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Can the world quench China’s bottomless thirst for milk?

China’s leaders have championed milk as the emblem of a modern, affluent society – but their radical plan to triple the nation’s consumption will have a huge environmental cost. Beijing-based film-maker Jian Yi, now 43, clearly remembers the arrival of fresh milk in his life. It was an image of it, not the real thing. […]

A More Humane Livestock Industry, Brought to You by Crispr

Hopes were running high for cow 401, and cow 401 serenely bore the weight of expectations. She entered the cattle chute obligingly, and as the vet searched her uterus, making full use of the plastic glove that covered his arm up to his shoulder, she uttered nary a moo. A week ago, Cow 401 and […]

How to make money with your dairy in a down economy; Invest in a cow monitoring system

Invest in a cow monitoring system When milk prices are low, investing in a cow monitoring system may not be the first thing on a farmer’s mind. However, studies have shown that reproduction and health monitoring technologies should always be focused on, even in a down economy. Accurate information about a cow’s performance is essential […]

How to make money with your dairy in a down economy?

When milk prices are low, investing in a cow monitoring system may not be the first thing on a farmer’s mind. However, studies have shown that reproduction and health monitoring technologies should always be focused on, even in a down economy. Accurate information about a cow’s performance is essential to success in dairy farming. The […]

Calf Health: Developing a Better, Faster Diagnostic for Cryptosporidiosis

Cryptosporidiosis is the primary cause of diarrhea in 1-3 week old dairy and beef calves, with conservative estimates placing the economic impact of the disease at $175 million per year in the U.S. in cumulative losses from death, treatment expenses and decreased production. Unlike the other major causes of neonatal calf diarrhea, no effective drugs […]

Gene-edited farm animals are coming. Will the public eat them?

Three cows clomped, single-file, through a chute to line up for sonograms — ultrasound “preg checks” — to reveal if they were expecting calves next summer. “Right now. This is exciting, right this minute,” animal geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam said as she waited for a tiny blob of a fetus to materialize on a laptop […]

Canadian farmers no longer allowed to buy animal antibiotics over the counter

The move is part of a broader government effort to enforce more stringent control and oversight of antibiotic use, as much in humans as in animals. New federal rules aimed at combating a growing global health risk will require farmers to get a veterinary prescription before purchasing antibiotics for their animals. The regulations, which come […]

It’s Crunch Week (Again) for Nafta With U.S. and Canada at Odds

U.S.-Canada trade talks are poised to come to a head this week, as negotiators bear down on their next deadline amid President Donald Trump’s threats to cut his largest export market out of the deal. High-level negotiations are expected to resume this week in a bid to reach a deal for Canada to remain in […]

The true cost of calf deaths

Unacceptably high calf mortality rates on Australian dairies cause significant financial loss to individual enterprises. The extent of this financial loss is often not appreciated because it is hard to assess. On many dairies, losing a few calves a year is not regarded as a big financial loss and that, in fact, is probably right. […]

Dairy Cattle Genetics: Are we breeding cows for the correct environment?

What does a bull’s daughter profile reveal? A description of how the daughters are expected to perform in an intensive barn-housed environment. That works for temperate climates where there is winter, machinery for harvesting forages and cheap fossil fuels. However, what about areas, where only grasses can be grown? Are today’s dairy genetics suited for […]

US absence from TPP ‘benefits Australia’s farmers’

Australian farmers would “hate” to see the new Trans-Pacific Partnership renegotiated to allow the US to enter, and say America’s absence benefits local agriculture. The comments come after Trade Minister Steven Ciobo said there would be “pros and cons” for Australia if the US joined the TPP, indicating beef farmers could be worse off if […]

New York raw milk cheese company ordered to stop sales for food safety violations

Vulto Creamery source of outbreak that sickened eight people, killing two A New York raw milk cheese company whose pr-oducts were linked to a multi-state outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono) has been ordered by a federal court not to manufacture its ready-to-eat aged soft, semi-soft and hard cheeses until it complies with food safety regulations. On […]

Furious viewers blast vegan campaigner

Viewers tore into a militant vegan who claimed the dairy industry rapes and ‘sexually violates’ cows on This Morning as he sat next to two farmers who received death threats after posting photos of their calves online. Joey Carbstrong, 31, an Australian ‘celebrity’ vegan activist with tens of thousands of YouTube and Instagram followers, lectured […]

