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Brown Swiss legend Old Mill E Snickerdoodle Passes

Brown Swiss legend Old Mill E Snickerdoodle was laid to rest after an amazing career.  Snickerdoodle would have been 19-years-old in two weeks.  Snickerdoodle will forever be remembered as one of the all-time greatest show cows in the dairy industry, across all breeds. Snickerdoodle was nominated All-American 8 times, and is an 8-time class winner and 6-time Champion at World Dairy Expo, and is the only cow to ever win every milking class there.  In addition, she was the 2003 Supreme Champion and the Reserve Supreme in 2008 and 2009. She is proving herself as a brood cow as well, with show-winning daughters, and sons that are siring high-type individuals. Her son Old Mill WDE Supreme has been named Premier Sire the World Dairy Expo International Brown Swiss Show several times.

She was bred by the Bassler family and made the move to Florida last year with the family.  Breeder Allen Bassler shared this about Snickerdoodle:

We laid the legend to rest today. We said goodbye to one of the most special cows we ever had a chance to work with. Thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to work with her. Snickerdoodle was born October 14th 1998 died on October 3rd 2017. 
She leaves quite a legacy behind from all of her offspring worldwide in 11 different countries from embryos she produced. She walked the tan bark with style. It’s like when she got there it was like game on buddy Bring It On. 
We would like to thank everyone who had the chance to work with her and us through the years. It meant a lot to us and her and made her life as a cow almost human.
Thank you all it’s been a good ride. 
See you in heaven SNICK

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