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EASTSIDE LEWISDALE GOLD MISSY: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95 bred by the Thompsons and Lewis’s of Eastside and Lewisdale was bought 3 weeks prior to freshening on April 01, 2008 by Morsan Farms Ltd. Ponoka, Alberta from Frizzells Valleyville Farm Inc., Hunter River, PEI. Valleyville had purchased Missy as an embryo (Read more: Morsan Farms – Money Well Spent and Eastside Holsteins- Where Modern Marketing Rises to the Challenge). Missy has had a dominant career in the North American show ring. She and her offspring are moving the Holstein breeding industry forward. In 2009, Missy sold for $1.2 million in the Road to the Royal Sale.



Missy’s Gold Bearing Pedigree

Missy expresses the best that can be derived from her sire stack of Goldwyn x Outside x Progress x Southwind x He-Man. She has dairy strength, production and show ring prowess. Of course, she sparkles with that pure vein of gold derived from Braedale Goldwyn  Extra ’05 and Gold Metal ’12 (USA). Missy also has the example set by her dam Stadacona Outside Abel VG 88 who hits all the right numbers too (Read more: Stadacona Outside Abel: 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee) .  With 1 Superior Lactation and 29* on 35 milking daughters,  Abel has produced 5 EX and 28 Very Good daughters and was Honorable Mention All-Atlantic Intermediate Yearling in 2001. Missy has 7 VG full sisters. 3 EX Champion sisters and 3 full sisters yet to calve (Read more: You Can Bank on Amaze to Pump Up the Volume).

STADACONA OUTSIDE ABEL VG-88-4YR-CAN      29* 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Finalist Dam of Missy

2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Finalist
Dam of Missy

Missy Is ALL Gold in the Show Ring Too

It seems like Missy has won everything. The following is the long list of show accomplishments that have made Missy a household name in show circles (Read more: Do All-Canadian Heifers Make All-Canadian Cows?).  Note that there are no less than seven major titles.

  • All-Atlantic 4H Jr Yr – 2007
  • All-Can  Jr 2 yr – 2008
  • All-American Jr 2 yr – 2008
  • All-American Jr 3 yr – 2009
  • All-Can 5 yr – 2011
  • All-American 5 yr – 2011
  • Supreme Champ WDE & Royal  2011

Missy Madison 2011

The plan is for Missy to continue writing her story in the show ring. She is due to calve in April 2013 (at 7-00 years) and hopefully will be back on the fall show circuit this year.

Missy Is Setting the Gold Standards

Only the best will do for Missy.  When it comes to posting conformation scores, during her 1st lactation (152 days in milk) she received VG89 and Mammary System VG 89. Both maximum scores possible! During Missy’s 3rd lactation (82 days in milk) she scored EX 95.

Missy’s production records are also sky high.  Missy has 1 Super3 and 3 Superior Lactation Awards.
2-00  (305D)        10,673 kgs  4.5%F   3.2%P
3-01  (305D)    14,331 kgs  4.4%F   3.2%P
5-00 (305D)      16,208  kgs  4.2%F  3.2%P
3 lactations  48,379 kgs 4.4%F  3.3%P  BCA’s 306-363-310 +58 +114 +62

On the Canadian gLPI Cow List, Missy has been as high as #86 gLPI cow.

Daughters of the Divine Miss “M”

In Missy`s biography the “M” will stand for mother.  A star in her own right, this famous mother has produced 52 fabulous daughters. Imagine the impact they will have as they take their turns in front of the classifier.  One daughter is in Germany and the remaining 51 are in North America: 15 were born in 2012 and 27 were born in 2011. Five daughters are VG 2 year olds (none lower) with four of these sired by Man-O-Man. Obviously the daughters are as eye-catching as their role model mother.

