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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 4/14/2012


  • Missouri Spring Holstein Show
    March 30, 2012
    Judge: Bruce Tenclave, AR
    • Junior Champion: U-MO Pronto Ameliea (Windy-Knoll-View Protno), 1st fall calf, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
    •  Res. Junior Champion: Mik-Nels Domino Ciara (RegancrestCP Mr Domino-ET), 1st spring yearling, Steven Nelson, Grovesprings, MO
    • HM Junior Champion: Golden-Dew Sanchez Rebel (Gen-Mark-Stmatic Sanchez), 2nd fall calf, Bob Griggs, OK
    • Intermediate Champion: Whitehead Astro Coco (Oseeana Astronomical-ET), 1st Sr.2-year-old, Bailee, Lauren & Taylor Whitehead, Conway, MO
    • Res.  Intermediate Champion: Sr 2: Robthom Neon Alexander (Golden-Oaks ST Alexader), 2nd Sr. 2-year-old, Janice Ling, Springfield, MO
    • Champion & Grand: Robthom Lilah Lou (Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET), 1st 4-year-old, Kelsey Ling, Springfield, MO
    • Reserve & Res. Grand: MS Hack SS Ella Rae-Red-ET (Pursuit September Storm-ET), 1st 5-year-old, Nora Hackmann, Marthasville, MO
  • Virginia Spring Show
    The Virginia Spring Show was held Saturday, April 7th at the Rockingham County fairgrounds in Harrisonburg. It was a beautiful spring day as Amanda Stiles Lutz from South Carolina judged 50 head. The Grand Champion was four year old, Mer-Gold Jet Montana, who said “win with me with her style, balance and correct mammary system.” She is owned by Janney Holsteins and Malorie Rhoderick. Judge Lutz chose winning senior two year old, Ron-Rou Lou Kay as the Reserve champion of the show with Heiz-Acres Mailing Fish, first place five year old, as Honorable Mention champion of this year’s show.
    Two Aftershocks rose to the top of the heifer classes with their balance and correctness. Junior champion, owned by Steve Zirkle and James and Julie Barb of New Market, was Butlerview After Alameda-ET, the winning fall yearling. Judge Lutz followed with the same pattern naming winter yearling, Ron-Rou Aftershock Sprinkle as reserve junior champion, owned by Ron-Rou Holsteins of Mount Solon. (source:
  • Maryland Spring Holstein Show Results
    Apr. 7 – West Friendship, MD
    Judge – Steve Shaw, Williamsburg, PA
    Total shown – 150
    • Junior Champion: Savage-Leigh Atwd Light-ET (Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood), 1st spring yearling, Chip Savage, Knoxville, MD
    • Res. Junior Champion: Peace & Plenty Asteroid Fishy (Kingsmill Gdwyn Asteroid), 1st fall yearling, Austin Schwartzbeck, Union Bridge, MD
    • HM Junior Champion: Ms Chassity Super Cherry (Charlesdale Superstition), 1st winter yearling, Ehrhardt Farm & Gene Iager, Baldwin, MD
    • Senior & Grand Champion: Greenwood-Acres Dun Celeste (Regancrest Dundee), 1st aged cow, Chip Savage, Knoxville, MD
    • Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: Savage-Leigh Lydon Laurel (Savage-Leigh Lydon), Borba, Borba, Durrer & Chip Savage, Knoxville, MD
    • HM Senior & HM Grand Champion:  Ehrhardt Advent Ellie (KHW Kite Advent-Red), Ehrhardt Farm & Gene Iager, Baldwin, MD
    • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor:  Chip Savage, Savage-Leigh Holsteins
  • Eastern Manitoba Spring Show 2012
    April 13, 2012
    Judge Joel Phoenix, ON
    • Junior Champion Benner Windbrook Jocasa  (Senior Calf), Windbrook, Benner Holsteins, MB
    • Reserve Junior Champion Rainyridge Alexander Maelyn  (Summer yearling), alexander, Rainyridge & Optimail, MB
    • HM Junior Champion  Oakparke Stallion Josey 1193 (Senior Yearling), Stallion, Oakparke Holsteins, MB
    • Grand Champion  Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara, 4 Year Old, (Mr Burns), Rainyridge & optimal, MB
    • Reserve Grand Champion Oakparke Shottle Jackalope, 5 Year old, (Shottle), Oakparke holsteins, MB
    •  Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Benner Holsteins, MB


  • Cherry Crest Dispersal Averages $5,300
    The Cherry Crest Dispersal,  Martintown, ON took place on April 7,2012 with a “monster” crowd on hand to claim some of the most recognizable bloodlines in the Holstein industry.  The result was a $5,300 average on 170 lots. (source:
    • Catching everyone’s eye was the sale top, Cherry Crest Goldwyn Aspire.  The March 2010 Goldwyn was nearly a mirror image of People’s Choice Winner, Eastside Lewisdale Goldwyn Missy (EX-95).  From the same family, her dam is a VG-88 Damion daughter of Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee, Stadacona Outside Abel (VG-88 25*). Aspire was due April 22 to Pine-Tree Sid. When the gavel fell at $43,000, she became the property of Loren Brisco, Adam Hunt, Ed Rusenstrom and Alex & Reg Wallace.
    • Brining the 2nd highest bid of the day was another Goldwyn. Annalea Goldwyn Alinda (EX-91 EX-93-MS). Nominated All-Ontario Jr. 3-Yr-Old 2011, she was fresh in February 2012 and will be primed for a run at the 4-Year-old competition for this show season. The final bid was $29,500 from Ransom Rail Farm in Perry, NY, USA. Her dam is 3E-92 Annalea Gibson Alison and her second dam is a VG-85 Comestar Leader.
  • Glenalcomb Dispersal Results
    The Glenalcomb Dispersal of April 9th, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada brought down the curtain on 70 years of dedicated cattle breeding that resulted in 2 Master Breeder Shields. The sale averaged $2,756.47 on 85 lots. (source:
    • The highest bid of the day was $7,000 that was placed by Maple Ain Holsteins of Smith Falls, Ontario on Glenalcomb Final Cut Boomboom (VG-88 VG-89-MS).  Sired by Gillette Final Cut, she is working on the following record at 3-11 2x 187 18,414 4.0 741 3.3 585. Her dam is Glenalcomb Titan Boomer (VG-85, 3y) sired by Tobis Durham Titan, then Glenalcomb Milan Boots (VG-87 2*), Glenalcomb V T Boutique (VG-85), Glenalcomb S Barbara (VG-87), Glenalcomb Grand Barb (VG-85), Glenalcomb Citation Bee (VG-86).
    • A $6,000 bid brought ownership of Rynland Rustler Mable –Red (EX-90 US & Can) to Werrcroft Holsteins of Oshawa, Ontario.  Mable was in calf for December 14th to Fradon Jigsaw and showing  the following completed record: 4-00 2X 317 18,390 4.2 763 3.1 574. Her dam is Rynland Bob Malissa (2E-90) 5-05 2X 341 25,872 3.6 920 2.8 715.
