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NZ Dairy Event – Livestream

New Zealand’s online selling platform, bidr®, will livestream the New Zealand Dairy Event’s (NZDE) judging from Wednesday.
bidr® – which is already hosting the Summer Sensation Sale at the NZDE online – was approached to take its involvement a step further once the government’s red traffic light COVID-19 protection framework swung into full effect – limiting exhibitor numbers on-ground to 100 (plus event staff).
Spectators who had planned to come to the show were left with an empty diary.
Enter bidr®’s National Sales and Operations Manager Caitlin Rockela. She said it was a call to arms her team found easy to answer.
“I suppose like any event that’s on this week, the plans have had to change,” Caitlin said.
“We were going to be supporting the sale on Wednesday night anyway, and it was really not a lot of extra effort for us to be here and support the judging so that everyone who can’t come can enjoy it from their homes,” Caitlin said.
bidr®’s have set up a page on its website at, dedicated to the NZDE live action ringside. Anyone who wants to watch can simply click on the link. A wireless microphone will help carry the judges’ comments to the masses.
“It’s important for us to be agile and to be able to respond really quickly when things like this happen,” Caitlin said. “Otherwise what’s the point of having an online platform if it’s not useable in these situations?
“We are really happy to help the industry out.
“Anyone that goes into our website can find the page, and it will take you straight to the livestream. You don’t have to register – as you usually do for a sale – to be able to be able to watch the show.”
bidr® is a PGG Wrightson subsidiary, which has been operating as a separate virtual saleyard business since 2019. Business is doubling year-on-year with natural attrition, in addition to the increasing appreciation for online mediums as Covid continues to hamper events.
“You’d never say Covid is a good thing, but I guess a silver lining for any online business is that there has probably been some benefit if people can transition to online during this time,” Caitlin said.
“We are also a powerful marketing platform, and I think people are really seeing the value of that now,” Caitlin said.
All sales on bidr® are backed by the listing agent and transacted through agency trading accounts. More than 10 agencies use bidr®, and it is regularly livestreaming sales from five North Island saleyards, in addition to feature sales throughout the country.
“It’s definitely an exciting space to be in, and our team is growing fast,” Caitlin said.
bidr®’s lower North Island Territory Manager Aimee Flynn will be ringside operating the camera tomorrow.
If you are considering a sale, contact bidr® on 0800 TO BIDR (0800 86 2437) or contact your local livestock representative.
PLEASE NOTE: The Summer Sensation Sale from 6pm Wednesday night will be livestreamed through bidr®. Caitlin said anyone who wants to watch or bid on the sale will need to log in and register (as usual for sales).
8.30am – Futurity classes – calves and yearlings
9.30am – Youth Show – calves and yearlings
11am – Breed calves and yearlings
Midday – Lunch
12.30pm – All Breeds – calves and yearlings
3pm – Youth Show – young handlers
5pm – Evening BBQ – free to sponsors and exhibitors
6pm – Summer Sensation Sale
Click here to see judging livestreamed from 8.30am…/livestream-of-nzde-judging-showing

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