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EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95 bred by the Thompsons and Lewis’s of Eastside and Lewisdale was bought 3 weeks prior to freshening on April 01, 2008 by Morsan Farms Ltd. Ponoka, Alberta from Frizzells Valleyville Farm Inc., Hunter River, PEI. Valleyville had purchased Missy as an embryo (Read more: Morsan Farms – Money Well Spent and Eastside Holsteins- Where Modern Marketing Rises to the Challenge). Missy has had a dominant career in the North American show ring. She and her offspring are moving the Holstein breeding industry forward. In 2009, Missy sold for $1.2 million in the Road to the Royal Sale.



Missy’s Gold Bearing Pedigree

Missy expresses the best that can be derived from her sire stack of Goldwyn x Outside x Progress x Southwind x He-Man. She has dairy strength, production and show ring prowess. Of course, she sparkles with that pure vein of gold derived from Braedale Goldwyn  Extra ’05 and Gold Metal ’12 (USA). Missy also has the example set by her dam Stadacona Outside Abel VG 88 who hits all the right numbers too (Read more: Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee) .  With 1 Superior Lactation and 29* on 35 milking daughters,  Abel has produced 5 EX and 28 Very Good daughters and was Honorable Mention All-Atlantic Intermediate Yearling in 2001. Missy has 7 VG full sisters. 3 EX Champion sisters and 3 full sisters yet to calve (Read more: You Can Bank on Amaze to Pump Up the Volume).

STADACONA OUTSIDE ABEL VG-88-4YR-CAN      29* 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Finalist Dam of Missy

2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Finalist
Dam of Missy

Missy Is ALL Gold in the Show Ring Too

It seems like Missy has won everything. The following is the long list of show accomplishments that have made Missy a household name in show circles (Read more: Do All-Canadian Heifers Make All-Canadian Cows?).  Note that there are no less than seven major titles.

  • All-Atlantic 4H Jr Yr – 2007
  • All-Can  Jr 2 yr – 2008
  • All-American Jr 2 yr – 2008
  • All-American Jr 3 yr – 2009
  • All-Can 5 yr – 2011
  • All-American 5 yr – 2011
  • Supreme Champ WDE & Royal  2011

Missy Madison 2011

The plan is for Missy to continue writing her story in the show ring. She is due to calve in April 2013 (at 7-00 years) and hopefully will be back on the fall show circuit this year.

Missy Is Setting the Gold Standards

Only the best will do for Missy.  When it comes to posting conformation scores, during her 1st lactation (152 days in milk) she received VG89 and Mammary System VG 89. Both maximum scores possible! During Missy’s 3rd lactation (82 days in milk) she scored EX 95.

Missy’s production records are also sky high.  Missy has 1 Super3 and 3 Superior Lactation Awards.
2-00  (305D)        10,673 kgs  4.5%F   3.2%P
3-01  (305D)    14,331 kgs  4.4%F   3.2%P
5-00 (305D)      16,208  kgs  4.2%F  3.2%P
3 lactations  48,379 kgs 4.4%F  3.3%P  BCA’s 306-363-310 +58 +114 +62

On the Canadian gLPI Cow List, Missy has been as high as #86 gLPI cow.

Daughters of the Divine Miss “M”

In Missy`s biography the “M” will stand for mother.  A star in her own right, this famous mother has produced 52 fabulous daughters. Imagine the impact they will have as they take their turns in front of the classifier.  One daughter is in Germany and the remaining 51 are in North America: 15 were born in 2012 and 27 were born in 2011. Five daughters are VG 2 year olds (none lower) with four of these sired by Man-O-Man. Obviously the daughters are as eye-catching as their role model mother.

Missy’s oldest daughter, Valleyville Dolman Missy VG89, is just completing her second Superior Lactation. An interesting fact is that four of Missy’s five lactating daughters are currently projected to be making Superior Lactations. Missy’s highest gLPI daughter is a Numero Uno daughter, Morsan Miss Alined.  She has 2425 gTPI and +3061 DGV PA gLPI with +16 for Conformation (Read more: Does Genomics Belong in the Show Ring?).

Some of the more popular mates in producing Missy daughters have been – Damion (9), Hero (7), Numero Uno (6), Man-O-Man (5), Sid (4), Snowman (4) and Shamrock (4).

