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GEN-I-BEQ SHOTTLE BOMBI: 2013 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX92 6* is the result of many generations of well thought out breeding. Although Bombi’s third dam, Braedale Gypsy Grand VG88 37*, is the famous bull dam that most Holstein breeders are familiar with, there were generations before her that contributed to the making of this 2013 Cow of the Year Nominee, Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi.

Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi(s)

Dam of twelve VG daughters!

Bombi Has Pedigree Power that Pops

Bombi’s sire stack is loaded with top proven Extra sires. Shottle, Champion, Storm, Grand, Aerostar, Chief Mark and Elevation are a stellar group well able to contribute correct conformation and high production with show appeal to light up the mix.

On her dam’s side, the pedigree is even more outstanding. Here we have Bombi’s dam, EX90 4*. Bombi is the highest LPI indexing daughter of Champion Bambi and is full sister to Gen-I-Beq Shottle Barbi who was a Cow of the Year nominee last year. (Read more: GEN-I-BEQ SHOTTLE BARBI: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee)

Braedale Baler Twine VG-86-2Y-CAN 33*

Braedale Baler Twine VG-86-2Y-CAN 33*
Full sister is dam to Final Cut & Gillette 2nd Wind VG-88-CAN 3yr.
Canadian Cow of the Year 2007
2008 Global Cow of the Year
2nd dam of Bombi

Bombi’s second dam is none other than Braedale Baler Twine VG86-2yr 33* the dam of many great animals including Braedale Goldwyn, the Extra sire of many great show winners. (Read more: Durham vs. Goldwyn: A Clash of Two Titans)

Braedale Gypsy Grand VG-88-5YR-CAN 37* 3rd dam of Bombi

Braedale Gypsy Grand VG-88-5YR-CAN 37*
2003 Canadian Cow of the Year
3rd dam of Bombi

And then we find Bombi’s third dam, Braedale Gypsy Grand VG88 37*, the dam of six Extra sires and other ones as well that are Superior Type or Superior Production.

With this stellar pedigree power there was no hesitation when Mapel Wood Farms took the opportunity to invest in her at a 2006 sale. (Read more: Mapel Wood Farms – Invest in the Best! Forget the Rest!)

Bombi Has High Flying Performance

Bombi was flushed to a limited extent as a heifer but, since there were three sisters, she was not considered totally unique.  However, once she calved in early 2008, she quickly began to attract attention.  First by classifying VG87.  She followed that up with a Superior Lactation of 2-01 (305D) 12,378 kg of Milk, 4.9% Fat and 3.4% Protein. Her BCAs were 311-413-331, with BCA deviations of +75 +153 +88.  That butterfat at 4.9% caught everyone’s attention! From there she never looked back.  Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi was destined on her way. Her true value was about to be confirmed as she became the mother of elite progeny.

Bombi calved again in the fall of 2011, classified VG89 (maximum score for a second calver) and started off on an outstanding record at Mapel Wood. In early 2012 the Siemers Family of Wisconsin where looking for a top cow. Soon Bombi was off to Wisconsin.  She classified EX92 and produced 25,027 kilos of milk (55,176 pounds), 3.5% Fat, and 3.3% Protein. That record would have been a Superior Lactation, if it had been completed in Canada. From then on, Bombi’s sole purpose was to produce quantities of fertilized embryos.

It’s worthy of note that Bombi was the #38 gLPI cow in January 2009.  She had Milk +2271kg., Fat +123kg. (+0.37%), Protein +76kg. (0.00%), CONF. +15 and SCS 2.85.  This is very high for fat and conformation.

Bombi Has Progeny That Soar

Bombi has 163 registered progeny, 82 born in Canada and 81 born in the USA. She is continuing to add to her US total as Siemers Holsteins flush her using the very best genomically evaluated sires.  Bombi has 16 daughters and five sons that are 3000 gLPI or higher. An outstanding achievement.  Fourteen of her daughters scored Very Good, twelve of them as two year olds. The average BCA for this group stands at an impressive 253-284-256. Four of her twelve VG two year olds made Superior Lactations.

