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What if Milk Prices Rose as Fast as Prescription Drugs?

If prices for some basic consumer necessities — from milk to bread to a gallon of gas — rose as much as popular prescription drugs, many Americans wouldn’t be able to put food on their table and would face the same dire choices that millions of older adults facing high prescription drug costs do every […]

Research suggests cheese is as addictive as drugs

Cheese contains a chemical found in addictive drugs, scientists have found. The team behind the study set out to pin-point why certain foods are more addictive than others. Using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, designed to measure a person’s dependence on, scientists found that cheese is particularly potent because it contains casein. The substance, which […]

Milkman accused of sneaking drugs, phones into Ohio prison

A longtime milkman delivered more than what the labels on his packages promised, smuggling marijuana, tobacco and cellphones into an Ohio prison hidden inside milk cartons, a prosecutor said. Ray Adams was in contact with an inmate at Lebanon Correctional Facility who facilitated the deliveries and set up payments, according to Warren County Prosecutor David […]

Cheese and Drugs Wrangle Holds up EU-Canada Trade Deal

Disputes over cheese and pharmaceuticals are holding up the start of an EU-Canada free trade agreement that both sides have championed as a landmark deal for open markets against a protectionist tide. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has received all the clearances required for it to enter force provisionally, with officials on both […]

Using Drugs Responsibly on Dairy Farms

While most cows remain healthy, some become ill and require antibiotic treatment to return to full health.  Using Drugs Responsibly on Dairy Farms is a webinar presented by UW-Extension Milk Quality Veterinarian Pam Ruegg during the September 2015 Hoard’s Dairyman Webinar Series.  Dr. Ruegg’s webinar focuses on allowable drug usage and describe some simple practices that will help ensure all medications […]

Dairy Pharmacology – When Good Drugs Go Bad

When the headlines scream that yet another drug used by agriculture is deadly …. I must admit that I only continue to read until I discover whether or not it affects my particular herd, family or lifestyle.  If not.  I let it go.  However, I must also admit, that this “what’s in it for me?” […]

Lance Armstrong, Drugs and the Dairy Industry

The whole world watched as Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah that he used EPO, human-growth hormone, testosterone and other drugs to help him win his 7 Tour de France titles.  Actually, many learned about his confession second hand since, not that many people get Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.  The part that was really interesting is […]

Top Dairy Industry News Stories from January 8th to 14th 2022

Feature Article: 2021 Breeders Choice Awards – Tanbark Trail Edition – The Finals Top News Stories: Farmer fearing spoiled milk hits 199kmh trying to intercept dairy tanker ‘I will never move to town’: Nome, ND family one of the few still milking cows the old-fashioned way Butter – What is Happening to Supply and Prices? […]

Canadian scientists aim to disrupt growth of M. bovis

A University of Saskatchewan (USask) research team is evaluating how a panel of drugs might affect Mycoplasma bovis — a bacterium that’s responsible for causing serious health issues among Canada’s cattle herds, writes Jessica Colby. “It’s a causative agent of pneumonia, it can also participate in the development of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), which is […]

New Guide Helps Reduce Antibiotic use in Treating Mastitis

On December 20, 2021, the Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE), in collaboration with Cornell University’s Quality Milk Production Service (QMPS) – Eastern Regional Laboratory in Cobleskill, New York, and with funding from the New York Farm Viability Institute, are pleased to announce the launch of a guide for New York dairy farmers to […]

Russian dairy farmers see shortage of veterinary medicine

Russian milk companies have seen the price for almost the entire range of veterinary medicine skyrocketing over the past few months due to various factors, including logistics issues, unfavourable Russian ruble exchange rate, and a production decrease in China. A market study conducted by the Russian news outlet, MilkNews, showed that most milk companies have […]

New Virginia Tech Startup Seeks to use Nano-Capsules Derived from Milk to Deliver Heart Drug

Scientists at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC have started a new biotechnology company to apply one of nature’s courier systems to deliver a potentially life-saving medication. The work, led by Robert Gourdie, director of the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute’s Center for Heart and Reparative Medicine Research, takes advantage of nanoscale bubbles called exosomes. But instead […]

Looking to improve antimicrobial resistance monitoring in animals?

