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2015 International Spring Holstein Show

Date: Monday, April 13th
Location: Syracuse New York
Judge: Eric Topp, Wapakoneta, OH


Grand Champion – Open Show – RF Goldwyn Hailey (Goldwyn), Aged Cow, Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
Reserve Grand Champion – Open Show – Windy-Knoll-View Parfait (Atwood), 4 year old, J&N Burdette, M,M,M, Iager, PA
HM Grand Champion- Open Show – Budjon-JK Elyssa (Sid), Senior 3 year old, Parker Hardy, MI


Senior Champion –Open Show – RF Goldwyn Hailey (Goldwyn), Ageds Cow, Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
Reserve Senior Champion – OpenShow – Windy-Knoll-View Parfait (Atwood), 4 year old, J&N Burdette, M,M,M, Iager, PA
HM Senior Champion- Open Show – Lylehaven Atwood Lylly (Atwood), 5 year old, M Garrow & Marlene Holmes, NY


Senior Champion – Junior Show – Crackholm Goldwyn Chary (Goldwyn), 4 year old, J Dueppengiesser, NY
Reserve Senior Champion – Junior Show – Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), 5 year old, Cooper Galton, NY
HM Senior Champion- Junior Show – Howardview WG Gold Casey (Goldwyn), Aged Cow, Juniper Elite Holsteins, ME

Grand Champion – Junior Show  – Budjon-JK Elyssa (Sid), Senior 3 year old, Parker Hardy, MI
Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show – Crackholm Goldwyn Chary (Goldwyn), 4 year old, J Dueppengiesser, NY


Intermediate Champion – Open Show – Budjon-JK Elyssa (Sid), Senior 3 year old, Parker Hardy, MI
Reserve Intermediate Champion – Open Show – Maplekeys Sid Odyssey (Sid), Junior 3 year old, E Kueffner, MD
HM Intermediate Champion –Open Show – Co-Vale Atwood Jane (Atwood), Junior 2 year old, Pleasant Nook & J&P Black, NY

Intermediate Champion – Junior Show –Budjon-JK Elyssa (Sid), Senior 3 year old, Parker Hardy, MI
Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show – Wilgro Carrie Taneysha (Dempsey), Senior 3 year old, Cooper Galton, NY
HM Intermediate Champion – Junior Show – PennWood Brokaw Tiana (Brokaw), Senior 2 year old, E Stoltzfuz, PA


Junior Champion – Open Show – Sco-lo-coons Sid Aria (Sid), K Doeberiener, L Bowen, M Heath, OH
Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show – Reyncrest Lets Do This (Windbrook), Fall yearling, Andrew Reynolds, NY
HM Junior Champion – Open Show – M-Riverview Goldsun Kelly (Goldsun), Winter yearling, Eaton, Garrow, Liddle, Phoenix, NY

Junior Champion – Junior Show – Reyncrest Lets Do This (Windbrook), Fall yearling, Andrew Reynolds, NY
Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show – Arethusa Sid Tess (Sid), Fall yearling, Kayla Umbel, MD
HM Junior Champion – Junior Show – MS Jacobs Gold Coin (Goldwyn), Winter Yearling, J Duepengiesser, NY


Winter Calf (6)


  1. Kuk-Lan Armani Crimson (Armani), Eaton Holsteins, P Conroy & Triple T Holsteins, NY
  2. Savage-Leigh Absl Leone (Absolute), Chase Savage, MD
  3. Tree- Hayven Stnlycp Miracle (Stanley Cup), T&L Ziemba, K&B Ziemba and Ziems Farm, NY
  4. Juniper Denaes Dina (Brady), Juniper Farms, ME
  5. Plum-Line Attic Karmen (Attice, Brooke Carey, PA
  6. Monanfran Bpidtbopdyboo (Archive), Lilly Mills, NY

Fall Calf (22)


  1. Sco-lo-coons Sid Aria (Sid), K Doeberiener, L Bowen, M Heath, OH
  2. Golden-Oaks Sid Charlise (Sid), Austen Schmidt & Travis Krohlow, WI
  3. Md Deidres StanleyC Dior (Stanley Cup), M Iager, C Umbel & C&J Hill, MD
  4. Paramount-MB Crvt Ashtabula (Corvette), J& J Dueppengiesser, NY
  5. Plum-Lee Absolute Karma (Absolute), Patrick Carey, PA
  6. J&K-Vue Lavanguard Gerri (Lavanguard), L aura Lesher, PA
  7. Ms Stunning Atwood Pearl (Atwood), Austin Yoder & Matthais Swartz, GA
  8. Md Recharge Leafhopper (Recharge), D&H Meier & Jamie Black, NY
  9. Coon-Del Recharge Orchid (Recharge), Seth & Hunter Finley, NY
  10. Ehrhardt McCutch Belinda (McCutchen), Landree Fraley, PA

