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NY dairy farmers seeing demand for milk grow

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit Central New York, dairy farmers suffered greatly from decreased demand.

The demand for milk is growing once again, giving local farmers a much-needed boost.

“Yeah, it has been a struggle for us. The last 5 years has been a struggle,” said Mike McMahon, Dairy Farmer.

A struggle made worse during the early stages of the pandemic when dairy farmers were hit hard by the loss of schools and restaurants to sell to.

“We saw the price of milk in May the same as it was 22 years ago. You can’t do that forever.”

But business for dairy farmers is bouncing back thanks to an increased demand for milk and milk products by consumers looking for comfort foods to help get them through the pandemic.

” We’re seeing an increase in consumption in consumption of whole milk and cheese and ice cream and yes we are seeing an increase in demand.”

That increased demand for milk is paying off. Nationwide milk sales are at 4.5 billion dollars from the same period last year an increase of nearly 12 percent.

A much-needed boost at just the right time.

“We really needed this right now for sure.”

Source: CNYcentral

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