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Dairy Slang: 22 Phrases that mean different things to dairy breeders

2014 editors choice graphictop read 14 iconListen in on two dairy breeders’ conversation, and you might think you were listening to an entirely different language.  The show ring, dairy cattle breeding and dairy farming industry is full of strange terminology that most people would simply not understand.  Here are 22 phrases that have totally different meanings to dairy breeders.


Non Dairy Breeders: a typically circular band of metal or other durable material, especially one of gold or other precious metal, often set with gems, for wearing on the finger as an ornament, a token of betrothal or marriage, etc.

Dairy Breeders: The place where dreams can be made or broken.  Where dairy breeders bring their best to compete for fame and fortune.  Well for fame at least.  Though there are times the two are combined.  (Read more:  World Dairy Expo Proposal – First comes cows then comes vows! and 8 of the greatest Dairy Love Stories in the World)


Non Dairy Breeders: a world’s fair or international exposition

Dairy Breeders: Expo in the dairy breeding industry is a short form for none other than the pinnacle of competition, World Dairy Expo.  A five-day event showcasing the finest in dairy genetics and the newest technologies available to the dairy industry.  For many dairy breeders this is their Mecca where dairy breeders from around the world make an annual pilgrimage to Madison, Wisconsin USA in early October for the greatest dairy cattle show and exhibition in the world.  (Read more: World Dairy Expo 2013 – Memories to last a Lifetime and World Dairy Expo 2013 Holstein Show Results)

The Royal

Non Dairy Breeders: Most non breeders would think of the British Monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth.  Very popular now are Prince William, his wife, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and their adorable son Prince George.

Dairy Breeders: For dairy breeders in North America say the words The Royal and they will think of The Royal  Agricultural Winter Fair, held every November in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Similar to Expo, the Royal showcases some of the greatest cattle the world over all in one place to compete for the coveted title of Supreme Champion.  In Australia, they will think of The Royal Melbourne Dairy Show held in September of each year. (Read more: The Royal Flu – Did you catch it? and Canadian National Holstein Show Results)

County fair

Non Dairy Breeders: The once a year event where you ride the midway, eat fried food and go to concerts.

Dairy Breeders: The single most important show in the history of the universe. Your chance to become a legend in your own community.  If you can’t make it here, you can’t make it anywhere.


Non Dairy Breeders: a large, robust person.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cattle showman with the unique ability to display a magnificent beast to the utmost of her ability.  Though there are some “Strappers” who are also on the much larger side.


Non Dairy Breeders: a person who fits garments.

Dairy Breeders: A unique person who travels from show to show preparing dairy cattle for competition.  Often possessing egos to fit the situation.

Clear Magic

Non Dairy Breeders: the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc.; legerdemain; conjuring:

Dairy Breeders: a liquid in an aerosol or other spray container, used in preparing dairy cattle for the show ring.

Crazy Glue

Non Dairy Breeders: Super glue that is crazy strong, crazy fast. It works in as little as 30 seconds, forming an extremely strong bond on all kinds of surfaces.

Dairy Breeders: A tool used to temporarily correct poor teat placement on dairy cows.

Plough Puller

Non Dairy Breeders: from the genus Bos, oxen used to pull ploughs and other implements.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow that is so thick and heavy that they would be better suited working in the fields than producing milk.


Non Dairy Breeders: composed of or containing grease; oily:

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow that is over conditioned and not ready to exhibit in the show ring.


Non Dairy Breeders: the soft, lustrous fiber obtained as a filament from the cocoon of the silkworm.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow whose parts blend together so smoothly it is said she looks like silk.


Non Dairy Breeders: A character from the Toy Story movies.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow that lacks dairy character, i.e. is thick and not refined.


Non Dairy Breeders: a large bag made of durable material such as burlap, thick paper, or plastic, used for storing and carrying goods.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cows mammary system

Goat Bag

Non Dairy Breeders: The latest couturier designer purses from the streets of Milan.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow who has only two quarters or extremely large teats, similar to that of a dairy goat.

Blow Bag

Non Dairy Breeders: The latest couturier designer purses from the streets of NY.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow whose udder attachments have deteriorated to the point where her udder hangs significantly low.


Non Dairy Breeders: chromium-plated or other bright metallic trim, as on an automobile.

Dairy Breeders: A dairy cow that has such extreme venation on her udder that it “shines” like chrome on an automobile.


Non Dairy Breeders: not preserved by freezing, canning, pickling, salting, drying, etc.:

Dairy Breeders: The calving date of a cow when she last gave birth.


Non Dairy Breeders: a more or less detailed alphabetical listing of names, places, and topics along with the numbers of the pages on which they are mentioned or discussed, usually included in or constituting the back matter.

Dairy Breeders: A genetic evaluation tool such as TPI (Total Profit Index) or LPI (Lifetime Profit Index).


Non Dairy Breeders: the study of genomes.

Dairy Breeders: A breeding tool that has totally changed the way we breed dairy cattle.  Also, a four letter word for many old school dairy breeders. (Read more: Genomics)

Putting on her wedding clothes

Non Dairy Breeders: What a woman does when she is preparing to marry the love of her life.

Dairy Breeders: Getting a dairy cow ready to exhibit at the show.

Flushes like a chicken

Non Dairy Breeders: A chicken that is very prolific at producing eggs.

Dairy Breeders: A cow that is very prolific at producing valuable embryos.


Non Dairy Breeders: In today’s social media age, say the word polled and most people would think of a Facebook poll about Justin Bieber’s new hair cut or Miley Cyrus twerking video.  Also, not to be confused with a type of dance at your local mens establishment.

Dairy Breeders: For dairy breeders it’s one of the hottest breeding topics.  Hornless, especially genetically hornless dairy cattle are in great demand.  The polled gene (P) is dominant to the horned gene (p). If an animal has two polled genes (PP), homozygous, or one polled and one horned gene (Pp), heterozygous, it will be polled. However, if it is heterozygous polled (Pp) it may pass either the polled or horned gene on to its offspring. The only situation when an animal will be horned is when it possesses two recessive horned genes (pp), homozygous horned.  (Read more: Polled Dairy Cattle)

What phrases would you add?




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