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Four Newly Proven Sires Shine Among Top 10 for Both LPI and Pro$ – Canadian Holstein Highlights ‐ December 2019

Genomic selection continues to deliver interesting results as the list of Top 10 proven sires this round for both LPI and Pro$ experience significant change with the arrival of high quality newly proven sires. In fact, four newcomers manage to enter the Top 10 list for both indexes with the most successful being Peak AltaMarlon, who is a son of AltaSpring out of A‐L‐H Movieman (by O‐ Style) that captures top spot at #1 LPI and #6 Pro$. The most successful newly proven sire for Pro$ this round is S‐S‐I Kingpin Phantom‐ET at #2 Pro$ (#7 LPI, tied #9 Fat, #3 Protein), who is a maternal brother to Duke (#7 Pro$, #15 LPI, #2 Fat, #2 Protein). He is immediately followed by another impressive newcomer, namely S‐S‐I Snowman Mayflower‐ET (Snowman x Socrates), at #3 Pro$ (#10 LPI), who also becomes the new breed leader for Protein at 109 kg (#6 Milk). The fourth newcomer to make an outstanding debut among the Top 10 for both indexes is Westcoast Randall (Loptimum x Numero Uno), who takes #4 LPI and #8 Pro$ this December. Stantons Adagio‐P‐ET*POC (Powerball*POC x McCutchen) is another newly proven sire worthy of attention as he becomes the highest ranking proven polled sire in Canada at #9 LPI and #18 Pro$.

For previously proven sires, EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust) stays solid holding on at #1 Pro$ (#3 LPI, #1 Fat) while the former LPI leader, Benner Bardo (Flame x Mogul) changes very little but is forced to accept the #2 LPI position (#4 Pro$, #3 Fat) this round. The three remaining sires on the Top 10 LPI list this round include Holyland Elite Exactly‐ET (Halogen x Mixer) at #5 LPI (#31 Pro$), Stantons Alligator‐ET (Kingpin x McCutchen, maternal brother to Adagio*POC) at #6 LPI (#54 Pro$, tied #3 Conformation), and Silverstream Porter (Bombero son out of Templedale Mogul Paris) at #8 LPI (#19 Pro$). For Pro$, the Top 10 list is completed by Ronelee Midnight Detour‐ET (Midnight x Mogul) at #5 Pro$ (#13 LPI), Progenesis Kane (Bombero x Mogul) at #9 Pro$ (#21 LPI), and Seagull‐Bay Silver‐ET (Mogul x Snowman) taking #10 Pro$ position (#20 LPI).

In addition to the five newly proven sires already mentioned that managed to penetrate the Top 10 rankings, there are five other newcomers of interest as they reach Top 30 status for at least one of the national indexes. The only sire, however, that achieves this status for both LPI and Pro$ is S‐S‐I Supershot Speed Up‐ET (Supershot x Numero Uno), who now occupies #16 LPI and #25 Pro$ positions. The four other sires all manage to enter Top 30 rankings for Pro$, led by View‐ Home Mandate‐ET (Day x Robust, maternal brother to Powerball*POC and Missouri), who just misses the Top 10 Pro$ list in #11 spot (#70 LPI). WET Tuffenuff Magnus‐ET (Tuffenuff x Mogul) arrives at #14 Pro$ (#36 LPI) while Silverridge V Eugenio (Supershot son out of Silverridge V McCut Enchanted) grabs #26 Pro$ (#33 LPI) and is followed closely by Westcoast Kerrigan‐ET at #30 Pro$ (#57 LPI, son of Kingboy and maternal brother to Randall).

A “Hot” Newly Indexed Cow Takes Top Honours for Both GLPI and Pro$

Stantons Hot Dollars‐ET makes an incredible debut as the highest newly indexed cow this round, managing to take #1 GLPI and #1 Pro$ positions (#7 Fat). Sired by AOT Silver Helix‐ET, Hot Dollars is one of nine daughters of Stantons Real Dollars‐ET (#19 Pro$, tied #26 GLPI, Rubicon x Day) among the Top 1000 Pro$ cows and is full sister to Stantons Dollar Helix‐ET, who holds #5 Pro$

and #9 GLPI positions this round. Morningview Duke Zip (Duke x Yoder) also makes an outstanding arrival as a newly indexed cow, landing right behind Hot Dollars at #2 GLPI and also grabs #4 Pro$ spot (#2 Fat). Four other newly indexed cows achieve Top 10 status for either GLPI or Pro$, including Glenhaven E Gizi (Exactly x Mogul) at #5 GLPI (#21 Pro$). For the high‐ranking Pro$ arrivals, Stantons Some Helix‐ET (dam is Stantons Bee Something‐ET) grabs #3 Pro$ (#4 Fat) while Progenesis Detour Kansas (dam is Progenesis Supershot Kassidy) takes #6 Pro$, and both are tied at #37 GLPI. Sunnypoint Loyal Detour 2382 (dam is Peak Loyal Hrod 60124‐ET) enters Top 10 Pro$ in #8 spot (#16 GLPI).

For previous breed leading cows, in addition to Stantons Dollar Helix‐ET, two others achieve Top 10 status for both national indexes. The highest of these is the former Pro$ leader, Stantons Helix Roll‐ET (dam is Stantons Just Rolling‐ET), who is now forced into #2 Pro$ and #4 GLPI even after increasing both values but maintains her #1 Fat standing. Stantons Rubicon Cranking Up also performs well with index increases to take #6 GLPI and #10 Pro$ (dam is Stantons Freddie Cameo). The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed this round with Stantons So Excited (Silver x Supersire) staying quite stable at #7 Pro$ (#82 GLPI, #3 Fat) while Benner Octoberfest Jingko (dam is Benner Shotglass Javabeans) makes some gains to grab #9 Pro$ and #12 GLPI positions this round.

For the Top 10 GLPI cows, four maintain this status from last round to complete the list this December. The highest of these is Progenesis Exactly Best (Exactly x Montross), who is forced down the ladder from #1 to #3 GLPI and now occupies #49 Pro$. The others include Ravendale Duke Aloha at #7 GLPI (#29 Pro$, Duke x Jacey), Dudoc Silver Sarcasme*POC at #8 GLPI (tied #17 Pro$, highest polled cow for both indexes), and BGP Delta Honna‐ET at #10 GLPI (#26 Pro$, dam is View‐Home Uno Hope‐ET).

Another newly indexed cow with noteworthy results is Aardema Daiquiri Destiny‐ET, who is a daughter of Vieuxsaule Wilson out of WFC KB Daiquiri 9466‐ET (by Kingboy) that makes her debut tied at #1 Conformation with +17.

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