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WestGen Donates $100,000 to BCDA Disaster Relief Fund

WestGen Digs Deep to Donate

Thrust into the middle of the unprecedented floods in BC, WestGen has felt first-hand the devastation, but have also benefitted first-hand from the surrounding farming community’s heroic efforts to assist us in evacuating animals from our barn; and thereafter have been in a position to return that support to other farmers in need. “It has been a humbling, emotional and yet inspirational week”, Chris Parry, CEO, WestGen Group sums up. “For many, there is a long road ahead to recovery, but the farming community and WestGen will be there to do what we can”.

BC’s Sumas Prairie represents a small geographical piece of the total WestGen territory. Still farmers right across the four-province region that WestGen services are donating and offering assistance to their peers. It is in that spirit of giving that WestGen is donating $100,000 to the BCDA’s disaster relief fund. “The need is great. As a farmer-owned, farmer directed company, this is a donation on behalf of all farmers in western Canada” states Richard Boonstoppel, WestGen President.

We are proud to be part of Western Canada’s farming community.

Strength in the Herd

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