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Breakfast on the Dairy Farm an award-winning idea

Over 3,400 people have attended the annual summer event A group of Olds-area dairy farmers who developed an innovative consumer outreach program are this year’s winner of Award of Distinction for Communication from Alberta Farm Animal Care. “Six years ago the East Olds Dairy Farmers group, which is made up of several dairy farm families, […]

2018 Holstein Canada Annual Meeting Highlights

Le belle province hosted The 134th Annual General meeting of Holstein Canada.  The 135th Annual General Meeting,  was held in historic Quebec City, while a Show and Sale took place in Victoriaville. Three neighbouring areas along the picturesque St. Lawrence River were the setting for this year’s farm tours where Quebec’s passion for the Holstein […]

Thousands Attend Dairy Farmers Pagel, Witcpalek Funeral

A steady stream of people filed into Kewaunee High School on Friday to honor, remember and celebrate the impact John Pagel and Steve Witcpalek had on the dairy industry and their community. As many as 5,000 people were expected between Friday’s visitation and prayer service and Saturday’s funeral for the two men is almost twice the 2,900 […]

Outstanding Individuals to be Honoured at AGM

Holstein Canada is pleased to announce that both a Certificate of Superior Accomplishment and a Certificate of Recognition will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in Quebec City, QC on April 14, 2018. Doug Blair of Cobble Hill, BC will receive the Certificate of Superior Accomplishment, while Jean Touchette of Sainte-Françoise-de-Lotbinière, QC will receive the Certificate […]

Doomsday dairy farmers warn rise of veganism risks armoogeddon

As the number of people choosing a diet free of animal-derived products continues to rise, the dairy farming industry is fighting back. For the duration of January, meat and dairy eaters were encouraged to go vegan – and with more options available in shops, it’s never been easier. Now, concerned dairy farmers are responding in […]

WDE Volunteers Honored as Friends of Expo

World Dairy Expo’s annual Friends of Expo Party was held on Monday, December 11, recognizing the efforts and contributions of WDE’s nearly 500 volunteers. The evening was highlighted with the presentation of the 2017 Friend of Expo Awards to longtime Expo supporters, Diane Morgenthaler, Dr. David Jeans, Rick Farris and Suzanne Lois, for their dedication […]

Dairy’s future looking brighter

A mood of cautious optimism is creeping through the dairy industry in the run-up to Christmas, according to Shaughn Morgan, CEO of advocacy group Dairy Connect. “It’s taken around 18 months for producers to begin to recover from the price cut shocks delivered by the Murray Goulburn Co-operative and by Fonterra in April 2016 but […]

Calves taken, cows made pregnant for milk: Animal welfare protest targets dairy industry

Newborn calves being taken from their mothers and cows being impregnated so they produce milk are part of the dairy industry too few Kiwis know about, SAFE says. The animal rights group is launching a campaign until the end of November to educate people who didn’t know about the realities of milk production, said spokeswoman […]

Judges Confirmed For 2018 National Dairy Cattle Shows

We are thrilled that the following personnel will make up the Judging Panel officiating at IDW 2018.  For a full biography on each please click here We look forward to welcoming each Judge to the showring from Monday 22 through to Thursday 25 January. All Breeds National Youth Show – Mr Brian Behnke, United States […]

Siblings work together raising 4-H dairy projects

Lincolnview siblings Haley and Jonathan Overholt have spent nearly 20 years of accumulated 4-H activity raising dairy cattle as projects for the Van Wert 4-H Fair shows. Haley, a senior this year at Lincolnview, is showing her Holstein, Willard, in this, her ninth year in 4-H. Jonathan, a sophomore, is showing his cow, Herman, this […]

New Zealander dairy industry argues for lifting restrictions on migrant workers

Few Kiwis bother to apply for jobs on some dairy farms because the bar is set high, a dairy farmer says. Federated Farmers North Canterbury dairy chairman Michael Woodward said out of 40 people who apply for a job on his farm, only a handful will be New Zealanders. “Only a few will make it […]

Why I’m Scared for Dairy Farmers

Written by: Travis Senn,Ag-vocate | Award-Winning Filmmaker I have always been around dairy. Whether it was growing up on my parents’ small farm back in Wisconsin or working for a Florida dairy cooperative now, I have always had a rooting interest for dairy farmers. Through the years, I heard the usual complaints most dairy kids […]

Pennsylvania Law Will Protect Veterinarians Who Report Cruelty

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is excited to announce that House Bill (HB) 1238, passed the Senate unanimously last week and now heads to Governor Wolf for his signature. Thank you to Representative Mark Keller for his long-standing support of PVMA and our profession and his tireless efforts to get veterinary immunity passed. Representative […]