MORSAN MISS CONGENIALITY VG-86-2YR-CAN Man-O-Man daughter of Missy

Man-O-Man daughter of Missy

Missy daughters are in demand at sales. In 2011 eighteen daughters changed ownership and in 2012, twelve went to new homes. Everyone wants a Missy!!!

Far and Near Missy Sons

Missy’s transmitting power is expected to continue with her sons. To date, her sons haven’t embarked on their proven careers. Seven sons are in AI by Man-O-Man, Showman, Shamrock and Shottle. Her highest PA gLPI son (+2818), sired by Man-O-Man, is in Germany. Her highest DGV PA gCONF son (+15), Morsan MR Snow Business (Snowman) is currently in his sampling period. Obviously, the Missy lineup is rapidly expanding and marked for success.

Missy Leads the Way to a Gold Mine

Missy is a definite hit! Dominant in the North American show ring, Missy has fulfilled her great pedigree, performed at the highest levels and is set to transmit both production and conformation to her progeny. Clearly Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy, 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee, is ready to go for the gold!

Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before the deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options for Holstein Canada members include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account. Also share this on Facebook to make sure your fellow breeders get out and vote.


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Quality Cattle Look Good Every Day

For years the comments have been made that show cows look very different in the ring than they do most other days of the year.  I have heard breeders make comments about some great show cows that look All-World in the show ring and not even All-County in the barn.  One of the biggest changes I have noticed in the past 10 years is how much this situation has changed.

More and more we are seeing cattle with consistent show pedigrees or type winning the shows.  Does that mean that there are not as many “freaks” out there?  Or, does it mean that show ethics and better management practices have led to the top genetic animals rising to the top?  I think the latter is true.

Here are two great examples from my recent visit to Quality Holsteins


This past week Flansco was scored EX-95 and I wanted to check her out.  Flansco is the first third generation EX-95-CDN cow.  Her dam was QUALITY GIBSON FINSCO who was HM. ALL-ONTARIO 5-YR 2008 & 2ND 5-YR ON DISCOVERY 2008 and her 2nd dam was none other than QUALITY B C FRANTISCO EX-96-3E-CAN 18* and 2 time Royal Grand Champion as well as the 2005 Holstein Canada Cow of the Year.  So there is no question that Flansco has a female line as well as strong type sire stack (Goldwyn x Gibson x Charles) behind her

Therefore it is certainly not surprising that I was able to get this great udder shot.  After all, Flansco won grand at the recent Autumn Opportunity show (Read more – Autumn Opportunity Holsteins Show Results)

QUALITY GOLDWYN FLANSCO - EX-95-CAN  Grand CHAMPION 2012 AUTUMN OPPORUNITY SHOW  (Taken at the 20012 Autumn Opportunity Show 17/10/2012)


She looked this good when I visited just before milking time

QUALITY GOLDWYN FLANSCO - EX-95-CAN  1st 3rd Generation EX-95-CDN Cow in the world  (Taken at the farm just before milking time 11/30/2012)



It’s also not surprising that, when I took a quick peek at Rae Lynn, the recent 2nd Sr. 2yr Old from the Royal (Read more – The 2012 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show – One of the greatest stories ever told!), I got this shot

Valleyville Rae Lynn VG-89-2YR 2nd Senior 2yr old RAWF 2012  (Taken at the 2012 Royal Winter Fair (09/11/2012)

She looked just as good on an average day on the farm

Valleyville Rae Lynn VG-89-2YR 2nd Senior 2yr old RAWF 2012  (Taken at the farm just before milking time 11/30/2012)

It’s obvious Rae Lynn has the complete package.  Her dam is an EX 2E Champion sister to the 2011 Royal Winter Fair and Madison Supreme Champion EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY, from the great STADACONA OUTSIDE ABEL VG-88-4YR-CAN 29*.  Rae Lynn is also in the top 10 in Canada for her EBV for Conformation.  However, as we all know it takes more than just great genetics to win at the big shows.  More is exactly what these two cows have.  The care they receive from the team at Quality Holsteins (Read more – Quality Holsteins – Well-Deserved Congratulations) and key team member Don Schwartz (Read more – Don Schwartz: “Love what you do and do the best you can!”) is second to none.  It’s for that reason these cows that have the great genetics are all able to fulfill their potential.  It is also the reason why these cows look so amazing day in and day out.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Gone are the days when you could take a complete meat bag cow to a show and expect her to do well.  Between the progress in show ethics and in how we evaluate cows, the cream really is rising to the top.  For me there is nothing better than going to the herds where  these top cows reside and seeing that they look just as good in the barn as they did in the show ring…..well with a little more sh*t on them.


