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Weekly Show and Sale Recap– 5/19/2012


    • Western Spring National B&W Holstein Show
      Thursday, May 17, 2012
      Richmond, Utah
      Judge: Justin Burdette, PA
      • Junior Champion – LaFontaine Aftershock Arrie (Ms Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET), Westcoast Holsteins
      • Reserve Junior Champion – Greenlane Destry Laurel-Red-ET (Scientific Destry), Westcoast Holsteins
      • HM Junior Champion – Milksource Fever Goldgen (Crackholm Fever), T&L Cattle and Kingsway Farms
      • Junior Champion – Junior Show – Claquato-RHH Goldwyn Alexia (Braedale Goldwyn), Briar Jeg
      • Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show – R-John Atwood Aspire-ET (Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood), Rocco Cunningham
      • HM Junior Champion – Junior Show – McClelland Sanchez Dolly (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Rocco Cunningham
      • Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion – Pappys Goldwyn Rave-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Westcoast Holsteins
      • Reserve Intermediate Champion – Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha (Braedale Goldwyn), T&L Cattle Ltd.
      • HM Intermediate Champion – E-Evans-A Jasper Emma-ET (Wilcoxview Jasper), Eric Evans
      • Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion – Junior Show – Ms Exels Pronto Gianna 15614 (Windy-Knoll-View Pronto), Rocco Cunningham
      • Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show – Pappys Goldwyn Texie-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Lacey Papageorge
      • Senior & Grand Champion – Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Westcoast Holsteins
      • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Paulo-Bro Dmion Candle 7917 (Erbacres Damion), Pat Conroy & Budjon Farms
      • Senior & Grand Champion – Junior Show – Rainyridge Regiment Jackie-Red (Carrousel Regiment-Red), Kade Harris
      • Reserve Senior & HM Grand Champion – Junior Show – Cache-Valley Delight Durham (Regancrest Elton Durham), Kade Harris HM
      • Senior Champion – Junior Show- Balland Extra Bunni-Red (Krull SS Extra-Red), Meredith Ball
    • Western Spring National R&W Holstein Show
      Thursday, May 17, 2012
      Richmond, Utah
      Judge: Justin Burdette
      • Junior Champion Red & White Show – Greenlane Destry Laurel-Red-ET, 1st fall yearling, Westcoast Holsteins
      • Reserve Junior Champion – Duckett P Lucy-Red, 1st spring yearling, Westcoast Holsteins
      • HM Junior Champion – Markwell-I Secure Rainee, 1st summer yearling, Westcoast Holsteins
      • Intermediate Champion – Ms Advent Cassidy-Red (KHW Kite Advent-Red), Chilliwack Cattle Co.
      • Reserve Intermediate Champion – T-C-G Debonair Reba-Red-ET (Scientific Debonair-Red-ETS), Seagull Bay Dairy Inc.
      • HM Intermediate Champion – Utag Redliner Gretchen-Red (Fradon Redliner-Red), Utah State University
      • Senior & Grand Champion – Lake-Prairie Advent Ava-Red (KHW Kite Advent-Red), Westcoast Holsteins
      • Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion – Rainyridge Regiment Jackie-Red (Carrousel Regiment-Red), Kade Harris
    • All-Utah Holstein Show
      May 11, 2012
      Ogden, UT
      Judge: Nathan Thomas, Cable, O
      • Junior Champion: Heart-O-Rose Deuce Brac-Red (Scientific SS Deuce-ET),1st winter yearling, Justin Jenson & Jon Schuman
      • Reserve Junior Champion: Hamming Jasper Darla (Wilcoxview Jasper-ET), 1st fall yearling, Doubletree Dair
      • Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion: E-Evans-H Jasper Emma-ET (Wilcoxview Jasper-ET), 1st senior 3-year-old, Eric Evan
      • Reserve Intermediate Champion: Utag Sanchez Elixir-ET (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Wadeland Dair
      • Senior & Grand Champion: Budjon-Nitzy Danicka-ET (Comestar Stormatic-ET), 1st 5-year-old, Matt & Jordan Leak
      • Reserve Senior Champion: Country-Home Morty Sandy (Stouder Morty-ET), 1st Aged Cow, Doubletree Dairy


  • British topper
    During the dispersal sale of the British Moree herd, many great prices were noted. Top seller was Moree Bolton Marq I VG-87, in-calf to Numero Uno, and sold to the Lawder herd in Trillick for £5100. She was followed by Goldwyn daughter Moree Sweet, who went to Northern Ireland for £5000. (
  • Northwest Illinois Spring Sizzler Averages $2512
    The Northwest Illinois Holstein club held their annual Spring Sizzler Sale Friday, May 4th. The sale was at the Stephenson Co. Fairgrounds in Freeport, IL. The nice weather brought out many Northern IL and Southern WI breeders to see a very nice lineup of cattle sell. The sale achieved a $2512 average! (source:
    • Topping the sale at $11,000 was Lot 1-  MS Alexis Colt Ali-ET, she is a 10/11 Polled RC Colt-P with a +1947GTPI  x VG-86 VG-MS Shottle x EX-95 KHW Regiment APPLE-RED! She was consigned by Apple Partners and purchased by Joseph O’Callaghan of Ireland.
    • The second high seller at $4700 was a 12/12 Reality-Red x OCD Contender Lonnie-Red-ET VG-86, 1st milking yrlg Royal Winter Fair R&W Show 2011. She was consigned by Milksource Genetics and was purchased by Meier Meadows of Ridott, IL.
    • Third at $4300 was Lot 28 a fancy 4/11 Apples Absolute-Red heifer x Erbacres Advent Candy-Red VG-85 VG-MS, consigned by Kevin Erbsen. She was purchased by Rachel Koehn/K-Lane Farms of Peotone, IL.
  • Western Spring National Heritage Sale Averages $2,605
    The Western Spring National Heritage Sale was held Thursday evening, May 17th in Richmond, UT in conjunction with the Western Spring National Holstein Show. (source:
    • High seller at the sale at $6,400 was Lot 13 – Markwell Advent Darlie-ET, an EX *RC Advent daughter out of Markwell Luke Rapture (EX-92 4E GMD DOM) and her next dam is the legendary Markwell Bstar Raven-ET (EX-92 3E GMD DOM). Consigned by Andersen, Leak & Orisio, Darlie was purchased by Westcoast Holsteins of Chilliwack, BC.
    • 2nd high seller was Lot 46 – Poelman Fever Roulette, a 5/11 Fever out of a GP-CAN Howie dam, then a VG Leduc, then three generations of EX-CAN dams. Roulette was 5th in the spring yearling class earlier in the day. Purchased by John Wallentine of Utah for $5,300, she was consigned by Kingsway and T & L Cattle of Rosedale, BC.
    • Lot 11 – EskDale Amberly Amanda-ET, a 1/12 Shamrock with 4/12 GTPI +2280  +700NM$ -.1DPR +5.4PL +2.86T sold for $5,100 – good for third high. Her VG-88 Shottle dam hails from the same maternal line as Golden-Oaks St Alexander. Consigned by EskDale Dairy of Utah, she sold to Adam Tripp of Utah.
    • High selling Jersey at $3,500 was Lot 41 – Hawarden Eclipes Pixie, a 6/11 Eclipes-P out of Hawarden Jace Pix (EX-94), then an EX-91 and EX-94 dams.

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