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BUTLERVIEW: The Goals are Simple. The Genetics are Exceptional.

It is absolutely necessary to remain competitive and relevant. That is a business truth, regardless of what part of the dairy industry you operate in today. However, that can be hard to do in a constantly changing marketplace. For Jeff Butler, owner operator of Butlerview Farms, having a steady vision even in turbulent times is important.  To put it simply “At Butlerview our goals are still the same.”

A Worldwide Welcome Awaits at Butlerview


Although the goals may stay the same, they are certainly not insignificant ones.  Jeff describes how success is envisioned at Butlerview. “On a global basis, we want to be a premier stopping place for people who are interested in the top genetics possible, no matter if it is show, type, pedigree or genomics.” In October it was a distinct pleasure for the Bullvine team to be numbered among the many international visitors who have visited Butlerview Farms in Chebanse, Illinois.  We learned from Declan Patten, Sales and Marketing Manager that, during the past two years, over 300 visitors from all over the world have been welcomed to Butlerview around the time of World Dairy Expo. It was easy to share the enthusiasm of the large number of visitors from Japan who were also touring the exceptional facility that sunny afternoon.

Top Show Genetics

Having just left the 2013 World Dairy Expo, the Bullvine team had witnessed firsthand Butlerview’s success in breeding and buying for the show ring. The list of Butlerview success stories was impressive. The winners list included:

Cookview Goldwyn Monique Reserve Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2013

Cookview Goldwyn Monique
Reserve Grand Champion
World Dairy Expo 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara Intermediate Champion  World Dairy Expo 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
Intermediate Champion
World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Goldwyn Amenda Reserve Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Goldwyn Amenda
Reserve Intermediate Champion
World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Abrianna 2nd Junior 3 yr old World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Abrianna
2nd Junior 3 yr old
World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Andrea 3rd Junior 3 yr old World Dairy Expo 2013

BVK Atwood Andrea
3rd Junior 3 yr old
World Dairy Expo 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana 2nd 5 yr old World Dairy Expo 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana
2nd 5 yr old
World Dairy Expo 2013

At the 2013 Royal Holstein Show, Butlerview added more wins to the breeding or buying columns.

Cookview Goldwyn Monique Reserve Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013

Cookview Goldwyn Monique
Reserve Grand Champion
Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana Honorable Mention Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Goldwyn Alana
Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Atwood Adrenaline 2nd Milking Yearling Royal Winter Fair 2013

MS Atwood Adrenaline
2nd Milking Yearling
Royal Winter Fair 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara 3rd Senior Three Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2013

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
3rd Senior Three Year Old
Royal Winter Fair 2013

Vedderlea Goldwyn Esther 4th Senior Three Year Old Royal Winter Fair 2013

Vedderlea Goldwyn Esther
4th Senior Three Year Old
Royal Winter Fair 2013

Top Genomic Genetics

The Genomic side of Butlerview’s unchanging goals has also developed an impressive list of achievements. With justifiable pride Jeff makes reference to a published report he received. “At one point in the summer, we had bred 12 of the top 32 gTPI bulls in the world.”

Teamwork is Tops Too

It takes hard work to ring up such remarkable breeding achievements.  To make them continue and prosper into the future is the goal of the Butlerview team. Jeff gives credit to the support group at Butlerview Farms. “Todd Widholm is the business manager and he does an outstanding job of handling that role.” Jeff knows that it takes exceptional staff to get exceptional results. “Joe and Amber Price are the farm managers and they are extremely talented, dedicated and loyal. I have known Joe and his family for over 30 years.” Declan Patten exhibits the same enthusiasm. Originally from Australia he has earned warm praise as well. “Declan is a tremendous communicator and does an outstanding job with sales and marketing.” Of course handling the animals is a number one priority and the staff meets those challenges too. “Martin Moreno is a terrific calf and heifer manager and Kerry Eiler does a superb job on the reproductive side. Josh Fairbanks is in charge of the show barn and he does a tremendous job.” The immaculate, show ring quality presentation throughout the facility fully supports Jeff’s high praise of the staff.




Monique minutes after getting off the truck from World Dairy Expo

Monique minutes after getting off the truck from World Dairy Expo

Knowing Where You’re Going

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if success just fell into our laps and buying and breeding choices could be a ‘sure thing’ every time?  Of course, that isn’t the way of any business and especially isn’t so in the world of dairy genetics.  It takes a lot of planning, follow-through, adjusting and analysis to keep moving forward. Jeff offers well-considered advice to those contemplating ways to improve their cattle genetics. “I would look to buy the top end and then look closely at things like reproductive or flush history of the individual or family members, maternal line and how widely renowned they are because it is easier to market if the family already has international appeal and acceptance. Make sure to have access to a lot of recipients at the cheapest cost possible to get offspring on the ground.”

Adeen Comes on Strong in the Barn, in the Show Ring and as a Bull Dam

MS Kingstead Chief Adeen

Sometimes the road to success has a few surprises and that keeps the journey from being boring.  Butler recalls the case of Cookview Goldwyn Monique. “When I bought Monique as a Sr 2Yr. Old, I liked her but didn’t imagine she would develop into what she has become today.”  And then he turns the spotlight on Adeen. “Without question the greatest success story of Butlerview breeding would be MS Kingstead Chief Adeen.” Her resume is earning renown and still growing says Jeff. “Of course on the male side she is the 3rd dam of Atwood and Aftershock.  She has had two daughters who have been named All American in milking form.  This year her daughters were 2nd and 3rd Jr 3 Yr olds at World Dairy Expo.  Her full sister Shoremar S Alicia had a daughter that was 2nd Sr 3 Yr old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo and Alicia’s clone had a daughter that was 2nd 4 yr old at World Dairy Expo.” Jeff has very definite opinions on what Adeen brings to the genetics table. “I think her tremendous dairy strength combined with a sensational udder provides a perfect foundation to cross with several of the bulls in the breed today.  Overall the breed lacks dairy strength and she has provided some cures for that.”

Butlerview 2 Step Mating Strategy:  Pinpoint the Present.  Predict the Possibilities.