Does Genomics Belong in The Show Ring?

In our recent article about the 7 Sires to Use In Order To Breed The Next World Dairy Expo Champion we highlighted six test sires and one proven sire as the best sires to use in order to breed the next generation of great show cattle. The response to this article has been insane.  First from a readership perspective we had over 10,000 people reading the article in the first 2 days alone.   Of even greater interest were the reactions that breeders had to this article (over 200 comments on Facebook, Twitter and our website).  Many breeders felt that genomics had nothing to do with the show ring.  Instead they felt that it was more important to stick to proven sires when mating their top type cattle.

Ignorance Is Not the Answer

This actually demonstrated to me that awareness of what genomics is and how to use it is desperately needed.  Far too many breeders confuse genomics with the index system.  Genomics is not a kin to Holstein USA’s TPI formula or the Canadian LPI formula.  Rather, it is tool to use in order to predict each sires ability to transmit a certain trait.

Given that the genetic information for every animal is contained in its DNA, technology now makes it possible to predict a sire’s ability to transmit certain characteristics to their progeny.  It has nothing to do with the relative weights or importance of one trait over another.  Rather it is solely about a sire’s ability to transmit that specific trait.  How you use that information and what weights you put on some traits over others is entirely up to you.

Less Science more Cow Talk

So that is all fine and good.  It sounds very scientific but what does it mean at the show ring level?  Let me take a stab at that in “show speak.”  It doesn’t take much to know that some show cows are “managed” into greatness and others are bred for it.  We have all seen the ones that on the average day look like they are a lucky to be “all-barn” let alone “all-world.”  Those cows are the ones that I call managed into greatness.  Then there are those other cows that have the complete package.  They come from a strong type pedigree that and are sired by a sire who has proven to deliver top show cattle.  These are the cattle that are bred to be great.



A great example of this is last year’s World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY EX-95-CAN.  Missy comes from a strong type sire stack with a dam that has sired 35 daughters all have scored GP+, with 33 of them being VG+.  No doubt that Missy’s dam, STADACONA OUTSIDE ABEL VG-88-4YR-CAN 29* is great at breading type cattle.  In addition to that if you look at Missy’s own genomic test you will notice that she scores well above breed averages for type traits.

Another great example of a show cow that also has the genomic test to back it up are MD-DELIGHT DURHAM ATLEE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD 2*.  Of course, we all know Atlee as the All-American Sr. 3yr from 2005 where she also won Reserve Intermediate Champion at WDE.  However, we also know Atlee as the dam of the top type sire MAPLE-DOWNS-I G W ATWOOD EX-90-4YR-USA.  If you look at Atwood’s CDN type proof you see the following.

Conformation Mammary System Feet & Legs Dairy Strength Rump
Official Proof 18 16 14 15 3
DGV 19 16 14 15 2
Parent Average 17 15 11 13 8
Estimated Daughter Performance 18 15 15 15 3

What you will notice is that his genomic test is the closest to his actual daughter performance.  Rather than looking at the sires in his pedigree, or the performance of his maternal line (which by the way is one of the strongest type pedigrees in the world today), it’s his genomic test that would have accurately predicted that his rumps would not have been as strong as expected, and that his feet and legs would be better than expected.  This is very valuable insight, when trying to breed the next great show cow.

So how does that help me breed a great one?

It’s great that we can show that genomics validates what we already know about sires like Atwood and great show cows like Missy and Atlee.  However, how can we use that to help us to breed the next great show cow?  To answer that question let’s take at two high genomic test type sires, MR ATWOOD BROKAW and CANYON-BREEZE AT AIRLIFT.


MR ATWOOD BROKAW is the Atwood son of REGANCREST MAC BIKASA VG-87-2YR-USA.  In Brokaw you combine the two greatest type families in the breed today.  No question that from all angles Brokaw has it all.