Mapel Wood Baxter Bethany VG-85-2YR-CAN  Maternal sister to Boulder & Brewmaster Bombi Baxter daughter

Mapel Wood Baxter Bethany VG-85-2YR-CAN
Maternal sister to Boulder & Brewmaster
Bombi Baxter daughter

Bombi’s first daughter to rise to prominence was Mapel Wood Baxter Bethany VG85 2yr 1*. Bethany made a first lactation record of 2-03 (305D) 15,785 kilos of milk, 4.5% Fat and 3.5% Protein. A Superior Lactation.  Bethany was the #2 gLPI cow in August of 2011. She now has 13 daughters over 300 gLPI. The top one, sired by Mogul, stands at DGV gLPI 3506.

Mapel Wood Man O Man Brooke VG-86

Mapel Wood Man O Man Brooke VG-86
Bombi’s highest indexing daughter

Bombi’s highest gLPI daughter 3274, Mapel Wood Man O Man Brooke, is VG86 2yr and sold in October 2013 to join her dam at Siemers Holsteins, where she is completing a high record. Brooke has 16 daughters over 3000 gLPI. Brooke’s top daughter, sired by Epic, has a DGV LPI that stands at 3294.

 Mapel Wood Man O Man Bombi VG-85-2YR-CAN

Mapel Wood Man O Man Bombi VG-85-2YR-CAN
Bombi’s 2nd highest indexing daughter

Bombi’s second highest Canadian gLPI daughter is Mapel Wood Man O Man Bombi VG85 2yr who herself has six daughters over 3000 gLPI.  Man O Man Bombi’s top daughter, sired by Liquid Gold, has a DGV LPI of 3252.

Bombi has had many high gLPI daughters born at Siemer Holsteins in 2013. They include Bombi’s number two to number five gLPI daughters:  (#2) Siemers S-Sire Bombi –ET gLPI 3151; (#3) Siemers Shan Bombi gLPI 3143; (#4) Siemers Shan Bombianna gLPI 3141 and (#5) Siemers Uno Bombi gLPI 3119.


Bombi has 3 Excellent and 9 Very Good sons that have all been sampled in AI. The highest son is Mapel Wood Boulder (Man O Man) whose daughters will be calving in 2014. Boulder had two daughters that were top selling animals in the Genetics by Design Sale in 2012.

Other high gLPI sons of Bombi include Barometer (Gerritt), Brewmaster (Gerritt), Bandana (Man O Man) and Balsam (Snowman). In Wisconsin, Siemers Holsteins have three high gLPI sons by Genervation Luxor.

Bombi is definitely a superstar when it comes to consistently producing progeny that rank high on the LPI formula.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Each of the nominees is a winner in her own right simply for getting this far. Over the next few days we will get to know all of the nominees better.  Some are already household names.  Others are less familiar.  Obviously they are all worthy of cheering on to the finish line. Who is your pick for 2013 Cow of the Year?

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The Cow of the Year nominee booklet which includes a resume on each finalist and a voting card will be mailed to Holstein Canada members in the February-March 2014 Info Holstein. Voting options include mailing the postage-paid, tear-off voting ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online from a confidential Holstein Canada online account.



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The Genetic Genius of Darwin, Mendel and Hunt – Genetic Transmission and the Holstein Cow

There is no question that when it comes to understanding what cows will transmit and what cows will not, it is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum.  There is much that we don’t know and some would argue it is not meant to be known.  The problem is, for those of us with a passion for breeding great dairy cattle, we want to know it all.  For that I turn to the three greatest genetic geniuses in the history of the world, Darwin, Mendel and Hunt (No they are not a law firm).

Charles Robert Darwin He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors, and proposed the scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding.

Charles Darwin

Ask anyone in the world to name a geneticist and the first name that comes to mind has to be Charles Darwin.  No better demonstration of Darwin’s theory of evolution exists in the world than in dairy cattle breeding.  While there is no question that artificial selection and selective breeding exist on a daily basis, a cow’s ability to reproduce and produce milk leads to a natural level of selection that epitomizes Darwin’s theory.  “The laws governing inheritance,” Darwin wrote, “are for the most part unknown.”  Moreover, while many modern geneticists have theories about the tendencies of the modern Holstein cow, their genetic transmission pathways in large part remain a mystery to this day.