When it comes to mating to produce show cows, the decisions you make are crucial to the success or lack of it that animals will have in the show ring.  Jeff has a system he relies on. “I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.” says Butler before continuing to explain his protocol. “I then try to come up with a mating that will improve the weaknesses and complement the strengths.” He takes a somewhat unique approach. “I am not afraid of inbreeding and use Atwood on Goldwyns a lot for example because I think it is a good mating.  I think the strength and width of Atwood is a great cross on a lot of the Goldwyns even though Atwood is a Goldwyn son.”

Where Do You Start Building Breeding Success with High Index Cows?

Like many of the elite breeders who generously share their insights, Jeff again emphasizes that the first step in making the right matings for high index cows is always the one of identifying the problem and then choosing the right solution. “I look at what needs to be improved upon and what the strengths are and try to find a good complementary mating.  I do pay much closer attention to inbreeding on the genomic animals however. I always look at type very closely as well as proven established maternal lines, which make me more comfortable to use a bull from since I haven’t seen daughters most of the time.

The Market Likes Butlerview Bulls



Butlerview has had success at breeding bulls for many market needs.  Brokaw (Atwood x Mac) is outstanding at PTAT 4.76 for type.  For breeders wanting polled there is Colt 45 (ColtP x Shottle) and those wanting show type there is Gold Chip (Goldwyn x Shottle).  And recently released is an outstanding all around production, durability and health and fertility sire that has a gTPI of 2505 – his name is Mardi Gras (Mogul x Planet).  This wide range of success stories will remain high on the Butlerview breeding strategy.  “We want to continue breeding males and females that are industry leaders from both a type show side as well as from a genomic side.”  Jeff urges those that might be concerned about the ups and downs of the market to remain calm and focused.  “Have a solid marketing plan and don’t let emotion get in the way of sticking to the plan.” He is very specific.  “Pencil out where you are going to make money or returns on your investment.  It needs to be a detailed forecast and it needs to be followed as closely as possible.” Good advice regardless of what part of the dairy business you are operating in.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

As they consider both sides of each mating and strive to correct the problems, it is obvious that at Butlerview there is tremendous passion for dairy breeding.  Jeff invites those who share that passion for genetic improvement to drop in to the farm in Chebanse. “We have a great team where everyone understands their role and is very committed and dedicated to excellence.”  We wish Butlerview all the best as they face the excitement, challenges and opportunities of holding true to their vision.  Simple goals.  Exceptional genetics.


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International Intrigue: The World Will Be Watching the 5th Edition at Ferme Blondin

If you’re looking for the excitement of genetic discovery or want to keep updated on the mystery of what is the best and you are hoping to find it all rolled up in a wonderfully hospitable event … you need to make your way to St. Placide, Quebec for the International Intrigue Sale 2013 Edition hosted by Ferme Blondin on July 27, 2013. This could be one time where delving into Intrigue may cost you money but could also put you further ahead as you build your herd of top genetics, genomics and cow families.

According to Simon Lalande there will be something for everyone.

International-Intrigue-2013_web750[1]“The sale will be offering the best of all worlds, high genomics heifers, big time show cows and heifers and well-known cow families.  Kim Cote enthusiastically agrees. “Jeff, Ed, Tim and Simon had done an amazing job when taking consignments to assure that it was only the best!!!  People that attend the sale can expect an amazing line-up of cattle and an opportunity to visit with other Holstein breeders with the hospitality going on from Friday afternoon to late Saturday night.  We want that everyone attending the sale have a great time and relax with good friends!”  Of course there will be the usual amount of exacting attention paid to every detail from the catalog to extensive advertising.  Everything pulls together to make this a must-attend event where you can see some of the top animals in the world and have a lot of fun at the same time.

If enthusiasm is any indication, then the 5th Intrigue sale is already headed for success.

With their customers’ best interests in mind, some changes have been incorporated into this sale. “The program of the sale will be similar to the last sale but we will have more live animals selling this time and less choices.  For Ferme Blondin, it is important to have something for every kind of breeder.  “We want everyone to find what they like in the sale and have the chance to bid and buy one whatever their budget is.  In the future, we want to keep doing lower profile sales at our farm so we don’t want to scare our customers with only high prices. “

Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 VG-89-CAN 3yr

Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 VG-89-CAN 3yr
Res. Intermediate Champion Quebec Spring Show ’12
Grand dam is the dam to the very popular bull Regancrest AltaIOTA!
Family with al lot of proven bulls like Durham, Dundee, Damion, Mac, Million and many more!
Goes back on the legendary brood Cow Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95
3 daughters selling in the sale

Obviously “International Intrigue” is good for cattle buyers but it has proven benefits for the hosts such as Ferme Blondin too.

“Hosting the Intrigue sale the first time was really good for us because it brought us a lot of people that never had the chance before to come and visit the farm.  We made a lot of new contacts in the business and a lot of new friends!” Kim Côté has encouraging words for future hosts, “If someone has the potential of hosting one of the future sales, they should go ahead!  It has been a pleasure for us to work with Jeff, Ed and Tim.  They are great people that all share the same passion: cows!


Ronbeth Alexander Pearl (Alexander)
1st place Senior 2 Year Old Maxville
Sells as lot 21

Ferme Blondin will be selling 50 head in the sale

With 2/3 that are milking cows, Kim highlights some of the lots. “We will be offering some of our best show cows, Pearl (1st Sr 2 Yr Old at Maxville), Lulabelle 1st Jr 3Y old at Maxville) and three daughters of Invite (Grand at Maxville).  We will also be offering some of our best genomic calves (a choice of 2nd and 3rd highest Uno daughters from Apple and the #1 Phoenix in Canada from the Smithden Allen Allison family).  The Barbie and Supra families will also be well represented with several family members selling.”

Polestar Goldwyn Lulabelle (Goldwyn) 1st place Junior 3 Year Old Maxville - See more at:  Read More at ©

Polestar Goldwyn Lulabelle VG-88-2YR
1st place Junior 3 Year Old Maxville
Sells as lot 14

Ed Fellers, co-owner of Butler and Fellers is super happy with the lineup for this Intrigue Sale.