  • WCLE (Saskatoon) Sale
    April 13, 2012
    Saskatoon, SK
    Average $2800 on live lots
    • $4300- Rhein Sanchez Esmeralda (Fresh sanchez x RF outside Silver VG-87 x Contnental Leadoff Susie VG-88 2* x Ex-90 2E x VG-87 x VG-88) Buyer: Kenbert Acres, SK & Crestomere Holsteins, AB Consignor: Joe Guenther, SK
    • $4000- Kenbert goldwyn Brittney (Goldwyn x Kenbert Dundee Brendie VG-87 x Briana Milan Ex 2E 6* x Tony Beauty EX 5E 9*) Buyer: Balgonie Holsteins, SK Consignor: Kenbert Acres, SK
    • $4000- PDF Bonair Bongo VG-85 (Bonair x PDF Allen Balance VG-85 x VG-89 Counselor x EX 2*) Consignor: Prairie Diamond Farms, SK
    • $3100- Lampada Damion Tulip VG-85 (Damion x Lampada Approval Theone EX-90 x EX 95 2E, VG -85) Consignor: Lampada Holsteins, SK
  • Neuday Holsteins Dispersal
    April 13, 2012
    Saskatoon, SK
    Managed by R&F Livestock
    • $9700- Neuday Zircon Glitz (fresh Feb 21 Zircon x VG-85 Blitz plus 7 more VG or EX) Buyer: Continental Holsteins, AB
    • $5000- Neuday Talent Electra  VG-86 (Talent x EX 2E Lheros plus 3 more VG or EX)
    • $4800- Neuday goldwyn Erin (Goldwyn x EX-92 2E Lheros plus 3 more VG or EX) Buyer: Chris Aide Holsteins, SK
  • 15th Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale Averages 13,064 Euros
    The 15th Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale finished with an average price of 13,064 Euros, with over 21 animals selling to six different countries.  The top seller of the sale was Drouner AJDH Cosmo, a Freddie daughter of well-known American brood-cow, Larcrest Cosmopolitan (VG-87).  Cosmo combines a high GTPI of +2375 (12/11) with a skyhigh German index of RZG +155.  Cosmo sold for 42,000 Euros to Dr. C. Lupschen from Germany.  Dymentholm Genetics from Canada and Diamond Genetics purchased one of the very highest polled animals in the breed, Capnation Sosecret Colt *PO *RC.  This polled Colt P daughter is also the #1 Productive Life animal in the world with a 12/11 PL of +10.2!  Sosecret P is a granddaughter of the Global Red & White Impact Cow of the Year 2011, Gen-I-Beq GW Secret (VG-87, 2y Can).  Rounding out the top five high sellers were Twin Sheray 2 (Super x UFM Dubs Sheray) for 23,000 Euros; Wiltor Observer Sugar (Observer x Washfold Bolton Sharon 2) for 22,000 Euros and Oelhorst Ali 299 *TV (Observer x Oelhorst Ali 141) for 14,250 Euros.
  • Spring Genomic & Type Spotlight Sale Averages $4,440
    The Spring Genomic & Type Spotlight Sale was held Thursday, April 5th in Angola, IN and averaged $4440 on 105 lots including ten lots selling for $10,000 or more.  With interest worldwide, cattle sold to several states along with Canada and Europe.  (source:
    • Topping the sale was Lot 1 – Ri-Val-Re Bookem Hero-ET *TV GTPI +2474 sold for $90,000 to Bovine Genomic Partners, MI.  Born in December, 2011, this Bookem sold in absentia with unlimited contract potential for sons and embryos.
    • Second high seller was Lot 4 – Ms Alexis Alice-ET *RC *TV *PO sold for $30,000 to John Schneller, Dodgeville, WI.  Alice is 10/2011 Colt P from VG-85 VG-MS Shottle from reknown All-American EX-95 2E Apple.
    • An 11/2011 Bookem from Ms Apple Brandy, Ms Brandys Blush-ET *RC *TV sold for $20,000 to Ri-Val-Re Farms, Aaron and Jerry Jorgensen, Webberville, MI.
  • Purple Ribbon Classic Sale Highlights
    The Purple Ribbon Classic Sale was held on March 31st in Marshfield, WI and averaged $2483 on 40 live lots. (source:
    • Top seller at $6,200 was Lot 24 – Scientific Brax Didi Rae-ET, a 9/11 Braxton daughter out of a fresh and very promising *RC Sanchez out of Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET (EX-92 DOM), who in turn is out of world-famous Debutante Rae (EX-92 GMD DOM). Consigned by Scientific Holsteins, Didi Rae was purchased by Lakecrest Holsteins of WI.