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel

Then along came Gregor Mendel who introduced the concept of “genes” to explain heritability.  Mendel changed the whole way we look at breeding when he introduced the theory that the chromosome is the carrier of genetic traits.  He also explained why a trait can disappear in one generation and reappear in the next and why these traits occur in a three-to-one ratio.  One of Mendel’s disciples, three quarters of a century later, was Thomas B. Macaulay.  Macaulay conducted his own studies, on his Mount Victoria Farms (Read more: Mount Victoria Farms – The art and science of great breeding).

Thomas Hunt Morgan

Thomas Hunt Morgan

Then along came Hunt. Well, more specifically, Thomas Hunt Morgan, but my ego wouldn’t let this go as my name is Andrew Morgan Hunt (Read more about my ego: I’m Sorry But I’ve Had Just About Enough Of… ).  In research that is now reproduced by grade 9 science students around the world, Morgan introduced the concept of X and Y-chromosomes.  Morgan concluded that a female has two X chromosomes and that males have both X and Y-chromosomes.  He also posited that the male of the species, because of the presence of the Y chromosome, transmits differently than the female.

To get a better understanding of this, let’s look at this from both sides of the story.

His side of the story (XY)

If you look at Holstein bulls throughout history you find four distinct patterns:

  1. Great daughters but no legacy sons
    These are the bulls that sired amazing brood cows but none of their sons were able to continue their genetic legacy.  Examples are Hanover-Hill Triple Threat, Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell, and Braedale Goldwyn.  They all were able to sire brood cow daughters beyond compare, but no real sons to advance that genetic legacy.  Why did these sires seem to produce better on the female side than that of the male?  For that we need to turn to Morgan and his X and Y chromosome theory.  Since the Y chromosome is the only one that is inherited solely via the paternal  line, this leads  some geneticists to believe that it carries little genetic information, and as a result  a great sires genetic legacy rest more with his daughters than with his sons.  Therefore, with this first group of sires it is thought that much of their genetics were transmitted on the X chromosome rather than the Y.
  2. Great sons but not as many brood cows
    Bulls that sired outstanding sons but never produced a top daughter.  A couple of great examples of this are Montvic Rag Apple Sovereign, Maizefield Bellwood and O-Bee Manfred Justice.  All of these sires have left outstanding sons, but are not found as often in the maternal sire stack of the great sires.  There is no question as to their genetic contribution to the breed, but it was more as a sire of sons than their ability to leave an equal number of brood cows.
  3. Sons and daughters both extraordinary
    These are the sires that have gone down in history as the all-time greats.  Sires like Johanna Rag Apple Pabst, Governor of Carnation, Montvic Chieftain, Wisconsin Admiral Burke Lad, A.B.C. Reflection Sovereign, Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation, Pawnee Farm Alrinda Chief, Walkway Chief Mark, Hanoverhill Starbuck, Madawaska Aerostar and Maughlin Storm.  These are the bulls that not only displayed personal greatness but were also able to transmit both outstanding brood cows as well as legacy sons.
  4. Sons and daughters that were inferior
    Sons and daughters that are both below average.  These bulls left inferior daughters and as a result were never even given the chance to produce sons.  Bulls in this category are too numerous to mention and loads of their daughters go to the slaughterhouses every day.  No explanation necessary other than a lack of genetic merit and here enters the need for genomics (Read more: The Truth About Genomic Indexes – “Show Me” That They Work).

Her side the story (XX)

The female side of the story uses the same four distinct groups.

  1. Great daughters but no legacy sons
    These are cows with outstanding female descendants but undistinguished males.  Great examples of these are the cow families of Hanover Hill Papoose, Krull Broker Elegance and Plunshanski Chief Faith.  They all were able to leave outstanding female descendants generation after generation, but were never really able to accomplish the same feat on the male side of the story.
  2. Great sons but not as many brood cows
    These are the cows with potent transmitting sons, but daughters who didn’t outperform the average.  Examples of these are Wylamyna Tidy Kathleen (dam of Sir Bess Tidy and Sir Bess Ormsby Tidy Fobes) Lakefield Fobes Delight (dam of Lakefield Fond Hope, Lakefield Fond Delight Fobes and Carnation Royal Master) and Pawnee Farm Glenvue Beauty (dam of Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief).  All of these cows had outstanding maternal lines but for some reason were just not able to transmit that legacy through their daughters.
  3. Sons and daughters both extraordinary
    Among the females in this category are Glenridge Citation Roxy, Mil-R-Mor Roxette, Comestar Laurie Sheik, Braedale Gypsy Grand and Snow-N Denises Dellia.
  4. Sons and daughters that were inferior
    Cows who, in terms of influence, failed to produce anything worthwhile.  Blame it on lack of genetics, bad breeding, improper management, or just bad luck, these cows just didn’t influence the breed. We have all seen examples.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