So much so that he refuses to narrow his list of favorites. “I will say that we have 15-20 heifers and young cows that have the potential to contend or win at this year’s National Shows! We also have at least 6 high genomic heifers selling with over 2500 gTPI! Additionally, we have the #1 Polled RC female in the World selling, the highest and 2nd highest gTPI polled females ever to be offered at public auction, and several more breed leading flush age Red and RC polled offerings! Choices sell from the number 1 gLPI cow in the World and the number 2 gTPI cow in the World as well as from the #1 flush age polled female in the World!”  There is undoubtedly a favorite for every dairy breeder with a specific focus.  Two that stand out are MOM Kool who sells as Lot 1 and is the number 2 Protein cow in North America.  Aubry sells as Lot 5 with the potential to become a truly incredible Brood Cow….. And the list goes on!

Ms C-Haven Oman Kool (hd)

Ms C-Haven Oman Kool VG-87 VG-MS 2YR
Former #1 GTPI Man-O-Man daughter in the US
The 2nd highest Protein Cow in North America
Sells as lot 1

From the benchmark 5th year of the International Intrigue Sale we look back to where it all began.

Jeff Butler describes the process that got it all started. “Dallas Burton and Ed Fellers were still managing Burton Fellers Auctions and we had an extremely successful inaugural Parade of Perfection Sale in 2008.  After World Dairy Expo 2008, I talked with Ed about the Milk Source display etc. and how it would be great to have a sale at their farm.  So Ed and I went up there in October 2008 and booked the sale for summer 2009. Milk Source did a fantastic job. We got some great consignments and had one of the best sales ever!” After that first sale at Milk Source, International Intrigue continued its momentum at Mapelwood in Ontario, Blondin in Quebec, Butlerview and Blondin again this year.  Here’s an opportunity to mark your forward calendar because Jeff tells us, “The 2014 International Intrigue sale is currently scheduled to be at Milk Source again!”

Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 EEEVE DOM

Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 EEEVE DOM
Her Goldwyn daughter Cash is one of the hottest young cows in the world, she sold for $205,000 and has progeny testing way above parent average!
Dam of Gold Chip…one of the most popular genomic sires in the World & Mr Chassity Colt 45-ET *RC, *PO, +2248 GTPI, the #1 RC Polled Bull in the World, available through Jetstream Genetics!

Tales of Intrigue

Every International Intrigue Sale has recorded sales of terrific animals – both type and genomic. With the growing records, there are numerous examples to prove that the excitement doesn’t end when the sale is over. Jeff Butler provides a few highlights to illustrate the continuing impact of those carefully chosen lots. “In 2009, Chassity and her offspring/pregnancies sold for $1.5M.  This was just prior to the genomic era.  Gold Chip was one of the pregnancies that sold with her.  Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah also sold that day and was Intermediate Champion at Madison that same year.  Rubens Marla also sold that day and was Grand Champion Red and White Cow at Madison 2 months later.  In 2011 Licorice sold.  In 2012 Camomile, Monique, and Gold Barbara sold.”

Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92 3yr EX-95 MS

Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92 3yr EX-95 MS
All-Canadian & Unanimous All-American Senior 3 Year Old 2012
1st Senior 3 Year Old, Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2012
1st Senior 3 Year Old, Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion WDE 2012
Sold in last years sale

The Bullvine Bottom Line

History confirms that International Intrigue Sale animals have gone on to become breed leaders and produce some of the best genomic offspring the breed has ever seen.  Likewise the type animals have proven their worth as Champions and All Americans and All Canadians.  Take the opportunity to be at Blondin on July 27th.  Not only could you buy a top animal with the obvious benefit to your breeding program but you will have the fun of sharing the excitement with the best marketers in the Holstein industry.

Click here for more details about the International Intrigue Sale 2013 Edition hosted by Ferme Blondin

What Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby taught me about Dairy Cattle Marketing

Not since Wayne Gretzky ripped Leaf fan’s hearts out in game 6 of the 1993 playoffs have they felt such pain as they did on Sunday night after having a 3 goal lead on Boston with just over 10 minutes to play.  (FYI I had to forgive Gretzky as I married his cousin and it would cause bad in-law relations).  Making Leaf fans more prime for pain was the fact that they have not been in the playoffs for the past 9 years.  After watching what had to be one of the worst collapses in hockey history, I got to thinking about what it took to be great.  What I came up with is that truly great players like Gretzky and Crosby don’t only make themselves look great but they also make the players around them that much better.  Just like great cattle investments don’t only make themselves profitable but also help the animals around them  more profitable.

Lessons from Sydney Crosby

sidney-crosby-alex-ovechkin-game-7[1]Due to the lockout of 2004-2005, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin both entered the NHL in the same year.  At the time there was great debate about who was going to be the better player.  Since then the stats would tell you that Ovechkin has been the better investment.  He has 371 goals, 365 assists for 735 points, whereas Crosby has had 238 goals, 427 assists for 665 points.  However, sometimes numbers don’t tell the whole story.  Even though Ovechkin has won more individual awards (Rookie of the Year, 2x NHL goal scoring leader, 2x most valuable player, vs. 1 MVP and 1 scoring title for Crosby),  ask any NHL player which one is better and they would tell you that Crosby is by far.  That is because Crosby not only puts up numbers himself but he also makes the players around him raise their level of play. For example, before playing on a line with Crosby, Chris Kunitz highest goal total was 26 in an 82 game season. This year, playing with Crosby he had 22 in the shortened 48 game season. That is an almost  50% increase.  This outstanding ability to inspire  others around him has resulted in Crosby having played more playoff games than Ovechkin and has already won a Stanley Cup in his career.

When I got to thinking about how the truly great ones not only make themselves look great they also make the others around them better, it reminded me of a comment that Jeff Butler of Butlerview made in an interview we did with him just before Royal last year (Read more: Exciting Times for Butlerview).   In the article Jeff say’s “type brings the foot traffic to the farm, but genomics and pedigree get them buying.” This further reminded me of  an article I had written early this year about the great RF Goldwyn Hailey and how she  herself may not be a great return on investment (Read more: RF Goldwyn Hailey: Cash Cow or Cash Hog?).  While there is no question that Hailey’s  own numbers alone are  not the highest ROI in the market today, if you look at it from a marketing investment she and other great show cows could be the wisest marketing investment you could ever make.  Now I am not talking buy these animals for the over 1 million dollar mark.  But as Jeff says nothing drives traffic to your door like a great show cow.  Something Jeff should know considering he owns 2 of the top 5 cult following cows in the world today (R-E-W Happy Go Lucky and Cookview Goldwyn Monique).



