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Loh TJ Alessja SUPREME All-German 2019!!

Loh TJ Alessja SUPREME All-German 2019!!

During the VOST Select Sales in Leer, Georg Geuecke from the BRS announced the winners of this year’s All German Holstein competition on Friday, November 29, 2019. The title of supreme champion went to Loh TJ Alessja, who also won the title of Holstein cows with two calvings. Alessja is an Armani *RC offspring of the incredible Luck-E Advent Atlanta *RC EX-94-USA and a family member to the popular heavily used R&W show bulls: Luck-E AWESOME-RED @ ST-Gen and Luck-E ADONIS-RED @ Semex. Cow photographer Wolfhard Schulze handed over the special prize donated by him.

The following winners and reserve winners were awarded in the individual classes:

Holstein Heifers
Winner: OHB Dream by F.-W. Gödecker and D. Schlunke
Reserve: WFD Miss Diamond of Rübesam, Will, Melbaum and Kallass

Red Holstein
Heifers Winner: Special Red by Jonas Melbaum
Reserve: NH Silky of Nosbisch Holsteins and Azzopardi

Holstein cows with two calvings
Winner: Loh TJ Alessja from Lohmöller, Melbaum, Nosbisch, Blaise
Reserve: Goldlieschen from RZB Derboven

Red Holstein cows with two and three calvings
Winner: FG Natalie by Henrik Wille
Reserve: WR Minnesota by Ludger Wiewer

Holstein cows with three and four calvings
Winner: Edlihtam by Rainer Engelke and Mathilde Schulze
Reserve: Hirondelle by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gödecker

Red Holstein cows with more than four calvings
Winner: GHH Marie von der Kastens GbR
Reserve: Extase by Christian Gonnsen

Holstein cows with five or more calvings
Winner: Fux Seattle from Hahn / Radke GbR
Reserve: Lady Gaga from Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster

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