Canadian industries split on new TPP trade deal

Canada and 10 other countries, including Japan, have reached a deal on a new Pacific Rim trade accord that does not include the United States. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne announced on Tuesday, will benefit Canada’s agricultural sector, chiefly beef and pork producers, which are being granted […]

Age Matters When It Comes to Treating Calves

When it comes to keeping calves healthy, age matters, according to a researcher at North Carolina State University. “Age is dynamic and variable, unlike breed and gender,” said Danielle Mzyk, graduate research assistant in the College of Veterinary Medicine. “It’s not just one parameter. It represents changes in the body composition, liver, kidneys and GI […]

Dealing with Peritonitis in Cows

Peritonitis refers to the inflammation or infection around the peritoneum which is the inside lining of the abdomen. Any infection involving the abdomen receives the nondescript description of peritonitis. This could be an infection around the intestines, stomachs, liver or uterus in cows and heifers. What is most important here is there are many causes […]

How Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Threatens to Choke Idaho’s Dairy Industry

Hispanic workers power the state’s farms. Without them, a ‘Made in America’ success story would collapse. In the Magic Valley of southern Idaho, milk is money. Over 400,000 cows reside in this area, where the miracle of modern irrigation from the Snake River fed pioneer farming. Bovines now outnumber humans by more than two to one. […]

Dark Chocolates and Dairy Products May Help Prevent Viral Flu and Intestinal Inflammation

Chocolate lovers rejoice! According to a latest study, the flavonoids and tryptophan found in dark chocolates and dairy products respectively, can boost the health of good bacteria and virus living in our digestive tracts. According to the researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, these Microbiota or the cluster of billions […]

Winston Peters questions Fonterra on suicide record

Fonterra needs to be asked how many farmers the dairying giant expects will commit suicide this year, Winston Peters says. “A whole lot of farmers out there are hard against the wall and suicide is what a lot of them will do,” Peters told media after opening his party’s election-year conference in South Auckland. About […]

Net Merit Revamped

Economic values in net merit (NM$) were updated in April 2017, cow livability (LIV) was included as a new trait, and body weight composite (BWC) replaced body size composite (BSC). Cows that die or are euthanized on the farm generate no beef income and may have more health expenses than cows that are culled. Research […]

America’s $1.2 Billion Mexico Milk Trade Is Now at Risk

The biggest U.S. dairy importer is talking with New Zealand and buying more from the EU. Guess why. With a tweet on Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump told Wisconsin dairy farmers—and the world—that America “will not stand for” the Canadian policies he says are hurting U.S. exports:  Donald J. Trump   ✔@realDonaldTrump Canada has made business for our […]

Getting More from Your Rumination and Activity Monitoring Devices

Have you ever bought a new piece of equipment only to get less than 50% of what the sales person ‘promised’ it would provide? It is both sad and negative for agriculture when farmers get oversold on new technology. But, let’s be positive! Have you ever invested in new technology and got more than your […]

Tips for preventing violative residues

U.S. dairy producers work hard every day to provide the safest food in the world to consumers, but there is always room for improvement. Although dairy cattle make up less than one tenth of the total cattle sent to market, dairy and bob veal from dairy account for 90% of the violative residues on an […]

Milk Shake Up

The number of dairy cooperatives in Wisconsin continues to shrink, leaving dairy farmers in the state with fewer options for selling their milk, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s most recent cooperative statistics reports. The number of agriculture cooperatives headquartered in Wisconsin dropped from 180 in 2000 to 113 in 2015. Of those, dairy […]

Changes in tetracycline for digital dermatitis

Several changes in the way dairy farms can use antibiotics came into effect January 1st, 2017. At this point, most people are aware of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) and the effect it has on some of the practices we used in raising replacement heifers. The same legislation that brought in the VFD also changed […]

Trade briefing for Trump’s team flagged Canadian softwood, dairy

A confidential briefing for President Donald Trump’s transition team flagged Canada’s dairy policies and the “deeply rooted” softwood lumber dispute as trade issues to watch. Briefing notes from the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office (USTR), obtained by CBC News under the United States Freedom of Information Act, outline 17 trade issues or disputes – four of […]