The big thing you need to remember and as Jeff pointed out in our article is that you need the supporting cast in your herd to help convert that traffic into revenue.  For Butlerview that means animals like Regancrest S Chassity, Regancrest G Brocade and De-Su 199 Chart Topper.  These high genomic animals from big name pedigrees are the ones that help Butlerview’s big investment in show cattle pay dividends.  Key to any of this is the fact that all animals need to be good embryo producers or you might as well kiss your money goodbye (Read more: What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg?).

Lessons from Wayne Gretzky

The great hockey player  to every play the game, Wayne Gretzky, always said don’t go to where the puck is but rather, see where the puck is going and go there.  As we highlighted in our article about the marketing of Glen Drummond Aero Flower and DES-Y-GEN PLANET SILK, you need to see or even predict where the marketing is heading and make sure your marketing and breeding goals are in alignment with that (Read more: Marketing Lessons From Glen Drummond Aero Flower).  As the dairy industry develops, efficient milk production that fills the consumers’ needs will gain greater importance. National indexes are always being adjusted to reflect the marketplace.  In Canada it will not be long before greater weighting will be placed on health and fertility traits, this means you should already be breeding for this today so that your ahead of the curve when these changes occur.  Remember that it’s not only about how much milk, or how many show winning daughters a sire produces, but it’s also important to breed to a bottom line that is consumer friendly. It’s only a matter of time before the national indexes reflect this even more.


David Dyment has kept Planet Silk ahead of the curve by combining both high index, Red Factor and polled in one complete package. Her sons and daughters dominate the top of the Red and the RC list (GTPI). Her son DYMENTHOLM S SYMPATICO is one of the highest GTPI and GLPI active bulls in the breed.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Headliners will get you attention, but their ability to make the others around you shine as well will be what makes you the money.  Sidney Crosby is a great player, but it’s the ability to lift up the others around him better that  wins the Stanley Cup.  The same was true for Wayne Gretzky.  It wasn’t just his own ability to dominate a game that created the opportunity for Gretzky to appear in 6 Stanley Cup finals, winning four of them.  It was his ability to see the play developing and make his team around him shine too that did it.  Until players like Ovechkin learn this key lesson he will never win a cup.  The same is true when you are designing your genetic marketing program.  Until you learn just how you are going to use your headliners to maximize the other genetic stars in your herd and look 3+ years down road and see where the market is heading, you are never going to generate  as much return on your investment as you could.



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Exciting Times for Butlerview

The dairy cattle business is built by people who have the passion and persistence to bring their dreams to reality such as Butlerview Farm of Chebanse, Illinois. Butlerview, which is owned and operated by Jim and Jeff Butler and their mom Joyce, is a state of the art facility, where brood cows and show animals are on display at all times in one location. It is the realization of a family dream based on their passion for cattle.

Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92 EX-95 MS Reserve Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion, 1st Sr 3-Year-Old/Best Udder Owned with Joe & Amber Price

Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92 EX-95 MS
Reserve Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion, 1st Sr 3-Year-Old/Best Udder
Owned with Joe & Amber Price

Field of Dreams Facility

The original facility from the 1970s has undergone major renovations, with utmost attention to cow management, comfort and presentation.  From hutches, through the heifer facility, to the box stall barn, every detail has been carefully considered to provide the best environment and allow the animals to reach their full potential.  Separate housing for bulls and complete federally approved flushing facilities round out this field of dreams cattle genetics business.


Dam of Gold Chip GTPI+2450 – #2 Genomic Sire 4/11
Her daughter, Goldwyn Cash GTPI+2324 is the #1 GTPI Goldwyn of the Breed 4/11

Build It and They Will Come

Years of experience in sales and marketing and a passion for cattle have come together in this start to finish home for the production and marketing of elite dairy genetics. Jeff admits that attracting clients can be a two step process. “Type brings the foot traffic to the farm.  But genomics and pedigree get them buying.”

R-E-W Happy Go Lucky-ET HM Intermediate Champion, 1st Milking Yearling/Best Udder WDE 2012

R-E-W Happy Go Lucky-ET
HM Intermediate Champion, 1st Milking Yearling/Best Udder WDE 2012

Growing Pains: Challenges and Opportunities

Jeff acknowledges the challenges they face. “Like most businesses that are going through rapid expansion, there are certainly growing pains along the way.” The logistics alone require constant attention to detail.” We need to turn our animals 2.5 times per year for proper facility utilization.  That means keeping most newborn animals no more than 4-6 months.  This means we have to plan what sales animals are going to, contact people that have purchased 1st choices from us and get them to pick their animals, decide what bulls studs the qualified males will go to and arrange all of the proper testing.”


Goldwyn daughter of 2012 Golden Dam Finalist REGANCREST-PR BARBIE
Daughters currently at Butlerview by Supersonic, Bookem, Shamrock (GTPI +2443), Snowman, Greatest (GTPI +2358), Large (PTAT +4.13), Epic & Numero Uno

Butlerview Success Formula: People, Talent and Time Off

Even though the vision is quite large the success formula is quite simple explains Jeff. “We try to have the best employees we can find because they are the most important asset we have. We teach them how we want things done and then let them do their jobs without micromanaging them.” He adds that, “It is important to make sure that employees get some time off to prevent burnout in this type of environment.”

BVK Atwood Arianna-ET VG-89 1st Jr 2-Year-Old/B&O/Best Udder WDE 2012 Owned with Frank & Diane Borba

BVK Atwood Arianna-ET VG-89
1st Jr 2-Year-Old/B&O/Best Udder WDE 2012
Owned with Frank & Diane Borba

Marketing Strategy says “No!” to the Familiar and “Hello Wow Factor!”

The environment Jeff is referring to is the one where every animal and client benefits from the facilities and expertise offered by Butlerview Farm, Jetstream Genetics and Butler Fellers Auctions.  These are the three pillars of success according to Jeff. “I think what helps the success of Butlerview is that there are synergies between having the farm and having the auction company in Butler-Fellers to market the animals.” He points to the advantages. “This allows us to have a pulse and relationships with the buyers and sellers in the marketplace.” Each auction is an event in and of itself but Jeff doesn’t leave out the additional benefit of having the Jetstream bull stud. “This provides another avenue to market some of our bulls.”

Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry VG-88 EX-MS

Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry VG-88 EX-MS
Full sister to AFTERSHOCK

Buyers Come Through the Door for Type but Stay for Genomics and Pedigree 

A keen observer of the marketplace, Jeff homes in on what is most important to clients. “For show cows the most important thing I look for is the udder.  The other things I look for are style and show appeal, width of rump, openness and angularity, functional feet and legs and great front ends, with smooth blending of shoulders and long necks extending upward out of the shoulder. If they have all of that, then I look at size and length of body to make sure they are big enough.”  On the genomic side he has priorities as well. “For genomic animals, I look at three things in order: 1 Cow families and maternal lines; 2. Conformation of the individual; 3. GTPI score. Milk, fat, protein and high Type are the most important numbers that I look at. When trying to market offspring from them, I think those are the most important characteristics that the majority of our customer base looks at.”

RockyMountain Talent Lisorice EX-95 All-Canadian 2012 & 2011 All-American 2011

RockyMountain Talent Lisorice EX-95
All-Canadian 2012 & 2011
All-American 2011

Butlerview Seeks to Provide Exclusive Genetics

The team at Butlerview never loses sight of the fact that the goal is to be a world leader in top-ranked genomic and breed-defining type sires. “For type and show cows, we are using Gold Chip, Atwood, Brokaw, Sid, Colt 45 and Numero Uno because we really like the calves.  We anticipate using Licorice’s 2 sons that will be coming out in early 2013 at Jetstream Genetics: a red Destry son and a RC Goldwyn Son.” He outlines how they are approaching the genomic sires. “For genomic sires we are using Cashcoin, Cashmoney, Colt .45, Numero Uno, Supersire and have also ordered some Liquid Gold semen that we will be using.”


2nd Jr. 2-Yr-Old World Dairy Expo 2009
Res. All-American Jr. 2-Yr-Old 2009
Full Sister to Atwood & maternal sister to Aftershock

World Vision for Butlerview

These are exciting times to be in the dairy breeding business and Jeff offers this opinion. “Probably the two biggest game changers have been the ability to IVF animals which allowed a much quicker and more profitable ROI on the purchase of elite animals and then the invention of genomic testing which provides a tremendous tool for identifying the elite animals.”  He looks ahead to an exciting future with three important developments: “I see the value of high genomic males increasing for farmers as they move closer to 2013, when they will be able to test their own bulls. I see high genomic males topping public auctions much like high genomic females currently do.  I see the price of early semen from the high genomic bulls increasing rapidly in price, which will greatly benefit farmers.”

Ms Dundee Belinda-ET EX-94 EX-94 MS 3rd 5-Year-Old/1st Bred & Owned

Ms Dundee Belinda-ET EX-94 EX-94 MS
3rd 5-Year-Old/1st Bred & Owned at 2012 World Dairy Expo

Butlerview Shares Advice With Young Breeders

Jeff’s passion for the industry extends to everyone who shares his enthusiasm and particularly those just starting out. “When it comes to acquiring animals, I would encourage young breeders to look very closely at the maternal line.” His reason is based on years of experience.” It is much easier to market an animal when people around the world recognize the cow family that you are trying to market from.”

Micheret Alexandra Sid VG-89 5th 4-Year-Old WDE 2012

Micheret Alexandra Sid VG-89
5th 4-Year-Old WDE 2012

Innovation Changes Butlerview. Butlerview Innovates Change

If you stand still as the industry changes, eventually you will be left behind.  Through his new endeavours and keen eye for analysis Jeff talks about how modern marketing is based on engaging with the customer. He advises, “I would use the social media such as Facebook, print media and websites to get your message across to people.” He adds. “Today’s market is truly a global market.  You have to design messages that will reach and appeal to people all around the world.”

Peirstein Goldwyn Frisou EX-94 7th 5-Year-Old WDE 2012 Owned with Frank & Diane Borba

Peirstein Goldwyn Frisou EX-94
7th 5-Year-Old WDE 2012
Owned with Frank & Diane Borba

Bullvine Bottom Line

As Butlerview moves toward an exciting future Jeff is enthusiastic. “There are unlimited possibilities ahead.”  They look forward to working to grow their own business and those of their clients.

International Intrigue – The Secret Is Exposed!

The wind was blowing and cash was flying”, and that was just from the auctioneer’s box.  All kidding aside!  They really blew the lid off the secret of success, when it came to the amazing International Intrigue Sale “Sell great cattle, work with great people and you will have great results!”  And so, another tremendous International Intrigue Sale went into the books with an average of $36,704 on 140 lots with a gross of $4,138,600!

Cookview Goldwyn Monique

Leading the Intrigue way is the not so secret agent – Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-92.  In naming Monique Grand Champion at Quebec Spring Show, Judge Mike Deaver stated she was “nearly flawless and just runs away with this show.”  For some she could even be the best 3yr old ever.  According to the sales catalogue, “With natural progression and good fortune it is our opinion that Monique could be a future Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair.”  No surprise then that Butlerview Farm & Joe & Amber Price who paid $490,000 are certainly ready to put their money where their mouth is.

Not since Brookview Tony Charity, over 25 years ago, has there been a reigning Grand or Reserve Grand Champion cow selling at public auction.  Silvermaple Damion Camomile did just that and brought an outstanding $290,000.  A price that may look cheap for a potential Grand Champion who is also the dam of the highest PTAT Bolton daughter in the world (4.14).  The part that makes this cow a potential major moneymaker for her new owners, Butlerview, is that she can also flush (51 Embryos on last four flushes) and we all know how necessary great flushing is, when  buying cows in this expense range (read more What Comes First The Chicken Or The Egg?).

What is a top sale without a high genomic daughter bringing insane prices?  Mapel Wood Sudan Licorice fits that sweet spot.  She is one of the highest rated protein females in the world. She is also the #2 DGV female in the world.  However, there is pedigree to go with her genomics.  Licorice is from the full sister to Lexor from the great Lila Z family.  The Lila Z’s have proven to flush well and make money (read more Lylehaven Lila Z: Was She Really Worth $1.15 Million?, Lessons Learned: 6 Dairy Cattle Investment Secrets Revealed, and It’s in her genes…).  At $200,000, Licorice will certainly need to prove that she is the next great one in that amazing family.

