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53 NEW Homebred EXCELLENT for Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins of Wisconsin, enjoyed a great visit with the classifier recently.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • 53 NEW Homebred EXCELLENT
  • SIEMERS LMDA PARIS 27856-ET EX-91-3Y 91-MS +2933G
    • 37 progeny over +2900G
    • Dam of Parfect and Parsly at Select Sires
  • SIEMERS DOC HANKER 28653 EX-92-3Y 93-MS (MAX)
    • Dam of Happen and Have It All at AI Total/ASCOL
  • SIEMERS DOC HANAN 28286-ET EX-90-3Y 90-MS (Fresh 24 hrs)
    • Dam of Hanans and Hanley at Select Sires
  • SIEMERS GRT PARINI 28262-ET EX-90-3Y 92-MS +2843G
    • Dam of Porsche and Paypal at Semex
    • Dam of Pairing at AI Total/ASCOL
  • Group of Siemers Trajectory 200HO9142 daughters
    • Group of five sisters averaged: 88.4
    • Seven daughters last test average: 165.5 with 11.7 lbs of components!!!
    • 88 NEW Homebred VG-2Y
    • ZBW M KD LORI-ET VG-89 (MAX) 2568G 3.40T
      • HHM All-American Jr. 2 – 2020
      • Owned with Arizona Dairy CO
    • SIEMERS HMBL CALIA 29701-ET (MAX) VG-89 90-MS +2704G
    • SIEMERS DOC ROZ 29988 VG-87 2895G


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