Detecting and Preventing Dairy Calf Respiratory Disease

Cold weather is not just hard on the people taking care of animals, it can be tough on the animals themselves, said Russ Daly, Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, State Public Health Veterinarian. “It’s not just our imagination that cold temperatures often bring with them an increase in sick calves; there are physiologic reasons why cold […]

Tips to avoid drug residues

We all have a responsibility to eliminate drug residues in milk and meat to ensure a safe, wholesome and healthy food supply. Having a drug residue prevention plan can help your dairy reduce the risk of having a violative drug residue. Consider these six tips for making drug residue avoidance a top priority on your […]

Drug-resistant salmonella linked to Wisconsin calves

A multistate outbreak of salmonella bacteria that is resistant to several drugs has been linked to infected dairy bull calves purchased in Wisconsin, according to federal and state health officials. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 21 people were infected in eight states from Jan. 11 through Oct. 24. Eight of the […]

Happy hormone’s calcium connection may make cows and humans healthier

Serotonin is best known for eliciting feelings of happiness in the human brain, but scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have found the hormone plays a role in milk production in dairy cows — and may have health implications for breastfeeding women. Cows develop a disease called milk fever when the amount of calcium circulating […]

Antibiotics : What’s the Alternative?

We know that antibiotics are those miracle drugs Alexander Fleming stumbled upon in the 1920’s when his lab was left untidy. Since that happy accident, scientists have identified additional naturally-occurring antibiotics and developed synthetic drugs to add to our arsenal to combat bacterial infections. So we’ve had bacteria, through their need to survive, learning how […]

Driving the Protein Economy: Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities

The global population is inexorably moving from its current 7.2 billion towards 9 billion plus with the lion’s share of the additional 2 billion expected over the next 30 years coming from emerging countries. The combination of more people with higher incomes will bring changes in diet with demand continuing to burgeon for animal products […]

New hope in superbug fight: Tasmanian devil milk

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck’s occasional enemy, the voracious Tasmanian devil, may pose a threat to something we’d actually like to see disappear from this planet: the superbug. Researchers in Australia have suspected that Tasmanian devils and other marsupials carry particularly powerful chemicals in their bodies to help their young grow. Marsupials are those mammals […]

India Acts to Curb Unsafe Milk Production

With a fake milk factory busted by the food and drug administration in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, fears of unsafe milk flooding the Indian market are becoming stronger, writes Basudev Mahapatra. Huge quantities of chemicals, detergent power and oil used to produce fake milk besides 1,200 litres of milk and 5 kg of […]

UK Government Sets Targets to Cut Antibiotic Use in Farming

UK – The UK’s government has pledged to continue the fight against antimicrobial resistance to drugs by working together with other countries to create a global strategy to tackle the problem and investing in research to find new antibiotic substances. The government said it would uphold the recommendations of the review into the problem by […]

Bayer clinches Monsanto with improved $66 billion bid

German drugs and crop chemicals company Bayer has won over U.S. seeds firm Monsanto with an improved takeover offer of around $66 billion, ending months of wrangling after increasing its bid for a third time. The $128 a share deal, up from Bayer’s previous offer of $127.50 a share, is the biggest of the year […]

Antibiotics – Good or Bad News for the Dairy Industry?

Since the beginning of time, disease and illness have been a significant challenge for both human medicine and animal agriculture. In fact, when humans and animals shared housing it was an ever present fear. The discovery of live organisms to produce products that counteract disease and illness was considered to be a miracle. However, a […]

Major Changes Coming To The Canadian Dairy Industry

A new, tentative agreement reached between Canadian dairy farmers and processors will allow Canadian processors to buy domestic milk ingredients at world market prices. The nationwide pricing strategy aims to incentivize the use of Canadian domestic ingredients by pricing them at levels that are competitive with those offered by American and other international producers. In […]

Test the Tank, Not the Cow

You recently treated your dairy cow with antibiotics for a case of mastitis. Assuming you worked with your veterinarian to determine the pathogen and appropriate treatment, and considering you followed the antibiotic’s label directions for dose and proper route of administration and milk withhold time, her milk should be ready for the bulk tank again. […]

Meth houses popping up on dairy farms

Farm owners were urged to be vigilant and do reference checks before letting anyone stay in their properties. More and more houses for dairy farm workers are being used to manufacture meth. A meth-testing company, Federated Farmers and the police all say their isolation isn’t the only thing that makes them perfect for cooking up the drug. […]

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