    • $5,000 was the winning bid by Jim Bos of CA for Lot 1 – Regancrest R Belondi-ET, a 4/11 Robust out of Regancrest Belara-ET (EX-94), the Shottle daughter of Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (EX-92). It was a very timely purchase before the April, 2012 run as a Sanchez maternal sister to Belondi came out as #1 on the Top PTAT Heifer list the next week. Belondi was consigned by Regancrest Farm of IA.
    • Todd & Cade Stanek of WI consigned the third-high seller – Lot 2 – Our-Favorite Obsr Baylis-ET, a 10/11 Observer with a +2206 GTPI out of Sandy-Valley Bashful-ET (VG-87), from the maternal line of Bolton. She was purchased by Doug Lemke and Tim Natzke of WI for $4,900.

Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 4/7/2012


  • Mid-East Spring National Holstein Show Results
    Mar. 30-31, 2012
    Columbus, OH
    Judge: Denny Patrick, Woodbine, MD
    Total Head: 188
    • Junior Champion:  Nat024 Encore Shine (Marcrest Encore), 1st winter yearling, Richman Farms & Penick Dairy, Orland, IN
    • Res. Junior Champion: M-Signature Sanchez Siri (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), 2nd winter yearling, K. Doeberiener, D. Cole, B. Mazzaro, Wooster, OH
    • Intermediate Champion: Androscoggin-I Advent Redlight-Red (KHW Kite Advent-Red), 1st Sr. 3-year-old, Triple-T Holsteins & Van Exel, North Lewisburg, OH
    • Reserve Intermediate Champion: Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy (Wedgwood Pure Gold-ET), 1st Sr. 2-year-old, Cole & Olivia Cummings, Sidney, OH
    • Senior & Grand Champion: Raizels James Rosita-ET (Shoremar James), 1st aged cow, Cole & Oliva Cummings and Triple-T, Sidney, OH
    • Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion: MS-Leafy Lane Durham Trudy (Regancrest Elton Durham), 1st 125,000 lb. cow, Pat Conroy, Entourage, Fisher & Keen, Angola, IN
    • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Stan-Mar-Dale Express, Urbana, OH
  • Swiss Bulle Holstein Show
    April 4, 2012
    • Junior Champion – Piller Shottle EXCELLENCE Piller B. & Tschudin E. 1041 Poliez-le-Grand
    • Reserve Junior Champion – FLAVIA Dupré Serge 1694 Villargiroud
    • Grand Champion – Du Bon Vent Stormatic ATACAMA Junker Marc & Erhard 3305 Iffwil
    • Reserve Grand Champion – Ptit Coeur Iron DIRONA GS Alliance 6463 Bürglen UR
    • HM Grand Champion – Lystel Bolton LORANA Swisslor (Ecoffey, Gremaud, Schuwey) 1630 Bulle
    • Best Udder – BEAUTY Junker & Staub 3305 Iffwil
    • Reserve Champion Best Udder – Dupasquier Dundee CASSY Romanens Benoît, Eric & Michel 1630 Bulle
    • Premier Breeder – Morand François 1628 Vuadens
  • Swiss Bulle Red & White Show
    April 4, 2012
    • Junior Champion – Ruegruet Joyboy MINAPOLIS Flury Reto 4556 Aeschi SO
    • Reserve Junior Champion – GislersSwiss Savard TIARA GS Alliance 6463 Bürglen UR
    • Grand Champion- PEPITA Everdes Holstein 1646 Echarlens
    • Reserve Grand Champion – Bopi Talent LOTANIE Oberson Pierre + Savary Nicolas 1625 Maules
    • HM Grand Champion – La Waebera Acme SUBLIME Clément Michel 1724 Le Mouret
    • Best Udder – Mox Talent MANDY Red ET GS Alliance 6463 Bürglen UR
    • Reserve Champion Best Udder – Kolly-JL Rocco FELSBROOK Gobeli Alexander 3792 Saanen
    • Premier Breeder – Clément Michel 1724 Le Mouret


  • Taste of Ontario Tag Sale Highlights
    The 3rd Taste of Ontario Tag Sale hosted by Cranston Farms concluded Thursday evening, March 29th after the Ontario Spring Show.  When everything was tabulated, an average of $7301 was realized on 32 lots. Sales were brisk with cattle selling to 3 provinces and 5 states. 
