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Using Drugs Responsibly on Dairy Farms

While most cows remain healthy, some become ill and require antibiotic treatment to return to full health.  Using Drugs Responsibly on Dairy Farms is a webinar presented by UW-Extension Milk Quality Veterinarian Pam Ruegg during the September 2015 Hoard’s Dairyman Webinar Series.  Dr. Ruegg’s webinar focuses on allowable drug usage and describe some simple practices that will help ensure all medications are used in a responsible manner.

For additional information regarding responsible drug use on dairy farms, please visit UW-Milk Quality Antibiotic Drug Residue Resources which includes videos on making responsible choices about antibiotic drug usages as well as the most recent research conducted by the UW-Milk Quality Team.

UW-Milk Quality promotes an integrated, team-based approach to best manage udder health and milk quality.  Producing high quality milk is not a one-person job.  It takes farmers and their local dairy advisors to be able to evaluate, manage and improve milk quality.  At UW-Milk Quality, we develop tools and resources to help dairy producers meet their milk quality goals and increase farm profitability.

For more information regarding milk quality, please visit UW-Milk Quality or contact UW-Extension Milk Quality Specialist Pam Ruegg.  Additional videos regarding milk quality can be found at the UW Milk Quality Channel on YouTube. For more information regarding milking systems, please visit UW Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory or contact UW-Extension Milking Systems Specialist Doug Reinemann.

Source: University of Wisconsin Extension 

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