Swiss Expo 2016

The Swiss Expo 2016 will take place at the Expo Beaulieu Lausanne January 14th-17th in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Bullvine will be on-hand providing LIVE coverage of the Holstein, Red & White, Jersey and Brown Swiss shows.
DeLaval - VMSPRO LV - Bullvine banner
Thursday, January 14/Jeudi 14 janvier 2016
19h30-22h00 (1:30PM EST) : Concours Jersey, Judge Roger Frossard, Switzerland
Friday January 15/Vendredi 15 janvier 2016
09h00-14h00 (3am EST) : Concours Brown Swiss, Judge Stefan Widmer, Switzerland
14h00-15h00 (8am EST): Prix de Lausanne
15h00-22h00 (9am EST) : Concours Red-Holstein, Judge Erhard Junker, Switzerland
Saturday January 16/Samedi 16 janvier 2016
09h00-12h00 (3am EST) : Concours génisses Holstein, Judge Pat Conroy, USA
13h00-18h00 (7am EST) : Concours vaches Holstein, Judge Pat Conroy, USA
Sunday January 17/Dimanche 17 janvier 2016
13h30-15h30 (7:30am EST): Show final, remise des prix

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