Royal Winter Fair 2013 – Holstein – Junior Yearling

Junior Yearling

1. Rotaly  Windbrook Hilda (Windbrook), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Du, QC
2. Dortholme Goldwyn Deb (Goldwyn), Rob Heffernan, Lookout Holsteins and Crackholm Holsteins, ON
3. Colstein Lauthority Crowne (Lauthority), Blair Weeks, Lookout, Frank& Diane Borba
4. Riault Fever July (Fever), R & S Allyn, Ferme Jedro, D Dubois, JM Valley Holsteins, QC
5. Jacobs Goldwyn Amora (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
6. Benrise Gold Jewellry (Goldwyn), K Doeberiener, OH
7. Kingsway Windbrook A5 35 (Windbrook), Kingsway Farms, ON
8. Phoenix Lauthority Jazz (Lauthority), Vale-O-Skene, Ryla, Gracehaven & Emilane, ON
9. Pierstein Extreme Hannah (Extreme), Isabelle Morin & Max Hebert, QC
10. Kingsway Dempsey Candy (Dempsey), R Canning & T Canning, ON


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