Missy’s oldest daughter, Valleyville Dolman Missy VG89, is just completing her second Superior Lactation. An interesting fact is that four of Missy’s five lactating daughters are currently projected to be making Superior Lactations. Missy’s highest gLPI daughter is a Numero Uno daughter, Morsan Miss Alined.  She has 2425 gTPI and +3061 DGV PA gLPI with +16 for Conformation (Read more: Does Genomics Belong in the Show Ring?).

Some of the more popular mates in producing Missy daughters have been – Damion (9), Hero (7), Numero Uno (6), Man-O-Man (5), Sid (4), Snowman (4) and Shamrock (4).

MORSAN MISS CONGENIALITY VG-86-2YR-CAN Man-O-Man daughter of Missy

Man-O-Man daughter of Missy

Missy daughters are in demand at sales. In 2011 eighteen daughters changed ownership and in 2012, twelve went to new homes. Everyone wants a Missy!!!

Far and Near Missy Sons

Missy’s transmitting power is expected to continue with her sons. To date, her sons haven’t embarked on their proven careers. Seven sons are in AI by Man-O-Man, Showman, Shamrock and Shottle. Her highest PA gLPI son (+2818), sired by Man-O-Man, is in Germany. Her highest DGV PA gCONF son (+15), Morsan MR Snow Business (Snowman) is currently in his sampling period. Obviously, the Missy lineup is rapidly expanding and marked for success.

Missy Leads the Way to a Gold Mine

Missy is a definite hit! Dominant in the North American show ring, Missy has fulfilled her great pedigree, performed at the highest levels and is set to transmit both production and conformation to her progeny. Clearly Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy, 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee, is ready to go for the gold!

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EASTSIDE HOLSTEINS – Where Modern Marketing Rises to the Challenge

For most of us The Eastside Lewisdale prefix is associated with the fame of “Missy”. Maria Jones, Marketing Manager for Eastside Holsteins modestly summarizes the connection. “Here at Eastside, we were lucky enough to have co-bred Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95, Grand & Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo and the Royal in 2011.  That has really helped our exposure and marketing, not only of the Missy Family, but of other families here at Eastside”. As Bloyce Thompson, owner of Eastside Holsteins, points out, “When Missy took off as a Jr 2 yr old, we needed to be able to capitalize, get on board and go with her success.”  The fact that Missy’s sister Amaze flushed well put even more marketing opportunities in front Eastside and partner Lewisdale (Read More – You Can Bank on Amaze to Pump up the Volume). “Our main focus has been selling embryos from well known families and making sure each customer is very satisfied with their purchase.”


Supreme Champion WDE 2011. Grand Champion WDE 2011.
Supreme Champion RAWF 2011. Grand Champion RAWF 2011

Viewing the Future from EASTSIDE Out!

Bloyce and partner Jamie Lewis, of Lewisdale Holsteins, thought over the potential they were facing and decided to set up a new company Eastside-Lewisdale.  They plan to have it underway early in 2013. One of their visions is of an embryo community.  In order to do that, they know that they have to plan not only the financial side but also how to brand their genetic products. “We thought about it and decided we need email a web site” and all of the modern technology that puts PEI fully accessible to the marketplace. Bloyce admits “We knew we wanted someone who had great computer skills.” That’s where Maria Jones came into the picture.

Maria Jones

Maria Jones
Marketing Manager at Eastside Holsteins

MISSY meets MARIA:  Behind Every Super Star There is a Super Marketer!

It wasn’t long before the marketing part of the plan was put into action says Bloyce, with the hiring of Maria Jones. “I knew Maria had computer skills and that she was between jobs.  She lived on PEI and started part time which has grown to almost two-thirds time now.” Maria has demonstrated her technical ability and how comfortable she is with global communication. Bloyce is enthusiastic, “She is a person I can give ideas to and she can take it from there.” Sales numbers are backing up the wisdom of the hiring a marketing person.”Since Maria started embryo sales are up 90%”
Eastside Ad

New Tools Greatly Enhance Familiar Methods

Modesty is contagious around PEI and Maria points out.”Of course, you have to have the product people want and be ready to roll.” As a marketing manager, she wears many different hats and faces the challenges and logistics of, not only marketing the products but getting them delivered. She notes,” In the cattle business it can be very complex and goes beyond the designing to record keeping, financial and managing the workload.” Time pressure is an added incentive. Bloyce states what he feels is obvious, “Holstein genomics is moving so fast that you must always be developing for the future market.” He gives an example. “Hailey has taken over From Missy so we must adapt to that.” Every tool is analysed and critiqued. “Embryo sales at World Dairy Expo time went well. We will likely try that again another year.”

