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Pennsylvania State University Merits National Title

Pennsylvania State University took home top honors Monday, October 2 at World Dairy Expo with first place overall team and fifth overall team in reasons in the National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. Leading the team and placing third individual overall was Dylan Dietz. Emma Brenengen followed closely behind in fourth. Dale Olver helped coach the team to victory. Other team members include Abigail Jantzi and Emily Heilinger. Cornell University followed as second team overall with team members Keith Koerner placing second individual overall and Jordan Siemers placing third overall in reasons. Other teams placing in the top five overall were South Dakota State University, third; Virginia Tech, fourth; and The Ohio State University, fifth.

Teams and individuals receiving recognition include:

Top Ten Teams – Overall:

  1. Pennsylvania State University, 2,455, team members: Emma Brenengen, Dylan Dietz, Emily Heilinger and Abigail Jantzi, coached by Dale Olver
  2. Cornell University, 2,449, team members: Jordan Siemers, Jared Dueppengiesser, Keith Koerner and Britney Hill, coached by Kevin Ziemba
  3. South Dakota State University, 2,432, team members: Kristin Erf, Kirby Krogstad, Cole Hoyer and Andrew Socha coached by Jill Anderson and Michaela Della
  4. Virginia Tech, 2,408, team members: Cortney Hostetter, Blake Smith, Kayla Umbel and Hannah Van Dyk, coached by Katharine Knowlton
  5. The Ohio State University, 2,407, team members: Alex Houck, Ella Jackson, Lexie Nunes and Tanner Topp, coached by Bonnie Ayars
  6. University of Minnesota, 2,406, team members: Trent Dado, Laura Jensen, Brooke Roberts and Austin Schmitt, coached by Dr. Les Hansen
  7. University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2,385, team members: Kristen Broege, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Charlie Hamilton and Logan Voigts, coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy
  8. Cal Poly State University SLO, 2,361, team members: Alex Gambonini, Hannah Neer, Elise Regusci and Elisabeth Regusci, coached by Rich Silacci and Stan Henderson
  9. Iowa State University, 2,354, team members: Emily Irwin, Kyle Kass, Mason Lettinga and Nicholas Schiller, coached by Christen Burgett
  10. Michigan State University, 2,331, team members: Lance Frahm, Ethan Haywood, Evelyn Okkema and Nicole Chase, coached by Sarah Black and Joe Domecq

Top Ten Individuals – Overall:

  1. Kirby Krogstad, 829, South Dakota State University
  2. Keith Koerner, 825, Cornell University
  3. Dylan Dietz, 823, Pennsylvania State University
  4. Emma Brenengen, 821, Pennsylvania State University
  5. Kayla Umbel, 814, Virginia Tech
  6. Jordan Siemers, 813, Cornell University
  7. Lexie Nunes, 813, The Ohio State University
  8. Abigail Jantzi, 811, Pennsylvania State University
  9. Jared Dueppengiesser, 811, Cornell University
  10. Kristin Erf, 811, South Dakota state University

Top Ten Teams – Reasons:

  1. University of Minnesota, 827, coached by Dr. Les Hansen
  2. University of Wisconsin – Madison, 825, coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy
  3. Cornell University, 822, coached by Kevin Ziemba
  4. Virginia Tech, 816, coached by Katharine Knowlton
  5. Pennsylvania State University, 815, coached by Dale Olver
  6. Iowa State University, 805, coached by Christen Burgett
  7. The Ohio State University, 802, coached by Bonnie Ayars
  8. Cal Poly State University SLO, 801, coached by Rich Silacci and Stan Henderson
  9. Michigan State University, 797, coached by Sarah Black and Joe Domecq
  10. South Dakota State University, 792, coached by Jill Anderson and Michaela Della

Top Ten Individuals – Reasons:

  1. Brooke Roberts, 281, University of Minnesota
  2. Kristen Broege, 280, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  3. Jordan Siemers, 279, Cornell University
  4. Laura Jensen, 279, University of Minnesota
  5. Elizabeth Sarbacker, 278, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  6. Cortney Hostetter, 276, Virginia Tech
  7. Mason Lettinga, 276, Iowa State University
  8. Keith Koemer, 275, Cornell University
  9. Abigail Jantzi, 274, Penn State University
  10. Kirby Krogstad, 273, South Dakota State University

The National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest is made possible in part through the generous support of Platinum Level Sponsor, Monsanto, and Gold Sponsors, DeLaval, Inc. and Westway Feed Products.

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