Antimicrobial resistance monitoring is essential to guide the proper use of antibiotics, and thus reduce the resistance of microorganisms. ANSES scientists have taken part in several studies showing how this monitoring can be improved, whether by taking into account bacterial species not yet monitored, the diversification of monitoring contexts or harmonization at European level. Monitoring […]

Curly Calf Syndrome in Ayrshires

A new genetic abnormality has recently been identified in the Canadian Ayrshire population. The formal name of this genetic defect is Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), but it is commonly known as Curly Calf Syndrome. Calves with this genetic defect are born deformed with stiffness in multiple joints and/or joints that are curved or hooked. This condition […]

New study identifies genomic pathway to healthier, more productive dairy cattle

A study by Synomics, the biological insights business, has identified a pathway for improving the accuracy with which key economic production, health and fertility traits can be predicted in dairy cattle by using a completely new approach to analyzing variations within the genome. With an increasing focus on the economic, social and environmental impact of […]

Pain management is quickest route to improved welfare

Increased use of pain management would offer immediate opportunities to improve ruminant welfare across the UK at little extra cost, according to views captured at a recent workshop, writes Ruth Wills. Ruminant Health and Welfare (RH&W) identified a number of welfare challenges and positive interventions in the session, which brought together vets, researchers, farmers and […]

USTR Report Cites Impediments to U.S. Dairy Exports

The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) urged the Biden Administration to work to eliminate foreign tariffs on and nontariff impediments to U.S. exports, following the releaseWednesday by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) of the 2021 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers. The annual report looks at […]

Is Dairy Farming Cruel to Cows?

The 1,500 Jersey cows that Nathan Chittenden and his family raise in upstate New York seem to lead carefree lives. They spend their days lolling around inside well-ventilated barns and eating their fill from troughs. Three times a day, they file into the milking parlor, where computer-calibrated vacuums drain several gallons of warm milk from […]

Scientists Smell Profit in Cow Emissions

Cattle produce more methane than many large countries. A solution could be an ecological and financial breakthrough — and a Swiss biotech company may be on the cusp. Peaches, a brown-and-white Jersey cow weighing 1,200 pounds, was amiably following Edward Towers through a barn on a sunny March morning when the 6-year-old dug in her […]

National Mastitis Council updates Post-milking Teat Disinfection Fact Sheet

Teat disinfection plays a key role in the National Mastitis Council (NMC) mastitis control plan. To help dairy producers and their advisers implement the most science-based teat disinfection protocols, NMC Teat Health Committee members updated the organization’s Post-milking Teat Disinfection Fact Sheet. This free resource is available here.  The Post-milking Teat Disinfection Fact Sheet addresses […]

USDA and FDA Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance Collaboration, Efficiency on U.S. Dairy Exports

Today, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining strengthened coordination between the FDA and the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) to facilitate the export of milk and milk products from the United States. U.S. […]

Aspirin after calving can provide relief to dairy cows, increase milk production

Dairy cows that received a short course of anti-inflammatory medication after calving had lower metabolic stress and produced more milk than untreated cows, according to researchers, who say the regimen they tested could be adopted more easily by producers than previously studied treatment strategies. “Dairy cows experience systemic inflammation and stress around calving, and these […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Dairy Farmers When Facing Financial Difficulty

Do’s Complete a production and financial management analysis of your business for 2019. Determine strengths, but most importantly, areas for improvement that result in an immediate response and improvement in cash Complete a profitability and cash flow Partial budget of the expected impacts of any changes made to improve the Whole farm budgets of expected […]

Gene edited cattle: are we there yet?

As gene editing technology advances, the possibility of genetically modified beef and dairy cattle is closer than ever. Where is the cattle industry now, and how do we ensure consumer and environmental safety as the technology becomes more widespread? A recent article in Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering has reviewed the emerging developments in […]

Instead of Cannabis, This California ‘Dispensary’ Served Dairy Products

California Milk Advisory Board California Milk Advisory Board’s pop-up served “microdoses” of butter. Key insights: California Milk Advisory Board tapped into cannabis culture by serving dairy products in a dispensary-like setting. Cannabis execs say the stunt raises awareness for the industry despite initial criticism. The board plans to continue leveraging cultural moments to keep dairy […]

‘America’s Dairyland’: Wisconsin’s farmers see bleak future

Collapsing prices, the rise of mega farms in warmer states and fluctuations in demand have led to a spate of bankruptcies A cow stands in a barn at the Lake Breeze Dairy farm in Malone, Wisconsin. Photograph: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images The Goodman family has been milking cows in Wisconsin since 1889. Jim Goodman […]

Dairy Farmers – Break Down The Stigma Around Suicide

Suicide in the agriculture community is an unfortunate reality and is an issue farm families have to be concerned about. It’s time to end the stigma.  Let’s start by ending the silence. “What are We Talking About?” As dairy farmers, we spend the majority of our time working and when we do get to socialize […]