There has never been a clear explanation of why some bloodlines seem to transmit better through maternal lines, others through the paternal, and still others do well in both.  Even genomics does not answer this.  There are high genomic animals that still have these same tendencies.  Maybe if we could genomic test the genes on each chromosome we might find the answers?  Until then Genetic Transmission in the Holstein Cow will remain a mystery.

To read more about this get a copy of The Holstein History by Edward Morwick and read the chapter on Inheritance Patterns.

The Dairy Breeders No BS Guide to Genomics


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GEN-I-BEQ SHOTTLE BARBI: 2012 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee

Bred and owned by Syndicate Gen-I-Beq, GEN-I-BEQ SHOTTLE BARBI EX-92-CAN 5* takes the spotlight to reveal the complete package of pedigree, performance and type.  She fulfils the pedigree behind her, has excelled in her own right and she has produced progeny that are high achievers as well.


Potential 3rd Generation Canadian Cow of the Year


Barbie’s sire stack, Shottle x Champion x Storm x Grand x Aerostar, is without question one that is highly balanced and pleasing to the most discerning of breeders.  Barbie’s sire, Picston Shottle, is famous for producing daughters that are the balanced Canadian kind of cow.  His credits do not stop there however.  Shottle has produced many highly proven sons in many countries.

On the maternal side, Barbi ensures the continued success of a deep and prolific Gypsy Grand cow family.  Her dam is the solid 4 Star Brood Cow, Gen-I-Beq Champion Bambi Ex 90, whose daughters include 1 EX, 6 VG, 3 GP and 1 G daughter.  Two of her daughters are multiple star Brood Cows.


Full sister to dam of Barbi

Behind Bambi is Barbi’s second dam, 33 Star Baler Twine, 2007 Cow of the Year, 2008 Global Cow and the dam of Goldwyn! (Read more: Durham vs. Goldwyn: A Clash of the Titans and  Braedale Goldwyn: Is he the greatest type sire ever?) Baler Twine also has two other Extra sons!!


Holstein Canada Cow of the Year – 2007
2nd dam of Barbi

Of course, Barbi’s next dam is none other than Gypsy Grand 37*, the foundation of this great family. She has no less than five extra sons

In the four generations immediately behind Barbi, every sire is Extra or Gold Metal and the dams on her female side have earned 112 Stars.  That in itself is amazing!


Barbi has earned 1 Superior Lactation Award, is high in components and in three lactations has produced as follows:

2-00  (305D)    11,602 kgs  4.3%F   3.4%P
4-11  (305D)       12,917 kgs  4.5%F   3.5%P
6-06 (305D)        13,520  kgs  4.7%F  3.4%P
3 lactations  45,283 kgs 4.5%F  3.5%P BCA’s 268-324-292 +9 +55 +36

Her Mammary System is Barbi’s strong point in her conformation.

1st Lactation  (59 days in milk)            VG87                     Mammary System VG88
2nd Lactation (61 days in milk)              VG88                    Mammary System EX91
3rd Lactation (112 days in milk)   EX92                              Mammary System EX95


In addition to the previously mentioned 1 Superior Lactation Award, Barbi has placed well on the gLPI cow listing.  In fact in August 2009 Barbi was #13 with a gLPI of +2832.

Currently daughter Bibi (Man-O-Man) is the #21 gLPI cow excelling in fat, protein, components and conformation (Read more: Man-O-Man Will He Turn Platinum?).  Daughter Bellita (Man-O-Man) is the #51 gLPI cow. But it does not stop there.


Man-O-Man from Barbi
#21 gLPI Cow in Canada

Granddaughters Bermuda (Snowman x Bibi) has a DGV gLPI +3862 and Bindy (Lexor x Bibi) has a DGV gLPI +3152.  The Barbi family is putting up the numbers!