National Dairy Shrine Announces Klussendorf, McKown Scholarship Winners

The Klussendorf Association and McKown Fund are excited to announce the seven $1,500 scholarship recipients for a total of $10,500. These scholarships are presented annually to students in their first, second, or third year at a two-year or four-year college or university in the United States or Canada majoring in dairy science, animal science, agri-business, […]

Dairy farmer kicked out of Lush store, contends viral post

A Grand Rapids area mom’s Facebook rant about how her son was treated at a Lush store in Woodland Mall has gone viral. Leslie Van Houten Parrish, of Caledonia, said her teen son was shopping for a gift for his girlfriend when an employee allegedly asked him to leave the high-end beauty retailer known for […]

Applicants Sought for Holstein Association USA Junior Advisory Committee Adult Representatives

Holstein Association USA is currently seeking applications for adult representatives from Areas III and IV on the Junior Advisory Committee (JAC). The JAC serves as a sounding board for Junior members and advisors on Holstein youth programs. Applications must be submitted to Holstein Association USA by April 1st for consideration.  The current adult representatives from Areas III […]

As Sales Of Milk Alternatives Grow, So Do Dairy Farmers’ Frustrations

Market Shift Continues As Dairy Industry Struggles With Falling Prices Sales of nut-based milks and related products are increasing. Most Wisconsinites – and Americans – have a special place in their hearts and kitchens for dairy milk. But the last few years have seen a growth in popularity of milk alternatives such as almond milk, […]

UK bioethicists eye designer babies and CRISPR cows

From designer babies to engineered mosquitoes, advances in genome-editing technologies such as CRISPR–Cas9 have raised the possibility of tremendous scientific advances — and serious ethical concerns. In a preliminary 130-page report released on 30 September, the influential Nuffield Council on Bioethics in London announced that two applications of the technology demanded further attention: genome editing in human embryos […]

Fearless or Fearful? Today’s Farm Kids are Both!

The kids are back in school.  Harvest season is swinging into gear.  Fall fairs are highlighting the 4-H and farm projects of future farmers. It seems that all’s well with the world until unfortunate headlines suggest that there is danger lurking behind the heartwarming scenes of farm kids, calves and trophies. FARM KIDS ON THE […]

Dairy cows’ ‘fight or flight’ response probed to uncover cattle’s emotions in new study

The study of a cow’s predominant eye which it uses while interacting with other cattle and humans could provide valuable insight into a cow’s emotional temperaments, the study revealed. University of Queensland Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics director Clive Phillips said the five-year study found dairy cows increased the use of their left eye […]

The Subtle Art of Not Caring What Everyone Thinks

We have all been there. We go to do something but, before we can even start, we begin to worry about what people will think.  That’s because everyone wants to be liked and accepted.  The dairy community likes to think of itself as an all friendly and happy community.  The challenge is that, when your […]

The Top 15 of 2015 – The most read articles of 2015

While we always try to be as forward thinking as we possible can, it’s at this time we take a look back.  Once again we had a record year with the largest number of visitors in the dairy industry.  While our innovative show coverage this year certainly attracted record setting visits with the top 10 viewed […]

Why Dairy Farming Needs Women

Industry figureheads rallied progressive producers yesterday at the inaugural Women in Dairy conference. Their message was clear – farming needs women and all their positive traits. Launched last year, Women in Dairy runs a remit to connect women, share knowledge and inspire in a traditionally male dominated sector. Addressing the conference, Caroline Drummond, chief executive […]

EU Debates Farm Animal Cloning Ban

Amendments to a European Commission proposal to ban the cloning of farm animals in the EU are the subject of an MEP debate and vote today (Tuesday 8) September. The MEPs in charge of steering the plans through Parliament support the ban, but want to add provisions on the offspring of cloned animals and the […]

New York Dairyman Receives All-American’s Obie Snider Award

Dr. Douglas Evans, DVM, owner-operator of Sunny Acres Farm of Georgetown, N.Y., is the recipient of the 2015 Obie Snider Award, the top honor of the All-American Dairy Show. Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding will present the award at the show’s Dairy Farmer Appreciation Banquet on Monday, September 14, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and […]

Top Dairy Industry News Stories from August 1st to August 7th

Feature Articles Show Ring Ethics: Cheater’s Never Prosper….Or Do They  How producers have benefited from using genomics – Zoetis Webinar #2 Video  Discovering Genetic Anomalies from Genotyping Top News Stories: Fire destroy Dairy barns in Wisconsin  Dutch millionaire plans to become world’s biggest dairy farmer  No turning back for Canada now that dairy protection is […]