    • $25,000 – Ducket-SA Jordan Fargo, a 9/11 ‘Jordan’ granddaughter of Harvue Roy Frosty EX96-2E, who exhibits her granddam’s extreme style and should be a force on the show circuit this year. Fargo’s dam is a VG86-2yr ‘Shottle’.  Buyer: Fargo Syndicate c/o Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, Little Britain ON. Consignor: Mike and Julie Duckett and Scott Armburst, WI.
    • $25,000 – Dymentholm Sunview Spree, a Red Carrier 1/12 ‘Dempsey’ backed by a VG-87-2yr ‘Planet’ and 10 more generations of VG & EX cows from the Splendor family. She sold with a GPA LPI of +2802 making her one of the highest genomic red carrier heifers in the country. Buyer: Lesperron Holsteins, QC Consignor: David Dyment, ON and Sebastien Dion, QC
    • $12,500 – Ms Ideal Goldwyn Lashes-ET, a 9/11 ‘Goldwyn’. This fancy, long bodied heifer is a full sister to Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie EX-92 Reserve All Canadian & HM All American Junior 2-Year-Old in 2009. Buyer: Dan Dewitt, WI Consignor: David Dyment, ON
    • $10,000 – Towervue Jemi Taquita,  a 9/10 ‘Primetime’ daughter of Pleasant Nook Sambo Teal EX-94-5E. Due in September to “Impression’ this fantastic milking yearling prospect sold to Rapid Bay Jersey, QC Consignor: Jeff Stephens and Alex McIntosh, ON.
  • MilkSource Tag Event Highlights
    The Milksource Tag Event took place on Saturday, March 31st at the dairy in Kaukauna, WI and was attended by over 400 people. The sale opened at 10:00am and continued until 4:00pm and the market was strong all day long as 63 head sold with an average of $8,100.
    • Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie ‘ Sold to Westcoast Holsteins, BC for $160,000
    • Gloryland-JG Julia-Red-ET ‘ Sold to Morsan Farms, Ltd., AB for $30,000
    • Pyramid Goldwyn Shimmer ‘ Sold to Jordan & Whitney Ebert, WI  for $20,000
  • Siemers Spring Showcase Sale Averages $11,208
    The 2nd edition of the Siemers Spring Showcase Sale took place on Friday, March 30th and a huge crowd gathered at the Great Northern Sales Arena in Fond du Lac, WI. The early spring day may have been damp and chilly but the sale was hot, hot, hot as it averaged $11,208 on 106 full lots. Hosted by the Siemers family of Newton, WI and managed by Rick and Paula Bovre of the Great Northern, the sale featured a high-end, hand-selected lineup of both high genomic and high type individuals from guest consignors and the Siemers herd and they were well appreciated by those attending the sale. (Source:
    • Topping the sale at $90,000 was Lot 1 – BAF-ZBW Shamrock Tracey-ET, a 6/11 Shamrock who carries a +2482 GTPI and a +3100 GLPI, ranking her as the #9 Shamrock of the breed. Tracey sold with multiple AI and embryo contracts and is out of a VG-87 Bolton dam that has multiple AI contracts. Consigned by R-E-W Farm of CT, Tracey was purchased by Daisy Farm of TX.
    • 2nd high at $53,000 was Lot 3 – Ms Alexis Ashton-Red-ET, a 10/11 red, polled Colt P daughter of Ms Apples Alexis (VG-85 VG-MS), a Shottle daughter of 2E-95 Apple-Red, the All-American R&W Aged Cow in 2011. Blake Hansen of Iowa was the final bidder on Ashton.
