve HowesPET Chief Technology Officer, Steve Howes, says, “after visiting the farms where our test trials were run, I saw the look of surprise on their faces, they all smiled, they’re satisfied and want deliveries now. We couldn’t be more pleased.” Howes says that a dairyman admitted it was the first time he’s really seen a cow milked in “40 years!”

Dairy farmers can now see the full milking of their cows using UdderOne™. No longer “working in the dark,” they can immediately see any abnormalities in the milk stream on each teat during the milk out; from teat to hose. UdderOne™ starts out clear and remains clear.

UdderOne™ was specifically designed to be much kinder to cow teats and to replace the old black and green opaque liners which can contain such things as carbon black and other similar fillers.

An added feature applied to the UdderOne™ product line makes it the world’s first with nano-technology that greatly reduces bacteria growth on the hoses, liners, shells and wash-cups. The technology of UdderOne™ uses the energy of light to produce safe and powerful oxidizers on the product surfaces.

The carefully engineered minerals and polymers used in UdderOne™ products make them hydrophobic, therefore not able to absorb milk or butterfat like some rubber and silicone dairy accessories do. The process enables UdderOne™ to sheet water off; lifting dirt, fats, oils and contaminants off the UdderOne™ products.

Key points of UdderOne™:
• Has met or exceeded the FDA compliance specification for food contact use: 21 CFR 177.2600 (E)
• High tear and abrasion resistance in an extra durable long lasting polymer
• UdderOne™ is Animal Derived Ingredient Free. No Animal derived lubricants that can leach out
• Highly resistant to acids and bases
• Saves dairy farmers money in liner cost per year

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