Survey Finds Animal Welfare Tops Consumers’ Ethical Concerns

Three quarters of consumers in the UK put animal welfare at the top of the list when it comes to ethical issues for food companies. Concerns over how animals reared for meat, dairy products and eggs are treated is the top of the list of issues for consumers when companies make ethical claims. More than […]

New funding to increase feed efficiency and reduce methane emissions in Canada’s dairy industry

The Canadian dairy industry adds more than $16 billion to Canadian GDP each year with Alberta contributing a significant amount to that total. As international demand for dairy products grows in the coming years, due to growing middle classes in emerging economies and a general global population increase, demand for high-quality milk proteins from Canada […]

Dairy Farmers of Canada Taking proAction

Last week Tuesday and Wednesday was DFC’s annual general meeting, in which they voted on the animal care, traceability, biosecurity, and environment components of the proAction project. ProAction is an intiative aimed to show consumers the work, care, and quality that dairy farmers put into their product. “Dairy farmers have a high degree of respect […]

How To Choose The Best Dairy Consultant For Your Business

Dairying is a complicated business.  Sometimes you need to ask for help. None of us knows everything about growing and managing a dairy herd.  Some are just starting out. Others might be upscaling? Or downsizing?  Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, there could be major questions about dairy nutrition, finances, real estate or […]

Top Dairy Industry News Stories from June 1st to June 5th

Feature Articles Smoking is good for you…and other facts dairy breeders should know  CALF FEEDING FREQUENCY: The more often the merrier?  Tail Docking, Dehorning and How to Make Heads or Tails of the Saputo Announcement  Top News Stories: Reese Burdette – One Year Later  Goldwyn Cameron passes  Dairy giant Saputo mandates dehorning pain control and […]

Dairy Cow Camp Prepares Future Dairy Leaders

Youth ages eight to18 interested in learning about the dairy industry will want to register for 4-H Dairy Cow Camp, scheduled for May 27-29. “This camp draws attention to the importance of farming and its important role in Missouri’s economy. It provides youth a “hands-on” opportunity to care for dairy animals and learn about many […]

Obie Snider Award Nominations Accepted Through May 31

All-American Dairy Show Obie Snider Award nominations are being accepted now through May 31, 2015 announced the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture today. The award recognizes dairy men and women who honor Snider’s character, ethics, service, leadership and professionalism. The award will be presented at the 52nd All-American Dairy Show, September 12–17, at the Pennsylvania Farm […]

What’s in store for the Irish dairy industry when quotas end

In the post-quota milk world, social and geopolitcal upheavals from Shanghai to Moscow will be felt in Irish farms and fields. Ralph Haslam makes the universal sign for crazy by tapping the side of his head with his finger when asked what his neighbours make of his farming methods. We’re standing on Mossfield Farm, six […]

Show Heifer Ages – About as accurate as my horoscope

It seems like a question that comes up every February 28th, May 31st, August 31st, and November 30th among dairy breeders around the world. Since we launched The Milk House, it certainly seems to be a question of great debate. The problem is …. Is the question, in fact, irrelevant? How big an issue is […]

Understanding Genetic Indexes – Keep It Simple Stupid

Go to any purebred dairy cattle sale and listen to the pedigree person. What are they saying? Usually is an exhortation to buy the animal in the ring because it has a gTPI of 2700 or her dam was Grand Champion at prominent show or she comes from eight generation of Excellent dams.  In essence […]

JOHN ANDERSEN – COMMERCIAL and PEDIGREE – Building a Field of Dreams

We all know the old saying, “East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet”.  The dairy business has traditionally seen irreconcilable differences in the areas of commercial dairy vs. registered dairy; corporate farms vs. family farms; genomics vs. proven; corporate owners vs. family ownership; employee goals vs. owner strategies.  Of […]

Make your veterinarian a part of your team

Dairies are best served by having a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) As a dairy producer, the power to prevent violative milk or meat residues is in your hands. It takes preparation, planning and teamwork to create an effective residue avoidance plan. It starts with a strong partnership with your veterinarian. “Your veterinarian is the expert […]

North American International Livestock Exposition Offers Garland Bastin Scholarship for Junior Dairy Exhibitors

The North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) Executive Committee is again offering a $1000 scholarship in honor of Garland Bastin. The Bastin Scholarship started in 2001 and was established to honor the memory of Garland Bastin and in support of the standards of ethics that he endorsed throughout his distinguished career. He served as the […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Dairy Breeding Industry

No matter what industry you look at there are always going to be those people who are immoral, shiftless, self-gratifying and good-for-nothing.  Throughout the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church hierarchy emphasized teaching all lay people the Deadly Sins.  We here at the Bullvine decided to take a look at the Seven Deadly Sins in the […]

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