More Information Sourced and Delivered with New Tools

Maria is well aware of modern tools. “We have been using Facebook and Twitter. It really helps communicate to our customers what is going on at Eastside.  They know about our new purchases and what embryos we have available. We report show results and just about anything else that is happening.” They see the potential of using social media for real time updates. “On a daily basis, we broadcast to our audience around the world what is happening.  It has been a very successful tool for Eastside.” Maria feels this asset also serves another valuable purpose, “It is a great advantage that we have two-way communication with others about what is going on in the industry.”

Good Two-Way Communication = Marketing Progress

Everyone at Eastside agrees that communication is important to their marketing strategy. Maria lists her favorite sources, “The internet, magazines, mixing and communicating with others at Shows and Sales are all great ways to keep up with the industry.” She is always eager to pick up something new. “I just keep an eye on what is going on around me and always notice everyone’s marketing efforts.  I enjoy seeing all the new ideas and try to understand why they thought it was a good idea.  I always keep in mind that they are in the same boat as I am!” She sums up the three L’s of her marketing philosophy, “I am never one to judge but I listen, look and learn!”

The Challenges of Dairy Marketing

In the fast paced world of modern dairy marketing it is important to know your priorities. Bloyce says the challenge is clear.  “You must always plan ahead and have the current product that people want.” There are the usual business pressures to keep costs under control but this team feels that marketing must be able to reach the huge number of potential clients based around the world. Bloyce recalls, “A decade ago, living on PEI was a major disadvantage but, today, with the World Wide Web, location is not a problem.” This opportunity also presents the main challenge, “We are only touching a fraction of the market.” Both Bloyce and Maria recognize that creating interest means constantly facing deadlines. For instance “The website must be updated 3-4 times per week.” Although that might seem simple, it too turns on the speed of responses to email, phone calls and messages. Maria acknowledges,”It can be frustrating.” But admits that “Marketing can be a fun and enjoyable career.”

Eastside Ad 2Walk in Your Buyer’s Boots and Walk Fast

Bloyce repeats business maxims we all know to be true, “The way that you position yourself, how you use words and how you treat customers are all very important.” He sees dairy breeding evolving to produce “a more functional cow with stronger immunity, better female reproduction and requiring minimum labour.”  Maria agrees that the market drives demand, “We have turned to more of what the market will be looking for in the future, namely the polled breed and genomics.” Acknowledging that everyone is not interested in the same thing she feels that “Eastside has got you covered” by providing show cattle, type and genomics.

Develop Marketing Skills Where You Find Them

Drawing on his positive experience, Bloyce sums up the best advice he has for those looking to market their dairy genetics.  First and foremost he feels “It is absolutely necessary that you have a product people want to buy.”  Once you have met that hurdle, he suggests “Get with technology both on the farm and in marketing.”  He points out what he feels is an obvious resource to develop, “Why not bring your children into the business via the marketing side of the farm, instead of just through the labour side.” He sums up his reasoning quite convincingly, “Kids run computers with their eyes closed.”

The Bullvine Bottom Line

At the end of the day, marketing only works if the story moves off the planning page and produces measureable results.  Eastside and Lewisdale are banking on good marketing based on a philosophy of “Listen, Look and Learn” to promote their supply of genetics that the market is asking for.  The future looks ready to shine brightly for Eastside-Lewisdale.



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