Dairy industry flexing to add CBD despite regulatory uncertainty

An “absolute insatiable (consumer) appetite for more CBD” products will spur companies in dairy to consider rolling out products even if the FDA hasn’t established a clear framework allowing their use in food and beverage products, the head of a group representing the nation’s dairy manufacturers, marketers and suppliers said on Monday. “Industry is moving […]

6 things I learned from visiting US ‘mega-dairies’

Dairy farming in the US has become synonymous with the words “mega-dairy”. While the scale of US dairy farms bears little resemblance to UK operations, there are some striking similarities and many of the challenges facing the UK dairy sector are also issues for US producers. Our livestock editor, Rhian Price, was invited by World […]

For Canada, USMCA ends uncertainty, but concern lingers for the dairy and aluminum industries

Ray Laing followed the on-again, off-again negotiations to revamp NAFTA closely — and concluded he was on the losing end of the new deal.He worries the agreement, which opens up more of Canada’s long-protected dairy market to the United States, will eat into demand for the roughly 660,000 gallons of milk produced each year at […]

China Mengniu Dairy to buy a second Australian dairy firm for $407 million from Kirin

China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd (2319.HK) plans to buy the owner of some of Australia’s best known milk brands from Japan’s Kirin Holdings Co Ltd (2503.T) for A$600 million ($407 million), its second Down Under dairy buyout in two months. FILE PHOTO: Boxes of Mengniu’s milk products are seen at a supermarket in Beijing June […]

“STAPH” Meeting: A Different Approach To Combating Mastitis?

The numbers don’t lie: Mastitis infections in dairy herds are one of the most financially detrimental occurrences a producer can face. With an estimated $2 billion in losses each year in the U.S. and $400 million in Canada, more preventative and sustainable measures to alleviate mastitis infections are sorely needed. Staphylococcus aureus remains one of […]

The cows that could help fight climate change

  Photo by Anna Hastert A hefty slice of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the smelly bodily functions of livestock. Can tinkering with the microbes in their guts help to save the planet from climate change? Por Geoff Watts Source BBC The cows grazing peacefully in the vicinity of New Zealand’s farming science research institute AgResearch look […]

Dairy giant Fonterra to cut debts after $590 million asset sale

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has agreed to sell its 50 per cent stake in pharmaceutical company DFE Pharma for $NZ633 million ($590 million) as it looks to reduce its debts. Fonterra’s chief executive Miles Hurrell said the sale, along with the proceeds from other recent sales including Tip Top ice cream, gave the company […]

Pharma, not dairy, main hurdle to ratifying USMCA

A leading U.S. farmers’ organization says it wants the new North American trade agreement renegotiated to fix a major flaw — one that has nothing do with Canada’s much-attacked supply-management system for dairy. The National Farmers Union says the new deal’s extended patent protection for new pharmaceuticals must be reduced so that less expensive generic […]

Elanco to become No.2 in animal health with $7.6 billion Bayer deal

Elanco Animal Health (N:) agreed to buy Bayer’s (DE:) veterinary drugs unit on Tuesday in a cash and stock deal valued at $7.6 billion, creating the second largest maker of medicines for pets and livestock and expanding Elanco’s reach online. The deal is the latest in the fast-growing animal health market, which has recently seen […]

Witness Confirms ARM Employee Coerced Behavior Seen in Fair Oaks Abuse Video

According to detectives are investigating claims that the Animal Recovery Mission employee that captured animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms “A third-party witness has come forward to corroborate the allegations made by a suspect that the ARM employee encouraged or coerced the behavior depicted in the portions of the video that have been released publicly.” […]

Fair Oaks Farms animal abuse suspect was in country illegally, ICE says

Following the release of the first activist video shot at Fair Oaks Farms, the local sheriff’s department issued warrants for the four individuals involved. One of those employees, Edgar Gardozo-Vasquez, 36, was arrested this week and according to ICE officials was working in the country illegally – a startling reminder than the e-verify system is […]

Undercover video shows animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms, founder admits

A Florida-based animal welfare group released disturbing footage Tuesday of animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms, located in northwest Indiana. The farm is a popular tourist attraction off of I-65 between Indianapolis and Chicago, and offers tours of their dairy operations to visitors and student field trips. The Animal Recovery Mission conducted an undercover investigation […]

Why are dairy goats the decade’s fastest growing livestock segment?

The most popular milk worldwide comes out of goats. The U.S., where cow is queen, is an outlier. But new data shows that even in America, dairy goats are having a moment. Dairy goats herds expanded faster than any other major livestock group in the U.S. over the past decade. They’ve grown 61 percent between […]

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