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The Future of the Dairy Cattle Genetics Industry – 2016 Holstein World Conference Video

Join the Bullvine’s Andrew Hunt as he shares what major changes have occurred recently in the dairy genetics industry and what the future holds.  This presentation was part of the 2016 Holstein World Conference held in Argentina. Areas covered in this video include:

  1. Genomics
  2. Sexed Semen
  3. IVF
  4. Epigenomics
  5. Nutrigenomics
  6. Gene Editing

About the Presenter

Having grown up a rural dairy farm in southern Ontario, Andrew learned early in life the value of community and a hard day’s work. Leveraging that experience and work ethic, Andrew started his own Animal Genetics marketing company that launched some of the most engaging and innovative campaigns. Broadening his horizons brought Andrew to the world of corporate leadership, sales and marketing where he helped many fortune 500 companies increase performance. These successes lead to the founding of the Inbound Sales Network, the fastest growing lead generation company in the world. Inbound Sales Network leverages the power of a “virtual” network of sales and marketing experts to provide world-class solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad agencies. It’s a new kind of marketing company for the new way companies do business. With over 100,000 followers and subscribers, Andrew truly is a world leader.

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