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2018 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show Preview

Different Judge, Different Day, Different Results? If last years Royal Winter Fair Holstein show is any indication don’t expect this year show to merely be a repeat of the results from the Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo.

The Judges

Judging the 2018 Royal Winter Fair will be Jamie Black from Brushton, New York.  Jamie was raised in eastern Ontario at Montdale Holsteins and now owns and operates Opportunity Holsteins and Jerseys with his wife, Petra. Over the years, his farm has been home to more than 60 All-American, and All-Canadian nominated animals. Black’s many judging assignments have included shows throughout Eastern Canada, both the Northeast and Eastern Fall National Shows and the All American show. As well, he has served as associate judge for the Junior Show at WDE.  Jamie is thoroughly involved in the business, especially working as a Sale Manager and a Sale Contact for many elite sales across North America.  Jamie says he will be looking for balanced dairy cows with great udders and functional feet and legs. Some of Jamie’s all-time favourite cows are Vandenberg Amedeo Gorgeous, Thrulane James Rose and RF Goldwyn Hailey.

Assisting Jamie will be Cameron MacGregor.  Judge Black comments that ever since the time that he placed his first show, he had always said that MacGregor would be his associate. They have known and worked with each other for many years, and MacGregor has always been a mentor to Jamie, but most importantly, he’s always been a great friend.

Heifer Show Highlights

Probably more than cows, heifers can change significantly in the one month between Expo and the Royal.  There will be of course some Expo winners that are looking to keep the streak going including GARAY DOORMAN BLIND DATE and MILKSOURCE TAELYN. Some notable heifers to watch for that did not top their classes at World Dairy Expo are:

  • VELTHUIS ATWOOD PASSION (Intermediate Calf, who won at the Eastern Ontario Western Quebec Championship show)
  • CROVALLEY SOLOMON SPARKLE (Senior Calf that prevailed at the Autumn Opportunity Holstein show as well as at the TD Classic earlier this week)
  • KIRKLEA JACOBY BUBBLEGUM (Summer Yearling that prevailed at the Eastern Ontario Western Quebec Championship Show as well as the Quebec Spring Show earlier this year)
  • CORRCROFT DOORMAN KRISTIE (Summer Yearling who was victorious at the Autumn Opportunity Show)
  • WINRIGHT V DOORMAN BUBBLY (Summer yearling, who was 2nd at the Eastern Ontario Western Quebec Championship Show, but was just named Champion calf at the TD-Classic Show)
  • WINRIGHT BEEMER BABY ENTHEM (Spring Yearling, who was 3rd at Expo but won at the Eastern Ontario Western Quebec show and will want to take the steal the show from expo whinner AHD DOORMAN SILK).
  • WINRIGHT GOLD CHIP EXPLOSION (Winter Yearling, who like Enthem will be looking to regain their winning ways when back on Canadian soil)

Intermediate Show Highlights

Midas-Touch Av Cling-ET

Predicting who will win the Milking Yearling can be extremely hard to do. Expo is winning milking yearling MIDAS-TOUCH AV CLING may even see stiff competition from stablemate WESTCOAST ORION ARYANE 4727 and keep an eye out for BERWEN AVALANCHE FANTOM.

Garay Awesome Beauty

The Junior Two Year Old winner from Expo, JUNIPER SID CHARDONNAY sells in the sale of stars and will be looking to deliver results for her new owners, but she will need to watch out for GARAY AWESOME BEAUTY who will look to turn the tables on Chardonnay from expo and  don’t forget JACREST TONKA NARCISSA who looked very impressive in her win at the Autumn Opportunity show just a few weeks ago.


The two-year-old senior class might be the most wide-open class of the day.  With Expo winner KINGSWAY DOORMAN ANDREA coming out of relative nowhere to win on that day, she will have to contend with the likes of FLORBIL DOORMAN LILLY, one of the most talked about cows in North America for the past year and is looking very impressive since calving at Expo time.

Erbacres Snapple Shakira-ET

ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA has been an extreme fan favourite for the past couple of years and will be looking to continue her reign.  UNIQUE DEMPSEY CHEERS will not be at the Royal but look for HENDERCROFT ATWOOD HARMONY and VINBERT KINGBOY BIRDY to take up the charge.  A sleeper pick in this class will be R-M ATWOOD BRENDA, who is coming off an impressive 2017 year and won the Quebec Spring show earlier this year judged by this year’s Royal Judge.

Ms Goldwyn Saturday-ET

Probably the most likely class to see a repeat winner from Expo is the Senior Three Year Olds.  MS GOLDWYN SATURDAY has been dominant for the past couple of years and will look to continue her ways at this year’s Royal.  Other cows to watch for include KINGSWAY DOORMAN WANDA and KINGSWAY GOLDWYN LADONNA.

Senior Show Highlights


Things could get really interesting in the four-year-old class as Expo winner JACOBS WINDBROOK AIMO will have to contend with WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOD FAITH who has been dominant on Canadian soil including a win over Faith at Le Supreme Laitier.  And of course, never underestimate last years Intermediate Champion from the Royal, IDEE WINDBROOK LYNZI.


If there is one cow that just seems to love Toronto, it’s CO-VALE DEMPSY DINA 4270.  Last years Grand Champion has continued her winning ways at this year’s Expo and will be looking to defend her title.  Looking to dethrone her will be JACOBS JORDAN CARMEL and AL-SHAR DEMPSEY ALISON.


JACOBS LAUTHORITY LOANA has caught fire since her win at Le Supreme Laitier earlier this year and rode the momentum to Grand Champion honours at Expo.  Look for Expo Reserve Grand Champion WEEKS DUNDEE ANIKA to try and rain on her parade.  Other sleepers in this class include ZIMMER KRUSADER AVA and HENDERCROFT FEVER BAZOOKA  and one of my personal favourites TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY.


What might be one of the most interesting classes to watch of the day will be the Production cow class.  With LOYALYN GOLDWYN JUNE and LIDDLEHOLME RESUR LU set to go head to head again with June looking to regain her winning ways from earlier this year, this could be a very dramatic class.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

There is no doubt the 2018 Royal Winter Fair Holstein show will be filled with drama.  With some great cows just freshening since expo and others having longer to get straightened around this year’s Royal may just see some changes and certainly leave everyone talking.

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