Summer Yearling (22)


  1. Ms Eatonholme Dusk Before Dawn (Dusk), Devon Benfer, NY
  2. Plum-Line Explode Leela (Explode), C&J Hill and B&H Hlavaty, PA
  3. Gerbarten Eaton Burst Divine (Redburst), Eaton Holsteins, S Morrill and CoVale, NY
  4. Savage-Leigh Absolute Light (Absolute), Allison Galton, NY
  5. Sweet-Peas Fever Alexa (Fever), Denise Pease, PA
  6. Oakfield Atwood Latte (Atwood), J Dueppengiesser, NY
  7. Rivercross Atwood Reese (Atwood), Cassie Menendez, NY
  8. Brook Corner Reginald Elite (Reginald), Reid Hoover, PA
  9. Fairmont Windbrook Lilly (Windbrook), Wade Sturgeon, PA
  10. Joleanna Brett Tropicalrain (Brett), Joleanna Holsteins, NY

Spring Yearling (18)


1. Ms Budjon JK Miss Ellie (Acme), B&C Murphy and Eaton Holsteins, NY
2. Lacfraser G W Atwood Silver (Atwood), F&D Borba, G Marasci, Eaton and Lundy, CA
3. Joleanna Moses MaCaw (Moses), Joleanna Holsteins, NY
4. Cranholme Atwood Pizazz (Atwood), Andrew Reynolds, NY
5. Mendelssohn Add Roxy (Add), Landree Fraley, PA
6. Lylehaven Delta Shasta (delta), Hailee Liddle, NY
7. Jacobs Reginald Izzana (Reginald), Brock & Hailee Liddle, NY
8. MS Sweetpeas Atwood Hotshot (Atwood), SweetPease & Dymentholm, PA
9. Ernest-Anthony GW Timid (Goldwyn), E Kueffner, MD
10. Joleanna Hefty Beatrice (Hefty), B&X Johnson, NY

Winter Yearling (14)


1. M-Riverview Goldsun Kelly (Goldsun), Eaton, Garrow, Liddle, Phoenix, NY
2. Cerpolait Atwood Anoel (Atwood), Eaton, Conroy, Posada, Garcia, Borba, NY
3. Maple Downs DP Contra Riley (Contrast) Maple Downs & D Packard, NY
4. Budjon-Vail AB Angelique (Absolute), Peter Vail and Budjon, WI
5. MS Jacobs Gold Coin (Goldwyn), J Duepengiesser, NY
6. Benton Braxton Allgood (Braxton), Todd Galton, NY
7. Starmark HP Rumor Has it ( Defiant), Pease, Strowd & Bradshaw, NY
8. Ms Ariannas Door Abbie (Doorman), F&C & F&D Borba and Durrer Dairy, WI
9. Zehrview Absolute Dimples (Absolute), Rosalee Zehr, IL
10. Heart & Soul Armani Lolly (Armani), Matthew Boop, NY

Fall Yearling (14)


1. Reyncrest Lets Do This (Windbrook), Andrew Reynolds, NY
2. Smith-Oak Attic Nice (Attic), B&H Hlavaty, D&R Wolfe and B Hoover, PA
3. Ms Ellee Armani Elysia (Armani), Eaton Holsteins, P Morrill, P Lundy, NY
4. Arethusa Sid Tess (Sid), Kayla Umbel, MD
5. Luncrest Black Widow (goldsun), L&D Pease and MapleDowns, NY
6. Jacobs Goldwyn Karana (Goldwyn), J Dueppengiesser, NY
7. Ziems-LKH GWA Ms Monster (Atwood), Ziems Farms, T&L Ziemba & kHurtgen, WI
8. Joleanna Smokin Guns (Smokin), D & K Hitt, NY
9. Butlerview GC Arkansas (Gold Chip), HA Lusk, E Tierney, NY
10. Fairmont DTP Sanchez Dixie (Sanchez), D Tucker Purchase, VT

Junior 2 Year Old (6)

1. BU – Co-Vale Atwood Jane (Atwood), Pleasant Nook & J&P Black, NY
2. MS Elmvue Kountry Fever (Fever), W Schilling and Elmvue Farm, NY
3. Prestige-Gen All Star (Alexander), K&B Ziemba, NY
4. Reyncrest Stanley Cup Daliah (Stanley Cup), Reyncrest, NY
5. Mikelholm Windbrook Rory (Windbrook), Emily Mikel, NY
6. Blue-Gene Iota Ingrid (AltaIota), Josh and Hannah Doughlas, NY

Senior 2 Year Old (18)