For great photo’s from the sales check out Butlerview Farm’s on Facebook.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

When looking at the sale buyer’s sheet, we see sale co-host Butlerview buying many of the top animals.  Much like Rocky Mountain Holsteins at their recent Rocky Mountain High Sale, this is not outside their normal activity.  When you get top breeding programs such as these ones, where they are selecting cattle that they are going to attach their reputation to, of course they are going to pick cattle that they love and would buy.  Such is the case here.  Butlerview simply putting their money where their mouth is.  They worked very hard to get an outstanding lineup of cattle and they are certainly not afraid to invest.  So, “That’s the secret!!”



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The rest of the story

1 – $52,000 MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92, Goldwyn x Atlee
10 – $16,500 BVK Atwood Ana-ET (full sister to dam of Lot 9) born March ’11, Hardys Holsteins, buyer
100 – $15,000 1st choice Supersire x Fortale Marsie Observer, GLPI+2971
103 – $2000 – Butlerview Bookem Shake-ET, a 5/12 Bookem full sister to Shade
103A – $4500 – Butlerview Bookem Shade-ET, a 5/12 Bookem from Vision-Gen Sho A12024-ET x KY-Blue GW Dana-ET (VG-87 +2038 GTPI)
104 – $5500 – 1st choice Let it Snow from July IVF flush from Vision-Gen Sho A12024-ET (GTPI +2224)
105 – $5600 – 1st choice Supersire from June flush from Ms Alex Christmas Day-ET x Regancrest S Chassity-ET (EX-92 DOM) +2193 GTPI x 7 more VG & EX dams
106 – $12,500 for choice from Courtlane-UR Chassity (EX-90 DOM) x Regancrest S Chassity (EX-92 DOM)
107 – $20,000 – Ms Aubreys Gold Chip Ace-ET, a 12/11 Gold Chip at +3.29T out of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET VG-88
108 – $25,000 – 1st choice Gold Chip due in March, 2013 out of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET VG-88 then EX-92 Durham Atlee
110- $8,400 – Toddsdale Braxton Rita-ET, a September calf from Long-Haven Gold Rochelle-ET EX-92
112- $5,000 Silvermaple Windbrook Candy, Dec ’11 Windbrook maternal sister to Camomile
113- $5,700 – Delcreek Femme Fatal Dec ’11 Goldwyn x Delcreek K Royal Ruby, maternal sister to the All-American and All-Canadian Delcreek Fatal Attraction
114- $10,000 – Rotaly Sid Layton Dec ’11 Sid x Rotaly Goldwyns Lizia x Blondin Talent Lasie from the Supra’s!
115 – $4200 – 1st choice Let it Snow from July flush of Rocking-P Bowser Luna-ET +2204 GTPI
115A – $225/embyro – 4 #1 Let it Snow embryos from Luna – IVF females
115B – $200/embryo – 4 #1 Let it Snow embryos from Luna
116 – $10,000 – Claquato-RHH At Rocky Ridge – due 8/12 to Advent – Atwood daughter of High-Mountain Ridge-ET (VG-88) x Ms Astrahoe Reno Storm Riva (VG-86) x Pinehurst Royal Rosa family
119- $14,500 – Budjon-JK Atwood Elmond-ET November ’12 Atwood x Budjon-JK Durham Embrace-ET EX-95
12 – $8,500 – Sildajak Tristan Sassy 3-Red – R&W Senior 2-year-old
120- $8,000 – Budjon-JK BX Emma Lynn-ETS Dec ’11 Braxton x Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET EX-94
121- $4,000 MS Reese Raizel, 3/10/12 Atwood x Beldavid Goldwyn Reese VG-87 2y
121A- $6,300 – MS Reese Ribbon-ET (Atwood x Reese born 3/14/12)
124 – $20,200 – Robin-Hood Clumbo-ET (EX-91), 3rd 5-year-old Western Spring National 2012 – Durham x Carnation Mica Connie-ET (EX-90) x Carnation Cleitus Caroline-ET (EX-91 2E GMD-DOM) x 8 more VG and EX dams
125- $6,800 Butz-Butler Mac Bam Bam, Mac x Brasilia
126- $9,200 MS Gold Chip Barbra-ET
126A- $14,500
127 – $5800 – Ms Chassity Osmond Casi-ET, a 1/12 Osmond from Regancrest S Chassity (EX-92 DOM)
128 – $8000 – Ms Chassitys Arm Comical-ET, a 3/12 Armitage from Regancrest S Chassity – same family as Gold Chip and Colt 45 – GTPI +2169
129- $3,800 MS Farnear Broc Bronze-ET, an October 2011 Jeeves Jives x Brocade
13- $200,000 Mapel Wood Sudan Licorice GLPI +3992 GTPI +2543 #2 DGV female in the world at +4454 Sudan x Mapel Wood Man O Lucy x Comestar Goldwyn Lilac
130- $2,800 Farnear Brocades Butter ET, Robust x Brocade x Barbie
131 – $7200 – Ms Chassity Super Charo-ET, a 12/10 Super from Regancrest S Chassity (EX-92 DOM)
132 – $3800 – Ms Chassity Sup Charlize-ET, a 12/10 Super from Regancrest S Chassity (EX-92 DOM)
133- $3,900 Farnear Brocade Britestar-ET GTPI +2097, a May 2011 AltaJupiter x Regancrest G Brocade-ET EX-92
139- $15,000 1st choice McCutchen Female x Regancrest DGR Byrsha-ET GTPI +2325
14- $70,000 1st Choice Galaxy x MS Chassity Goldwyn Cash x Chassity
146- $11,000 A&M Bushman Dest Merritt-ET *RC, Destry mat. sister to Sunburst
147- $85,000 Earlen Goldwyn Secret VG-87 2y CAN, Grand Champion 2012 Ontario Summer Show
15- $175,000 Misty Springs Epic Savannah, GLPI +3962, DGV +4481 #1 in the world. March ’12 Epic x Man O Man x Shottle Satin