Conformation Mammary System Feet & Legs Dairy Strength Rump
Official Proof 20 17 9 18 7
DGV 22 19 9 21 7
Parent Average 15 14 10 11 4

What we notice from his genomic test is that we can expect Brokaw to be far greater at transmitting dairy strength than his pedigree would indicate.


Then there is CANYON-BREEZE AT AIRLIFT the Atwood son from the same family as CANYON-BREEZE ALLEN.

Conformation Mammary System Feet & Legs Dairy Strength Rump
Official Proof 17 12 18 16 16
DGV 19 12 21 18 21
Parent Average 15 12 11 13 4

What we notice here is that Airlift will sire rumps that are light years better than his pedigree would indicate while needing to be cautious on his mammary systems.  Something that anyone who use enough Allen in their herd would attest to.  What genomics does is it gives us this insight light years sooner that waiting for 100’s of daughters to help prove it out.  That can be all the edge you need in breeding the next great show cow.


Do you think this is all hogwash?

Well let’s take a look at the current undisputed show ring champion BRAEDALE GOLDWYN GP-84-8YR-CAN    EXTRA’05 GM’12.  Here is a sire that by his own conformation would have never been considered potential for greatness in the show ring.  A sire that by his maternal line of high classifying cattle had no great show history to them at all.  So let’s look at the numbers:

Conformation Mammary System Feet & Legs Dairy Strength Rump
Official Proof 12 11 13 7 3
DGV 10 9 13 6 4
Parent Average 5 5 -1 4 2
Estimated Daughter Performance 14 13 13 8 3

As you can see by the numbers, Goldwyn’s direct genomic values would have predicted his type prowess long before anyone would have suspected it.  This is especially true in regards to feet & legs.  Something no one would have expected from a James son.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

We all know that to win in the show ring it takes more than just great genetics.  It takes genetics, management, and luck.  Slacking on any parts of these means that you have to go “outside” the rules in order to make things happen.  Instead of putting yourself in that precarious position, stick to what has been proven to work and use the best genomic sires available.


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You Can Bank On Amaze To Pump Up The Volume

She`s Set to AMAZE in 400 Ways. Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG 87 2YR, with BCA’s of 236-253-240, leads the field by a huge margin when it comes to producing embryos. On June 23rd, 2012 she produced her 400th embryo! These numbers are even more amazing when you consider she did it in a mere three years!

This Embryo Machine is a Bank Machine

There are a number of ways to make or save money by raising high quality Holsteins. It could be production of fat and protein. It could be milk with low somatic cells scores. It could be progeny that sell well in sales. Each of these is effective but Amaze shows the way to do it by producing embryos that convert to cash.

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy - Grand Champion WDE and Royal '11

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy – Grand Champion WDE and Royal ’11

Amaze is Surrounded by Success

Amaze is not only a prolific producer of embryos, she comes with a great pedigree and that makes the embryos very marketable. Her full sister is none other than Lewisdale Eastside Gold Missy, the Madison and Royal Supreme Champion and title holder All American and All Canadian. Her dam is Stadacona Outside Abel 26 Stars and nominated for Canadian Holstein Cow of the Year.

Amaze is Reaching for the Top

Amaze`s genetic indexes place her in the top 20% of the breed for production, top 2% for SCC and top 1% for conformation. Her Direct Genomic Values reflect her own performance with high values for conformation, feet and legs, SCC and Herd Life.

Around the World with AMAZE

Amaze embryos have been used extensively in North America and in more than 10 countries around the world including: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and UK.

Great Cows. Great Breeders. Great Future.

Great cows are bred by great cattle breeders. In Amaze`s case, she was bred by two PEI Holstein breeders, Lewisdale and Eastside. At less than four months of age she was sold to Abelaine and Sudview for whom she had a Baxter daughter that is now VG 88. Her original breeders bought her back during her first lactation. And thus began the record-breaking flushing program. The 400 embryos are from 24 flushes by 17 different sires, all of whom are high genomic bulls or bulls with high genetic conformation indexes.

