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As COVID-19 restrictions lift, milkman services still in high demand

Delivery services have blown up during the pandemic. People are having everything delivered to their doorstep — furniture, household goods, socks, even sandwiches. But what about milk? Baker’s Golden Dairy in New Waterford says yes, people still enjoy having their milk delivered, too.

Back in September, we went to Baker’s Golden Dairy, where they had just started routes delivering milk produced on their farm.

“When you were here last time, that week we had 15 home deliveries. That was our very first week,” said Kasey Hudson, manager of Baker’s Golden Dairy.

Before COVID-19, they had been considering offering delivery services, but then the pandemic hit. It was the perfect storm.

But now that vaccines are out and people are more comfortable heading to the store, has business dropped off?

“I was very surprised. I didn’t see a decline in the demand, it’s still there. I think one of the things that keeps it unique is the different flavors of milk that we offer. Every week it’s a different flavor,” Hudson said.

Not only have they added routes, but they’ve expanded from one truck to two. Hudson said if it grows any further, a third truck may be needed.

“It is a little bit more time consuming but we get that one-on-one personal feel delivering right to the house of somebody right from our farm,” Hudson said.

So, why is the demand still there when people are back at the grocery?

“Most of the time you go to the store, you’re not gonna find this type of milk right from the farm. It’s gonna be a larger company providing that milk which is homogenized too,” Hudson said.

Their customers agree.

“Because it’s delicious, it’s such a treat, it’s about as good as going to a bakery and getting a treat like that,” said customer Mary Fannin.

And it’s not just about the product, it’s about knowing the farm the product comes from and the person dropping it off.

“Just last week when my delivery driver came, I was able to catch him at the door and say, ‘Hey, tell Kevin and Debbie and Kasey I say hi.’ It’s even fun to leave the crate out on the porch from last week so they swap it,” Fannin said.

Baker’s Golden Dairy is still taking new customers for routes. If you want the milkman to make a stop at your door, head over to their website to sign up.


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