16 – $53,000 – Ralma Manoman Bluejay-ET +2272 GTPI – a 3/10 Man-O-Man from Ralma Shottle Chickadee-ET (VG-88 DOM) – full sister to Ralma Shottle
17- $165,000 Benner Lavaman Boo Boo #5 GPA LPI heifer in Canada from Gypsy Grand Family
1A- $42,000 MS Annas Epic Andreya-ET GTPI +2422, April ’12 Epic x MS Ariel Freddie Anna-ET x MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX-92
2- $290,000 Silvermaple Damion Camomile VG-89 3y, Res. Grand Champion WDE 2011
20- $38,000 1st choice Mogul x Seagull-Bay Shauna Saturn x Ammon – Peachey Shauna
21 – $129,000 – Hammer-Creek Sha Kassidy-ET, a 2/12 Shamrock at +2589 GTPI – the highest GTPI heifer in the sale!
22 – $50,000 – Regancrest Shamrock Lava-TW, a 12/11 Shamrock with +2549 GTPI from Regancrest Jose Lakisha-ET (VG-87) x Miss Outside Lookin In-ET (VG-88) x 4 more VG & EX dams
23 – $135,000 – Ms Regelcreek Cmrn Ardis-ET, a 4/12 Cameron +2572 GTPI out of a Planet from the Adeen family. The #1 Cameron in the breed!
25- $10,200 – Crossbrook Minister Charity Jr. Champion NY Spring Show, Jr. Champion Mid-East Spring National 2012 Nominated All-American Spring Calf 2011
26 – $17,500 – Claquato-RH Escape-ET (VG-89) – Nom. All-American & All-Canadian 2011 – 9/09 Dundee from Skagvale Miracle Ellee (EX-91) – potential 10th gen. EX
27 – $13,500 – Budjon-Vail Damaris-Red-ET, a 9/2011 red fall calf by Camden-Red out of Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96 3E
28 – $8,200 – Ms Winterfield SC Trend-Red, a 9/2011 Contender out of 11 EX dams
29- $18,500 Milksource Fever Golden, 1st summer yearling at IL Championship Show 2012
2B- $10,000 2nd choice Windhammer due 11/26/12 x Camomile
3- $490,000 Cookview Goldwyn Monique VG-89, Butler and Price buyers, Gene Iager, contender
30- $10,200 Ehrhardt Gold Chip Lilac-ET, a March ’12 Gold Chip x Idee Lustre EX-95
31- $11,500 Duckett-SA Braxton Fran-ET 9/4/11 x Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97
32 – $20,000 – 1st choice Mascalese or Windbrook out of Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-CAN, Supreme Champion at Expo and the Royal in 2011
33 – $32,000 – 1st choice Mascalese due in March, 2013 out of Morsan Miss Snow Flake +2172 GTPI, the Snowman daughter of Gold Missy
34 – $23,000 – Butz-Hill Misy GC Madlyn-ET, +2332 GTPI Gold Chip our of a Man-O-Man granddaughter of Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95
35- $19,000 1st Choice Headlienr x Regancrest S Chassity
38- $38,000 1st choice McCutchen x MS Chassity Snowman Clea x Chassity
39A- $122,000 Feb ’12 O-Man Just x Blue-Horizon Planet Edith
39B- $117,000 April ’12 AltaKool x Planet Edith
4 – $154,000 – RockyMountain Gold Winter VG-89-CAN – *RC Goldwyn that will show as a 4-year-old this fall. Nominated All-Canadian and All-American Senior 3-year-old in 2011
40- $60,000 1st choice Uno x Blue-Horizon Planet Edith
41 – $90,000 – choice of 12/11 Shamrocks from Coyne-Farms Fredi Jeven-ET +2286 GTPI x Coyne-Farms Ramos Jelly (VG-85 DOM +2109 GTPI) x 4 more VG & EX dams
42 – $45,000 – 2nd choice Numero Uno out of Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET GTPI +2495
43- $139,000 Aurora-Rama Yano Harmony-ET +2570 GTPI
44- $40,000 Aurora-Rama GChip Havily-ET
45- $125,000 Curr-Vale Delish-Red-ET GTPI +2325
46 -$30,000 – SRP Magnus Z013699, a 3/12 Magnus with +2501 GTPI out of Dorcy dam then the Zip family
47- $120,000 MS Rollen-NC Cam Lexie P-ET *PO *RC #1 GTPI PO heifer in the US
47A- $95,000 MS Rollen-NC Camr Lucy-P-ET *PO*RC #1 PTAT polled animal in the world
49 – $35,000 – 1st choice Mogul due in January, 2013 out of Comestar Lautamire Planet VG-85-CAN, the #1 GLPI cow in Canada at +3584.
5- $187,000 Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET VG-87 bred to Atwood, Goldwyn x Brasilia EX-92 x Barbie, Budjon Farms and Peter Vail, buyers
50 – $30,000 – 1st choice Mogul due in October out of Comestar Lautamai Man O Man +2964 GLPI
51- $40,000 – 1st choice Headliner from Feb ’13 calves x Vison-Gen SH Frd A12304-ET x Applouis Jet Stream Alda VG-85
52- $32,000 – 1st choice Mogul x Miller-FF Bookem Esther-ET GTPI +2463 x Nova Shottle Evelyn-ET VG-86
53 – $17,000 – 1st choice Gold Chip x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92 from six transfers due March 6, 2013
54- $9,800 – 3rd choice Atwood x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92, six females due September
55 – $18,000 – Ms Emilyann Alex Emery-ET (VG-85) – Alexander x Wabash-Way Emilyann-ET (VG-88 DOM) x Crockett-Acres Elita-ET (VG-87 DOM) x 9 more VG & EX dams
56 – $4,000 – Quality-Ridge Advn Abby-Red, Res. Grand Champion MN State Show 2012 – Advent x Quality-Ridge Talent Anita (VG-87)
57 – $24,000 – Ms Talent Applicious-Red, an EX-91 Talent daughter of All-American Apple
57A – $8,500 – 1st choice of Redburst or Atwood out of Ms Talent Applicious-Red EX-91
