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Victorian Winter Fair 2015 Cow Show Results


SUPREME SENIOR EXHIBIT – Mooramba Talent Randell – Woodlawn Holsteins


SENIOR CHAMPION – Mooramba Talent Randell -Woodlawn Holsteins
RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION – Bluechip Goldwyn Paradise – Bluechip Genetics


RED SENIOR CHAMPION  – Pardee Contender Perfection-Red – Lucas Family
RESERVE RED SENIOR CHAMPION- Rusty Red Advent Dinah-Red – Judson Jennings


INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION – Paringa Windstorm Ezra – Bluechip Genetics & Phil Malcolm
RESERVE INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION – Bluechip Goldwyn Frosty – Bluechip Genetics & Toi Toi Genetics


RED INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION Ryanna Contender Rlackrose-Red – Bluechip Genetics & Next Generation Holsteins
RESERVE INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION Rusty Red Apple Becky-Red – Judson Jennings


SUPREME INTERMEDIATE EXHIBIT – Paringa Windstorm Ezra – Bluechip Genetics & Phil Malcolm


SUPREME BEST UDDER – Mooramba Talent Randell – Woodlawn Holsteins


Class 14: Junior 2 year old in milk born after 1/1/13

1st: Murribrook Destry Velvet – MJ Sowter Murribrook Holsteins
2nd: Gorbro Stanleycup Kassie-ET – Corey McGillivray
3rd: Wyoming Burning Pommette-Red – Shearer & Wenham
Red show
1st: Wyoming Burning Pommette-Red – Shearer & Wenham
2nd: Bluechip Contender Sugar -Red-IMP-ET – Sun Vale Holsteins

Class 15: Senior 2 year old in milk born 1/7/12-31/12/12

1st: Bluechip Goldwyn Frosty -Bluechip Genetics & Toi Toi Genetics
2nd: Murribrook Windhammer Cybele-ET -MJ Sowter MMurribrook HolsteinsBest udder in class
3rd: Bluechip Atwood Whynot – Bluechip Genetics, Long Lanes & St Jacobs
Red show
1st: Wyoming Sterdross Daisy-Red-T – Shearer & Wenham

Class 16: Junior 3 year old in milk 1/1/12-30/6/12

1st: Coomboona Snowman Finny-IMP-ET
2nd: Woodlawn Shottle Tiffany 4843 – Woodlawn Holsteins – best udder in class
3rd: Wyoming Goldwyn Mary – Shearer & Wenham

Class 17: Senior 3 year old in milk born 1/7/11-31/12/11

1st: Paringa Windstorm Ezra – Bluechip Genetics & Phil Malcolm – best udder in class
2nd: Hillview Park Eves Fever – GG & JD McPhee
3rd: Woodlawn Fever Ashlyn 4699 – Woodlawn Holsteins
Red Show
1st: Ryanna Contender Blackrose-Red – Bluechip Genetics & Next Generation Holsteins
2nd: Rusty Red Apple Becky – Judson Jennings

Class 18: 4 year old in milk born 1/7/10-30/6/11

1st: Windy Vale Contender Rose Bluechip Genetics and Windy Vale Holsteins – best udder
2nd: Glenorleigh Damion Mottle – Gorbro Holsteins
3rd: Elmar Goldwyn Jessica – Elmar Holsteins

Class 19: 5 year old in milk born 1/7/09-30/6/10

1st: Bluechip Goldwyn Paradise – Bluechip Genetics – best udder
2nd: Fairvale Baxter Josie 64 – Bluechip Genetics & Fairvale Holsteins
3rd: Pardee Contender Perfection-Red – Lucas Family
Red Show
1st: Pardee Contender Perfection-Red – Lucas Family
2nd: Lindon Jet FJ Kite-Red-IMP-ET – T & J Clark

Class 20: 6 year old in milk born 1/7/08-30/6/09

1st: Elmar Ice Jessica – Elmar Holsteins – best udder
2nd: Koolbury Park Firepower Olivia – Hunterfield Pastoral Co
3rd: Galba Alanta Alexandra -AJ Allen

Class 21: 7 year old and over in milk born before 30/6/08

1st: Mooramba Talent Randell – Woodlawn Holsteins – best udder
2nd: Rockwood Meadows PT Fantasy – R Coburn & CK Couch
3rd: Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 4-ET – Elmar Holsteins
Red show
1st: Rusty Red Advent Dinah-Red – Judson Jennings

Class 22: Veteran Cow, any age in milk; min. 6 lact. 50,000 litres, 1875kg fat & 1600kg protein

1st: Glenorleigh Dundee Livia – Gorbro Holsteins
2nd: Beclah Park Paragon Nardoo – S & R Joyce

Heifer show results 

Photos and Results by Holstein Australia

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