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International Guernsey Show 2018

Date: October 5th 2018

Willow Brook Labron Toni took home two Champion titles at the International Guernsey Show. Owned by Jake Booher, West Middlesex, Pa., Toni’s first trip across the colored shavings on October 5 was when she rose to the top of the Five-Year-Old Cow Class on her way to being named Senior and Grand Champion Female. Toni was presented with the $1,000 Udder Comfort Grand Champion Cash Award and the Allen Hetts Grand Champion Trophy. First in the Six-Year-Old Cow Class, Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion of the International Guernsey Show was Hi Guern View Dancing Diva-ET, exhibited by Brian and Kristi Dinderman, Orangeville, Ill..

Rounding out the list of champion cows in the International Guernsey Show are Intermediate Champion Female, Hi Guern View Diva Designer, exhibited by Riley Zettle of Rock City, Ill., and Reserve Intermediate Champion, Warwick Manor Ty Carter, exhibited by Kaila, Karli and Kolby Stoltzfus, East Earl, Pa. As Intermediate Champion, Designer wins a free ovum pick-up, compliments of Vytelle LLC

Springhill Jokes Finale-ETV was the winning Fall Heifer Calf and Junior Champion of the International Guernsey Show and is owned by Springhill of Big Prairie, Ohio. Knapps Pie Time To Dance-ETV, exhibited by Austin and Landen Knapp of Epworth, Iowa, was the winning Winter Heifer Calf and Reserve Junior Champion.

Austin and Landen Knapp, Knapps Guernseys of Epworth, Iowa, took home four titles in the International Guernsey Show: Premier Breeder of the Heifer Show, Premier Exhibitor of the Heifer Show, Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor. Millborne Tiller Fayes Fame was selected as the Premier Sire while Premier Sire of the Heifer Show was awarded Jens Gold Aaron Copper-ET.

The winning Five-Year-Old Cow of the International Junior Jersey Show, SV Impression Holly-ET, was named Senior Champion and then Grand Champion of the show. Holly, exhibited by River Valley Farm – Ben, Andy, Blessing and Grace Sauder of Tremont, Ill., received the $500 Udder Comfort Grand Cash Champion Award. Reserve Grand Champion honors went to the Reserve Senior Champion, Meadow Ridge Jackknife Summer, the first place Six-Year-Old & Older Cow, owned by Michael Riebe and Alleah and Emma Anderson of Cumberland, Wis. These cows received a Lillian & Keith King and Jim King Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of the Junior Show award, respectively.

Intermediate Champion of the International Jersey Show was Julie-Ann Tequila Asia, the winning Yearling Heifer in Milk, and was shown by Analise Stover of Carlisle, Pa. Fire-Lake Premier Meg, shown by Joshua, Hannah, Nicole and Rebecca Sanders of Hilmar, Cali., was selected as Reserve Intermediate Champion.

Meadowridge Fizz Sparkle and Wildweed Primero Lightning were named the Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion of the International Junior Jersey Show, respectively. Sparkle, the winning Winter Yearling Heifer, is owned by Cole Kruse and Gene Henderson of Dyersville, Iowa. Michael and Megan Moede and Katie Ledvica of Algoma, Wis., are the owners of Lightning, the winning Fall Yearling Heifer.

Official judge Brian Schnebly of Hagerstown, Md., placed 227 animals with the assistance of associate judge Mike Hickman of Shelbyville, Tenn.


Junior Champion of the Open Show: Springhill Jokes Finale-ETV, Springhill, Big Prairie, OH
Reserve Junior Champion of the Open Show: Knapps Pie Time To Dance-ETV, Austin & Landen Knapp, Epworth, IA
Honorable Mention: Rutter Bros Top Notch Cali-ETV, Kelly J Johnson, York, PA 

Junior Champion of the Junior Show: Sniders HP GG Lonestar Amazing-ETV, L: Logan Harbaugh O: Amazing Syndicate, Marion, WI
Reserve Junior of the Junior Show: Hartdale Primetime Cami, Lauren Robison and Braden & Connor Hartmann, Mulberry Grove, IL
Honorable Mention: Knapps Pies Making Magic-ETV, Landree Fraley, Muncy, PA 

Spring Heifer Calf

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1 1 1 1 2618 H Broke Boman Rosi-TW Dana & Madison Sickles Marengo, IA Y
2       2637 Sniders HP GG Apple Sauce-ETV Hillpoint, Snider Homestead and Dan Basse Cross Plains, WI N
3       2630 Knapps Ladysman Tigger-ETV Austin & Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
4 2     2621 H Broke Levi Tot Dana & Madison Sickles Marengo, IA Y
5       2614 Knapps HP MB Trina-ETV P. Morey Miller and Hillpoint Partners Granby, CT N
6 3     2611 Coulee Crest Lonestar Nika Mikayla Lepke Cashton, WI N
7       2620 Hartdale Ladysman Ocean Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
8       2613 Misty Meadows Suitor Jezabelle Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
9       2629 Guernsey Grove HP Mystique-ET Dan Basse and Hillpoint Partners Cross Plains, WI Y
10       2617 Gurn Z Meadow Charmed Hennessy Jennifer Orchard Columbus, WI Y
11 4     2627 Dix-Lee Method Deluxe Whitney Yerina Phillipsburg, MO N
12       2633 GR-Dix-Lee Method Krystal Theo Goldenberg McGregor, TX N
13       2628 Knapps Ladysman Taylor Amara McKissick New Castle, PA N
14 5     2626 Miss Me Apie Revenge-ETV Mikayla Knorn Casco, WI Y
15       2631 Springhill Hot Topic-ETV Springhill Big Prairie, OH Y
16       2634 Guernsey Gem Mentor Kabomb-ETV Valley Gem and Scott Weisensel Cumberland, WI Y
17       2635 Millborne HP Torpedo-ET Morey Miller & Hillpoint Partners Granby, CT Y
18       2619 Muffets Twin Acre Bismark Jacob Andrew Roedl Edgewood, IL Y
19 6     2616 Coulee Crest Perfecto Lana-ETV L: Hannah Mikulice, O: Thomas Mikulice Hartford, WI N
20 7     2624 Pluckers Activate Echo Skyler, Braylon & Sutton Plucker Chancellor, SD Y
21 8     2636 PR-Sandy Hill Daytona Sweetie J & C Eilers and A, A, & S Sparks Scotch Grove, IA Y
22 9     2625 Pluckers Activate Envoy-ETV Skyler, Braylon & Sutton Plucker Chancellor, SD Y
23       2612 Blue Dreams Lightning Tallula Robert Hahn Highland, WI Y
24       2615 Idle Gold Altitude Valkyrie-P Kaden, Paeyton, and Rylee Recker Solon, IA N

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