58 – $26,500 – BBM Gold Chip Apple-ET, a *RC +2151 GTPI Gold Chip daughter of Ms Candy Apple-Red-ET VG-87, then EX-95 Apple
59- $9,500 – 1st choice Supersire x MS Goldwyn Adorable-ET RC VG-87 x MS Talent Applicious-Red-ET GP-84 CAN
6- $48,000 Regancrest Brasilia-ET EX-92, Shottle x Barbie
60 – $7800 – Robin-Hood LKI Carrissa – 3/10 Atwood x Robinhood Connie-ET (EX-90) x Carnation Leduc Connie (EX-91 2E)
61- $55,000 Mapel Wood Epic Giggle-Red +2530 GLPI Epic Man-O-Man that carries the variant red gene
63 – $27,000 – Dymentholm Sunview Satin-ET, a 4/12 *RC Epic daughter +2352 GTPI out of VG-87 Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk +2220 GTPI
64 – $23,000 – 1st choice MAS out of Dymentholm Sunview Santana, a +2961 GLPI Snowman daughter of Planet Silk
65 – $56,000 – Stantons Shamrock City Girl, a 4/12 Shamrock with +2487 GTPI +3185 GLPI from Stantons Freddie Cameo x Stantons Lucky Cameo (VG-89)
66 – $41,000 – Jolicap Emlilas Shamrock, a 3/12 Shamrock +2986 GLPI from Tramilda-N Baxter Emily-ET (VG-85) x Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family
67 – $31,000 – Ransom-Rail Facebk Paris-Et +2380 GTPI – a 1/12 Facebook from Welcome Mac Peytan-ET (VG-87) +2134 GTPI
68 – $60,000 – Siemers Snman Centuria-ET, a 6/11 Snowman +2341 GTPI out of Ralma Planet Century-ET (VG-86) +2323 GTPI from Ralma Juror Faith family
69 – $16,000 – Comestar Model Lizbosy Lobster, a 1/12 Lobster +2334 GTPI +74P out of Comestar Model Lizboli Sydney VG-85-CAN
7- $59,000 1st choice Numero Uno x RockyMountain Talent Licorice EX-95
70 – $24,500 – Vieuxsaule Supersonic Sugi +2344 GTPI, a 3/12 Supersonic from Vieuxsaule Bolton Halia (VG-87), then Vieuxsaule Allen Dragonfly (EX-94 2E)
71 – $4,100 – Farnear-BH A Barbora-ET, a 4/12 Alchemy +2307 GTPI out of Farnear Brocad Brilliant-ET, a Man-O-Man daughter of Brocade
72 – $20,000 – Farnear GC Bridg Bry-ET, a 3/12 Gold Chip out of Farnear Brocade Bridge, the Aftershock daughter of EX-92 Brocade
73 – $20,000 – Choice of T-Spruce Armitage 4756-ET +2398 GTPI 1/12 Armitage or T-Spruce Armitage 4768-ET, a +2381 GTPI 1/12 Armitage both out of Lar-Lan Time Annabelle +2136 GTPI Time daughter from the Durham Annabell family
74 – $15,500 – Choice of Wa-Del-DH Bookem Camara-ET, +2291 GTPI Bookem or Horstyle-RW Bookem Clear-ET +2317 GTPI out of Horstyle-RW Mano Cluster VG-85 +2185 GTPI
75- $18,500 MS Boyana FB Babe-ET GTPI +2413 x Farnear-TBR Bosr Boyana-ET x Klassic Mac Barb-ET VG-85
76- $30,000 MS Benshae Benish-ET GTPI+2308, March ’12 Shamrock x Farnear-TBR Benshae-ET
77- $8,400 – Tranquility AC Drear Candy-ET GTPI +2355 x Ronlee Boliver Dreary-ET x Ronlee Outside Dabble-ET EX-91
78- $18,000 – Nova-TMJ Jeeves Eleta-ET GTPI +2308, Jeeves  x Nova-TMJ Golden Echo-ETS VG-88
79- $8,000 – Choice of three Gold Chip females x Regancrest-BH Super Delish x Regancrest-BH Delica-ET x Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET 2E-93
8 – $34,000 – Cam-Bing Gold Nila-ET (VG-88) – Goldwyn maternal sister to Bingland Leduc Nancy (2E-96) -dam is Bingland Starb Noel-ET (VG-88)
80- $10,000 – UFM-Dubs Sherun-ET GTPI +2304, a Super daughter of UFM-Dubs Sheray-ET bred 5-29-12 to Lithium
81 – $23,000 – 1st choice MAS out of Ms Planet Cheri-ET +2257 GTPI from an EX-92 Goldwyn dam
82 – $16,000 – 1st choice Mascalese out of Gloryland Linette Rae VG-89 +2217 GTPI, a Goldwyn from the Roxys
84 – $31,000 – 1st choice McCutchen from Ladys-Manor Dominique-ET, a +2425 GTPI Shamrock from the Dur Chans
85- $25,000 – 1st choice McCutchen female x Velthuis Snowman Lorette-ETS GTPI+2360, calves due April 2013
86- $35,000 1st choice Uno x Boldi Snowman Lillico-ETS GTPI +2282 x MS Chartrois Planet Leoni-ET VG-87 2y CAN
87 – $23,000 – 1st choice Mascalese due in February, 2013 out of Larcrest Cinergy-ET +2455 GTPI Robust out of Larcrest Crimson VG-89
88 – $25,000 – 1st choice Let It Snow due in April, 2013 out of Kellercrest Manoman Lacy-ET +2411 GTPI
89 – $32,000 2nd choice Uno x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83
9- $29,000 1st choice MAS x BVK Atwood Arianna-ET VG-89, Int. Champion IL Championship Show
90 – $20,000 1st choice Lithium x Sully Hart Gerard 147 GTPI +2344 x Sully Hart Manitoba GP-83
92- $21,000 1st choice Latimer x Langs-Twin-B Christa GTPI +2455
93- $17,500 1st choice McCutchen x Opsal Planet Fame-ET GP-84, from June IVF
97 – $9,200 Marbri Shamrock Felicity GLPI +2906, March ’12 Shamrock x SerenityHill Frosty (full sister to Facebook)
99 – $12,000 for 1st choice Let it Snow female x Gepaquette Iota Ravisette +2966 GLPI – from July flush – built in PA at +2364 GTPI
99A – $11,500 for 1st choice Let it Snow female x Gepaquette Iota Ravariume +2904 GLPI from July flush – built in PA at +2334 GTPI


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