    • Siemers Expld Margarita-ET – Lot S1 – was the high selling Siemers consignment at $38,000 and was purchased by Golden Oaks Farm of IL. Margarita is an 8/11 Explode +2258 GTPI out of Calori-D Goldwyn Marrita-ET (EX-94) who was shown extensively by the family. Her 2nd dam is Lylehaven Durham Marriet (EX-94 2E), the All-American Senior 2-Year-Old in 2004.
  • Buckeye Classic Holstein Sale Report
    April 4, 2012
    The 32nd annual Buckeye Classic Holstein Sale was held on March 30, 2012 during the Spring Dairy Expo at Columbus OH. The first lot stepped into the ring at 12:50 p.m. to continue the tradition of this student activity begun on May 16, 1981 in the Plumb Hall Arena at the Ohio State University.
    • Commanding the top bid of $5100 from Kurt Wyler of Fresno OH was lot #21 Weikland Lou JW Rae, an EX-90 consignment from Victoria, Ian and Bryce Watson of Republic OH. A 4-yr old, she was fresh 2 weeks and milking 130 lbs on her first test day. She was the 2010 Reserve All-Ohio and Jr All-Ohio Sr 2 yr old.
    • Also struck off at $5100 was Lot #1, Pierstein Goldwyn Delta-ET on the bid from Chuck Curtiss of Ballston Spa, NY. She was carrying a Windhammer ultrasound heifer and scored VG-86 at 3 yrs of age. Her dam was scored EX-2E in Canada and had been nominated All-Canadian 3 yr old in 2002.
    • A pair of high genome (GTPI over +2000) yearling heifers from outstanding pedigrees with EX dams and grand dams, were sold for $4100 and $4000, respectively. Quality-Quest D Mainfire, a daughter of Domain from Doug Dye of Beloit OH was sold to Jake Hein of Celina OH. Her dams were EX-90 3E and EX-93 3E with lifetime production well over 200,000# milk. Bringing $4000 on the bid from Emerald Quest of Jeromeville OH and Brett Besancon of Wooster was Golden-Oaks Obsrvr Paris-ET, an Observer daughter consigned by Golden Oaks Farm of Wauconda IL. She was backed by 7 generations of EX dams, six of them DOM and/or GMD and tracing from Roxy herself.
  • Guernsey Edition of the Buckeye Classic Sale
    The 2012 Guernsey edition of the Buckeye Classic Sale was dedicated to Ralph and Martha Turley and was a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Ohio Guernsey Breeders’ Association. The sale lived up to all that excitement with a $2,859 average on 16 live lots on March 30. (Source:
    • The high seller of the day was a September 2011 calf consigned by Walnut Ridge Farm of Middletown, Maryland. This tall, fancy calf is sired by Walnut Ridge Spider Ninja, a Spider from a Perfecto. Her dam is sired by a Monte son and is from a VG dam with six lactations to her credit. Spring Walk Farm of Big Prairie, Ohio, paid $5300 to take her home.
    • The 2011 HM All-American Winter Calf sold as Lot 1 and commanded a price of $5000 after being named Junior Champion of the Spring Dairy Expo show the night prior to the sale. Sired by Indian Acres American Pie, she is from the well-known Queenella cow family. Her dam was a VG-87 Tiller with over 900F. The third dam was an EX-90 Fayette that was named All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old. The EX-93 fourth dam was All-American as a 4-Year-Old. The heifer was consigned by Chupps of Oklahoma and Starmark of Ohio and was purchased by Springhill Farm of Big Prairie, Ohio.