GENERATION NEXT:  Barbi’s Sons and Daughters

Barbi follows in the footsteps of her model forebears/ the model brood cows ahead of her.

She has produced 52 registered offspring: 29 heifers and 23 bulls. Barbi’s embryos have sold around the world and she has daughters in Germany, Italy, USA, France and Argentina.

Her offspring follow Barbi’s pattern excelling in both type and production. Four daughters are classified Very Good, 10 Good Plus and 1 Good. Her daughters’ first lactation performances in Canada include:

Berthe    (Baxter)   VG 87   2-01 (305D)   11,068 kgs     4.3%F    3.3%P

Britany  (Baxter)             VG87    2-01 (305D)   13,548 kgs     4.3%F   3.1%P

Bibi       (Man-O-Man)    VG86    2-03 (305D)   13,705 kgs     4.1%F   3.4%P


Barbi’s Baxter Daughter
Full sister to BRAWLER

Berthe and Britany are full sisters to Brawler and AltaBuzzer. Bibi is the dam of the #1 Fat and Protein heifer in the world.


Barbi has 8 sons in Canadian AI studs. Two are proven and six are awaiting proofs.

Barbi has a son, Brawler, who received his first official proof in August 2012 and immediately was designated as Class Extra coming in at #1 Canadian proven LPI sire at +2368 (Read more: A Closer Look at the August 2012 New Release Sires).


Barbi’s Baxter Son
Former #1 gLPI sire in Canada

He had very good genomic numbers, even though he was sampled before genomics was on the scene.  Brawler has been used as a sire of sons by many AI organizations. Not far behind Brawler, is his full brother AltaBuzzer gLPI +2148.


Investing in Barbi has provided good return on investment. Sales results from the 2012 Genetics By Design Sale show that Barbi daughter Bibi sold for $83,000 and Bibi daughters had great sales:  $124,000 (Oconnors Snowman Bermuda – DGV LPI +3862); $44,000 (choice female by Ladd P from Bibi) and $18,000 (Mapel Wood Epic Believe in ME – DGV LPI +3107). (Read more: Genetics By Design – Crosses the $4,000,000 Mark)


Barbie will have global influence through both her sons and her daughters.  The family produces progeny with high genomic numbers and comes through with high sire proofs, high cow indexes and solid performance in the barn.  Barbi`s family are the kind that every breeder wants to milk!

Make Your Vote Count

Over the next few days we will be profiling the nominees and encourage you to get your vote in before the deadline.  There are 4 ways of voting— Voting options for Holstein Canada members include mail in ballot; faxing your ballot; emailing your vote to; or voting online through your Holstein Canada account. Also share this on Facebook to make sure your fellow breeders get out and vote.


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GILLETTE BLITZ 2ND WIND – 2012 Golden Dam Finalist

The race is on and Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind is challenging the competition.  From Ferme Gillette in Embrun Ontario 2nd Wind has claimed worldwide recognition for her winning achievements in every area of the Holstein Breed. With an outstanding list of awards, including 2011 Canadian Holstein Cow of the Year, she now targets the title of 2012 Golden Dam.

2nd Wind Follows the Family Role Model



For fans of the amazing Braedale Gypsy Grand Family it is no surprise to see 2nd Wind ready for the competition.  What would you expect from her tremendous pedigree which traces back two generations to the 2003 Cow of the Year Braedale Gypsy Grand (VG-88-5yr 37*).

2nd Wind Shows That She Has Strength in Numbers

For years she 2nd Wind has topped the GLPI/LPI lists no less than five times in a row from 2005 and 2006. She has taken first place on the LPI list a total of six times in all.  In May, August and November of 2006 she was the leader for type. And in a business that is built on milk, her name has been at the top of the milk production list three times.

  • Best 305: 2yr. 15,004 kg M 535 kg F 3.6% 449 kg P 3.0% BCAs 372-354-348 – 50% over herdmates.
  • Lifetime: 2 lacts: 31,317 kg M 1,231 kg F 3.9% 981 kg P 3.1%
  • 1 Superior Lactation.  2nd Jr. 3-Yr.-Old (Best Udder) Québec Spring Show 2005

2nd Wind Goes the Second Mile

But above and beyond all of these conspicuous numbers she impresses in the race to recognition as the Golden Dam of the Holstein Breed. No less than five times she has been the index leading dam of top 1000 GLPI daughters. In the past eight proof rounds she has never had less than nine daughters appear on the list and in 2010 she had fourteen on the list!

