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Movie scene from “Christmas Vacation” recreated by Iowa dairy farmer

“The idea to reproduce the moment from the film “Christmas Vacation,” about a family whose Christmas plans turn into a massive disaster,” he said, “came at the ideal time, when we were emptying out the manure pit.” “Christmas Vacation” is about a family whose Christmas plans turn into a huge disaster.

In reference to the endeavour that his farm undertakes twice each year, he stated, “When she’s full, she’s full.”

In the film, the character of Cousin Eddie, who is portrayed by Randy Quaid, is seen parking his recreational vehicle in front of the house of a relative, saying, “That there’s an RV. It’s a nice-looking motor vehicle, wouldn’t you say? He then goes on to shake hands with the neighbours while simultaneously emptying the septic tank of the camper into the storm sewer. He does all of this while wearing a bathrobe and a winter cap, smoking a cigar, and drinking a beer.

“Farmer Blake” can be seen in the Hansen video, which was initially published on TikTok on Monday, “agitating the manure” in order to make it simpler to empty the pit. He puffs on a cigar while wearing an identical getup, which includes the bathrobe that belonged to his wife. He is not holding a drink but rather a gallon of Hansen’s milk in his hand.

According to Hansen, “we hope that it lightens the mood around the holidays, especially during these terrible times with the economy being how it is.”

TikTok, along with other sites such as Facebook, has already seen a significant number of users click on the video.

He initially watched the movie around the time it was released three decades ago, and ever since then, his family has made it a tradition to watch it at least once a year.

Hansen said that the book “has so many good lines that you can use in everyday life.” [Citation needed]

The farm is always looking for new and inventive methods to demonstrate its business practises and the steps that are taken to bring its produce “from the cow to the table.”

“People don’t comprehend how much money the manure saves us in fertiliser,” Hansen said. “People don’t grasp how much money the manure saves us.” It is of great assistance to us in the cultivation of our crops, which in turn provide food for our cattle.

Hansen thinks that the thing that’s really getting people’s attention is the fact that they can see his legs through the white bathrobe.

Hansen cracked a joke by saying, “My family claims I have the ugliest legs.”

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