    • Selling for $4400 to Nathan Rhodes of Bucyrus, Ohio was a Grumpy bred heifer due in June from the famed Marodore Jay Lana family.  Consigned by Marodore Farm of Baltimore, Ohio this heifer is out of a VG-86 Mission daughter followed by a VG-87 Tiller daughter.  The 3rd dam is Marodore Jay Lana EX-91 with lifetime credentials of 233,960M 5.3% 12,351F 3.6% 8,477P.  7 more generations of VG or EX cows back this pedigree up.
  • Midwest Revue Brown Swiss Sale concludes with $16,250.00 Top
    Columbus, OH—The Midwest Revue Sale was again held in conjunction with the Spring Dairy Expo at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and saw 47 head average $2,807. Several consignments sold with show promise and included three animals winning their class at the Spring Dairy Expo Show on Friday evening, March 30. (Source:
    • Topping the sale at $16,250, Top Acres Garbro Brite ET is an Agenda daughter from the 3 time All-American Top Acres Pre Bouquet ET “3E94”. Showing as a 3 year old, Brite won her class at the show for the purchasers—Richman Farms, Lodi, Ohio. Wendy Krehbiel, Yankee Hill, CA consigned this special young cow with Chris Durbin, Leitchfield, KY placing the final contending bid.
    • Next in line on the high sellers list was Ki Ja Mar Agenda Zinc ET “VG87”, another Agenda daughter with promise for a much higher score. She was consigned by Blessing Farms and Garrison Bros., Fort Wayne, IN and sold for $8,250. to Brian Nierman and Family, Brownstown, IN. Zinc sold milking over 100 pounds and sported a loaded maternal line direct to the famous Idyl Wild Improver Jinx.
    • A fancy September 2011 Old Mill WDE Supreme calf was also taken by the Niermans for $5,000. She was consigned by The Worden’s Forest Lawn Farm, Wausau, WI and is from one of 8 “EX” Jet Pilot full sisters from Bo Joy Ensign Gredel “5E94”
  • Midwest Spring Special Jersey Sale Results
    The Midwest Spring Special Jersey sale took place on March 31, 2012 at the Olmsted county fairgrounds in Rochester, MN.  This annual Jersey sale is managed by Greg & Ole Nelson and averaged $3,192 on 83 live lots.  (Source:
    • Topping the sale was  Lot 2 at $10,000.   Elliots Exciting Cabernet-ET is a September Excitation daughter of Arethusa Veronicas Comet EX-94.  She was consigned by Ernest Kueffner and sold to the Cabernet Syndicate.
    • Second high seller was Lot 14- Gordons Nevada Indigo VG-88 at $9,400.  This Nevada daughter of SSF Governor Iris EX-91 (All-American Fall Calf 2008) will show as a Sr. 2-year-old this year and is entered in the 2012 Indiana Futurity, the 2013 Jersey Jug and the Futurity at World Dairy Expo.   She was sold to Andrew Weber of Groton, SD.
    • Lot 8 achieved the third high selling price at $7,800, Enniskillen Centurion Mamie EX-91 CAN.  She is a Comerica daughter from seven generations f Excellent dams and will also show as a Sr. 2-year-old this year.  She was purchased by Lance and Ryan Kamm, Nova Holsteins Baldwin, WI.
  • 65th Springtime Show Window Sale averages 3,141.47
    The March 31, 2012 65th Springtime Show Window Sale held in Elkhorn, WI was a good one. 58 head sold averaged $3131.47. Lot 4, Cutting Edge B Trussel, from Woodwind Farm, Independence, WI brought $8000.00 and after all negotiations were final she will make Elite Dairy, Copake, NY home. Three really nice uddered cows rang the bell in the $7000 level. Lot 3 Riedland Faust Geneva consigned by Dan & Angie Rieder, Monroe, WI sold to Powerline Swiss, Markesan, WI for $7600. Lot 24 Daveco River Bounce ET from Jill Cowles, Roberts, WI brought $7100 and is heading to Elite Dairy as is Lot 31 Cutting Edge Wonderment Star at $7000. This potential 8th generation EX was consigned by Royal Hill Farm, Ft. Wayne, IN. The high selling open heifer also came from Woodwind Farm, Independence, WI. Lot 1 WF Wonderment Laurel ET a 12/11 calf with 8 Ex dams is headed to Watkins, MN with Holly Anderson. The sale was managed by Brown Swiss Sale Service LLC, Norman C. Magnussen, Lake Mills, WI. The active sale force consisted of Lee Barber, Gary Magnussen, Dennis Mashek, Dave Sprengeler and Darrell Worden at the gavel.