2nd Wind Unmatched as Mother of Sons



2nd Wind has set the benchmark so high as a mother of Class Extra sons that she is in a class all by herself.  As the dam of no less than five Class Extra sons she has done what has never been done before.  Her Class Extra sons are Gillette Windbrook, Gillette Windhammer, Gillette Stanleycup, Gillette Wildthing, and Gillette Willrock.  These five sires were in the top 30 in the North American LPI list and also in the top 30 in Japan, where 2nd Wind is owned with T-Wave. Holsteins. She has three other active proven sons who are extremely popular among Japanese breeders.  Closer to home, in the December 2011 LPI listing Stanleycup and Windhammer — identical split embryo Bolton sons — ranked as the number one conformation sires at +19.

2nd Wind is A First Rate Mate

Her outstanding achievements are possible because of her exceptional mating history.  Eric Patenaude speaks positively as he highlights this side of her story, “Every mating has worked well.” He goes on to point out that Bolton has been by far the best. “2nd Sleep and 2nd Motivation, two full sisters, are both 89 points and 2ndRain (deceased split sister of Sleep) was 87 and would probably have moved up to 89 as well.” Her Bolton sons are the Class Extra sires, Gillette Windhammer and Gillette Stanley Cup.



2nd Wind’s Daughters Can Carry the Torch Too

2nd Wind has been able to pass the genetic torch to her daughter Gillette Bolton 2nd Sleep (VG-89-4yr) and her granddaughter Gillette S Planet 2nd Snooze (Recently Sold in the Gillette Visions 2012 Sale). Sleep was #1 in August 2010 and Snooze (VG-86-2yr) was #2 GLPI in December 2011.  It doesn’t stop there.  2nd Wind has 10 daughters over +2000 GLPI in Canada. Eric has already been quoted regarding these two. “They are just beautiful to look at with big dairy frames, tremendous will to milk and those incredible udders which have become 2nd Wind’s trademark.” No doubt these were the reasons why 2nd Wind was IVF’d to Bolton.  “We now have 5 more beautiful heifers to work with.”

GILLETTE S PLANET 2ND SNOOZE VG-86-2YR-CAN - Grand Daughter by Planet

GILLETTE S PLANET 2ND SNOOZE VG-86-2YR-CAN – Grand Daughter by Planet

2nd Wind has a Winning Strategy

Every opportunity for success is taken by 2nd Wind’s owners. “When it comes to flushing the daughters and granddaughters we try to use the best young sire available, which is either the highest one with numbers, or, if that one doesn’t appeal to us, we use one we truly believe in. At the moment we’re using Galaxy, McCutchen, Supersire, and Brawler.” Other bulls are being used as well. Eric provides the following update. “Also one of R-Z BAXTER CARAMEL’s son by Snowman called Caraminator who’s GPA LPI is 3055 with a DGV of 3211and a Windbrook son from Goldwyn Jenny called Jessic. This bull has a DGV of 2415 with a +21 for type!”

2nd Wind Ready for the Future

2nd Wind does not rest on her laurels and neither do her owners. “Now we’re mostly working with daughters of her two Boltons 2nd Sleep and 2nd Motivation  as well as daughters from her granddaughter 2nd Snooze.  2nd Wind has a couple of sweet daughters by Lauthority that we will probably flush soon.” For now she has come home to Gillette from the IVF station. But there are more plans ahead. “Her progeny from trans-ova are starting to calve out.  So far these are Garrets and Supers and they are calving out with 2nd Wind’s trademark, awesome udders. We have Evolves calving out soon too!”

 2nd Wind Goes Beyond the Finish Line

Many expect that 2nd Wind’s presence will have impact worldwide.  Eric Patenaude sums up 2nd Wind’s ongoing success. “Her genes will have impact for many years to come and her name will appear in the major pedigrees of the world.”  A success story indeed for owners, Gillette and T-Wave.  With 2nd Wind the real story may be that the best is yet to come.

Do you think 2nd Wind deserves to win our 2012 Golden Dam Contest?  Let us know. Your vote counts.


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