Don`t Miss the AMAZE Take Home Message

Of course elite Holstein dairy cattle can enhance your farm profit margins. Using all the available tools and technology, these rewards can come by extra milk in the pail, trouble –free cows that require less labour or genetic sales around the world.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Success in the Holstein business comes in many different ways but Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze gives a whole new meaning to the term cash cow. There`s no business like embryo business! You can bank on it!



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Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Modest beginnings to Happily Ever After!

Once upon a time, Stadacona Outside Abel  VG-88-4YR-CAN 26* was purchased for $5200 by Bloyce Thompson of Eastside Holsteins and Jamie Lewis of Lewisdale Holsteins. In 2002, they were mainly considering her for the show ring says Bloyce. “Abel was bred by Stadacona Holsteins of Quebec and had had some early show success.  We were looking to build on that at the fall shows.” Until then this big, strong calf’s future value had been discounted because she had two GP cows behind her VG dam. However, soon enough, they could see that Abel had potential. “She calved out with an Integrity heifer that was a successful show calf and then a Champion heifer that was nominated All-Canadian.” Her brood cow career which didn’t begin until she was three years old was largely an “after-thought” says Thompson. Today, he would probably call it a happily-ever-after-thought.

Abel Goes From “Nearly Missed” to “Never Misses!”



Looking back, it is hard to imagine Abel as anything but the belle-of-the-ball. With 26 VG 2-year-old daughters, she is leading a super-princess lineup that includes 11 VG 88 daughters, 2 VG 89 daughters and an amazing 3 EX daughters. Her proud owners foresee that “Abel could challenge for the title of the most EX daughters in Canada.”  Having said that, there is no need to wait to start recording Abel’s outstanding lineage.  Her daughter, Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-CAN, hasn’t missed a step in her year-after-year march to the podium.

  • 2008    Missy undefeated on the show circuit
  • 2009    Missy first junior 3 at Madison and Reserve Intermediate Champion
  • 2009    Missy sold for 1.2 million in November
  • 2010    Missy produces 30 daughters and 24 sons from IVF flush program
  • 2011    Missy Grand Champion in Madison
  • 2011    Missy Grand Champion at Royal Winter Fair


Abel has the Formula for Mating Magic

There are many reasons that Thompson and Lewis love the success they have had with Abel.  High on the list they point to her breeding ability. “She just one of those cows that has been able to mate to any bull and throws a good one.” The numbers certainly support this claim. Abel has sixteen high scoring daughters scoring from VG-88 to EX-95.  Four Champions; Three Goldwyns, Three Dundees; Two Damions; Two Astronomicals; one Integrity and one Magical.  Currently they have a sire plan they are using on the Abel family. “Stanley Cup on the Goldwyns.  Numero Uno to add some index.  And we’re adding Goldwyn on the members that don’t have Goldwyn in it.”



Abel is always in Demand.  Perfectly Amazing Internationally Too!

Abel’s success story has been shared with many very happy cattle breeders.  “As embryo producers, the family has been phenomenal.  Abel produced over 150 embryos while she was alive.  Since the border was closed we sold most of them throughout Canada. There is huge demand these days for Missy’s full sisters Eastside Lewisdale G Perfect, and another full sister Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze.” Amazing is right! Bloyce continues “Amaze embryos have been sold to more than 20 countries around the world. We have had over 350 embryos from her and just had 23 in a flush last week. She came along when Missy started gaining notoriety and has ridden that wave.” Of course he adds, “Perfect took up where Amaze left off.”






A Crowning Achievement for Abel

Looking back at Abel, who passed last year, Bloyce says “She is every dairyman’s dream cow. She could have been in anyone’s barn and she would still have achieved what she has accomplished.  She has so many offspring all across Canada in many, many different herds.  Her legacy was totally out of our hands and yet the success achieved in all those herds, attests to Abel’s breeding ability.” With so many successes already in the record books, Bloyce and Jamie agree, “It’s an honour to have Abel nominated for Cow of the Year. This will be the last jewel in her crown. We are very proud of her.  She has a lot of friends out there so we are hoping for the best.” It would be a classic fairy tale ending.


Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before Fridays deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account. Check out the other nominees; Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind, Smithden Allen Alison and Lindenright Morty Delicio.

Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeSmithden Allen Alison: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year NomineeLindenright Morty Delicio: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

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