  • Clinton County Classic Averages $2,434
    The 38th Clinton County Classic was held March 31st at Carlyle Illinois, The sale average was $2434 on 106 lots. (Source:
    • Topping the sale at $10,500 was Lot 1 – Golden-Oaks AS Chelsea, a big fancy Aftershock from Golden-Oaks Champ Rae EX-93. Champ Rae is an 8th Generation Excellent from the Roxy family. Consigned by Oertel Farms, Nelson Heinzmann, Ryan Grahm, and Ralf Twenhaefel and was purchased by Springbrook Farms, Marshall, IN.
    • Next high at $5500 was a +1868 GTPI *RC, polled Mitey-P yearling from the Ralma Juror Faith family,  consigned by Jerry Gaffner, IL and purchased by GAIL Cattle Company.
  • 31st Annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale a Success
    The 31st annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale was held Mar. 31 at the SUNY Cobleskill campus in Cobleskill, NY.  Ninety-one full lots averaged $2,168 in the event managed by the SUNY Cobleskill Dairy Cattle Club (Jesse Phillips, sale chairman) and The Cattle Exchange.  Topping the sale at $4,750 was Lot #1, Ms Atlees Shamroc Alisha, an 11/11 Shamrock from Ms Atlees Goldwyn Arista-ET (VG-88).  Arista is a full sister to EX-92 Goldwyn Ariel, as well as popular AI sires Atwood, Atlantic and Avalanche.  Alisa was consigned by Allyn, Lloyd & Heath of Middleburgh, NY and sold with numbers of +1993GTPI +1546M +73F +42P +3.25T.  She was purchased by Sherry McNeil of Ellenburg Center, NY.  The second high seller at $4,000 was Ms Mapleslp Ostyl M13318-ET, a 10/11 O-Style with numbers of +2147GTPI +1511M +59F +52P +603NM +4.oPL and +2.24T.  Her dam is a VG-88 Goldwyn followed by nine more VG and EX cows.  Consigned by Thomas, Shenk & Addis of Warner Robins, GA, the high genomics heifer went to Sam Potter of Union Springs, NY. (Source:
  • Southeast PA Spring Fever Sale Averages $2,088
    The Southeast PA Spring Fever sale was held on Saturday, March 31st in Lancaster, PA. Managed by Landis Marketing the sale averaged $2088 on 81 full lots. (Source:
    • Topping the sale at $11,200 was lot 1, a 1st choice female by Mayfield from Ammon-Farms Mac Classic (EX-90). Classic is a 10th generation VG or EX and is the dam of the #1 type female of the breed at 5.00, who sold for $62,000. This consignment of Evan & Darla Stump of Myerstown, PA was purchased by Oakfield Corner Dairy, Oakfield, NY.
    • Commanding the 2nd high price of the day was lot 3, a 1st choice Colt P from a just fresh Destry daughter of EX-92 Beulah. There are 4 females to choose from, 2 R&W and polled, 1 B&W and polled , and one R&W. Oakfield Corners Dairy bid last at $6,200 on this consignment from Duane Stoltzfus, Honey Brook, PA.
    • The third highest seller at $5200 was another choice of flush, consigned by Ensenada Holsteins, Doylestown, PA. Joe Lusby of Atglen, PA was the successful bidder on lot 13, 1st choice Ladd-P from 7 pregnancies due in Oct. The dam is an EX-92 Advent x EX Rubens x 2E-96 Storm Cristal.

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