1. Sunnylodge Goldwyn Linda (Goldwyn), J Black, Sunnylodge,and M Garrow, ON
2. Wabash-Way Braxton Twinkle (Braxton), C&J Hill, F&D Borba & G Morasci, MD
3. Maple Downs – AL GChip Galina (Gold Chip), Maple Downs, St Jacobs ABS, Woodmansee, NY
4.OCD Bradnick Candy (Bradnick), Eaton, Lundy, Wesemann, Janssen & CoVale, NY
5. Barbaras Atwood Basha (Atwood), Arethusa, CT
6. Parkacres Braxton Firy (Braxton), A Claypoole and A&K Bednarski, PA
7. Savage-Leigh Gold Lush (Goldwyn), C Savage, MD
8. PennWood Brokaw Tiana (Brokaw), E Stoltzfuz, PA
9. Spungold Extreme Beth (AltaExtreme), C Thompson, PA
10. Sunrose Lauren (Goldsun), Bryce Gingerich, IN

Junior 3 Year Old (4)


1. Maplekeys Sid Odyssey (Sid), E Kueffner, MD
2. Petitclerc GoldChip Skydome (Gold Chip), Budjon Farms, WI
3. Ovaltop Atwood Krispy (Atwood), Michael Wolfe, NY
4. Post Haven G Chip Sunshine, Andrew Post, NY

Senior 3 year Old


1. Budjon-JK Elyssa (Sid), Parker Hardy, MI
2. Arethusa Fever Almira (Fever), E Kueffner, CT
3. Wilgro Carrie Taneysha (Dempsey), Cooper Galton, NY
4. Erinwood Lucy Rae (Lauthority), R&S Allyn and MapleDowns, NY
5. Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald), Eaton, Conroy, Cates, Morrill, Posada & Garcia, NY
6. Maple Downs Windbrook Faith (Windbrook), J Loyd & G Lloyd, NY
7. Ashlyn Sanchez Sprinkles (Sanchez), CLF Inc, NJ
8. Gen-Com Sid Abel (Sid), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
9. Gen-Com Windbrook Alie (Windbrook), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
10. K-E-B-A Jasper Prada (Jasper), M Morgan, PA

4 Year Old (18)


1. Windy-Knoll-View Parfait (Atwood), J&N Burdette, M,M,M, Iager, PA
2. Crovalley Knowledge Akika (Knowledge), Arethusa Farm, CT
3. Vacolait Atwood Charm (Atwood), Michael Garrow, NY
4. Gen-Com Braxton Hailory (Braxton), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
5. Crackholm Goldwyn Chary (Goldwyn), J Dueppengiesser, NY
6. Luncrest Sanchez Bambi (Sanchez), W&r Lundy, NY
7. Liddleholme Mariah (Contender), Brock Liddle, NY
8. Miss Beautys Bombshell (Goldwyn), Bombsell Synicates, NY
9. Twin-River Mr Shane 919 (Mr Shane), Andrew Reynolds, NY
10. Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn (Goldwyn), St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, CT

5 Year Old


1. Lylehaven Atwood Lylly (Atwood), M Garrow & Marlene Holmes, NY
2. Vioris Alex Pandora (Alexander), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
3. Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), Cooper Galton, NY
4. Porpo Goldwyn Barby (Goldwyn), Parker Hardy, MI
5. Ernest-Anthony Tempted (Sanchez), Arethusa, CT
6. Torpedo Damion Susan (Damion), Elmvue Farm, NY
7. Ernest-Anthony Acoustic (Goldwyn), Arethusa Farm, CT
8. Ms Atwood Madison (Atwood), Pleasant Nook, J&P Black, Glenvue, M Unholzer, ON
9. J&K-Vue Jasper Gala (Jasper), Douglas Boop, PA
10. Milksourse Shottle Asia (Shottle), B,B,J,M & A Hill, NY

Aged Cow (10)


1. RF Goldwyn Hailey (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
2. Glenwin Goldwyn Calypso (Goldwyn), Glenvue, M Unholzer, Pleasant Nook, ON
3. MilkSource Goldwyn Africa (Goldwyn), Peter and Lyn Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
4. Howardview WG Gold Casey (Goldwyn), Juniper Elite Holsteins, ME
5. Blondon Goldwyn Subliminal (Goldwyn), Peter and Lyn Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
6. Mill-Wheel Adv Carolina (Advent), A Reynolds, NY
7. Double-D Mr Burns Jess (Mr Burns),E, B, M, Hill, VT
8. Ovaltop Dundee Ester (Dundee), Doug Wolfe, NY
9. J&K-Vue Goldwyn Glamour (Goldwyn), Doug Boop, PA
10. Pennwood Dundee Turnip (Dundee), E Stoltzfus, PA

150,000 lbs. Cow


1. Savage Leigh Leona (Allen), Chris Savage, MD
2. Ovaltop Lheros Natilda (Lheros), Michael Wolfe, NY
3. Ridge Folly (Linjet), C Conrad, NY

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