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Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions: the Italian Minister for Agriculture at the Opening of the Exhibition

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, historical appointment for professionals of the sector and privileged observatory on one of the pillars of the agrifood sector, are starting on Friday 26th. The Italian Minister for Agriculture, Stefano Patuanelli will also be there and will attend the official opening of the Exhibition: a 3-day-event featuring 200 national and international exhibitors presenting machinery, equipment, technologies and services for livestock and agriculture. 14 international Delegations of buyers and institutional representatives are coming to Cremona, since it plays a key role for agro-livestock markets. The Exhibition is also very much awaited by breeders, who for the first time in the last two years, will have the chance to join an international livestock show counting 470 heads of cattle from 75 livestock farms, from Italy and from abroad.   A really unique event, taking place in a year that has deeply been impacted by health emergency and being even more involving thanks to the presence of an International Auction with a charity scope.

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions roots in our strong desire to represent such an important sector. Starting again was not so easy this year due to the health emergency, but the event will take place and will, as usual, favour business and relations  – says Roberto Biloni, president of CremonaFiere -. The Exhibition will be a chance for professionals to exchange a vision on market and this is the main role of a specialized exhibition. To this extent, next to a high-level exhibit repertoire, we have developed a scientific and cultural programme with over 60 appointments to discuss the key topics of the sector , from renewable energies from agricultural sources, to precision livestock farming up to presentation of international market trends and new business outlets. All this, thanks to the cooperation with the most important technical and scientific research centres and institutions and with breeders, who asked us to be the protagonists of such a top-level event”.

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions  are also an important opportunity for consumers, since they provide the chance to get in touch and explore in depth one of the fundamental production chains of Italian economy: two historical exhibitions are on display, with historical agricultural machinery and on Sunday, November 28, a guided tasting of cheese organized in cooperation with ONAF Association will bring consumers closer to the dairy chain.

“The Exhibition is at the service of the sector: from breeders to consumers. Consumers shall appreciate the value of the whole production chain – concludes the President of CremonaFiere, Roberto Biloni -. To this extent, the Exhibition cooperates with sector institutions and associations, to share the vision on the future, discuss problems to be solved and enhance the value of our productions”.

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